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Create a White House Statement Related to Alien

Moscow - White House issued a formal statement which confirms that there is no strong evidence that if extraterrestrials (ETs) or aliens ever make contact with humans.

The statement is an official U.S. response following the two petitions that appear in the pages of the White House "We the people".

The page is intended to voice complaints of citizen initiative and the U.S. through a petition against the president and the U.S. government and will respond if enough people sign it.

Both petitions about aliens who managed to collect 17,000 signatures, namely "promptly disclose knowledge of the government about aliens and government communication with them," and "was officially made ​​a statement about the presence of extraterrestrial related to humans - Disclosure of Secrets."

"The U.S. government has no evidence that extraterrestrial life exists, or there are aliens who make contact or come into contact with mankind," said senior policy and communications division of the White House, Phil Larson, in a statement.

In addition, Larson said, there is no credible information indicating that there is evidence that tersenbunyi from the public eye.

Even so, Larson said it is possible extraterrestrial life is discussed and explored, including several NASA projects. It does not even rule out that it was indeed true.

"Many scientists and mathematicians came to the conclusion that there is a fairly high chance somewhere in between-trilunan trillions of stars in the universe there are other planets besides Earth where we live," he explained.

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50 New Planets Found, One Only Maybe Derelict

50 New Planets Found, One Only Maybe Derelict

Wyoming - European astronomers discovered 50 new planets in our solar system. Of that total, 16 of whom allegedly planet-sized planet.

The biggest planet is found to be named as the planet HD 85512 b, measuring 3.6 times the mass of earth can be reached within 36 light years and is in the constellation Vela. The findings also stated that nearly half of luminous stars like our sun and a few more shining than the Saturn.

The Earth-like planets, scientists believe there are traces of water in there, which allows no life there.

The findings were presented in A planet on Extreme Solar Systems conference in Wyoming, USA. The conference was attended by about 350 experts from around the world.

These new planets discovered by a mission of The High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher (HARPS), which is installed at the European Southern Observatory at La Silla Observatory, Chile.

'Detection of HD 85 512 b away from the boundary HARPS, and suggests the possibility of finding Earth's super (super-Earth) who allows life to exist around stars like the sun, "said University of Geneva astronomer Michel Mayor.

One team member, Lisa Kaltenegger, of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy and the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said the findings mark a new era of the past life of the planet search. "We are entering an extraordinary achievement in the history of astronomy," he said.

Salman Khan's Disease Revealed!

Salman Khan's Disease Revealed!After a while sparked public curiosity over the sudden departure to America for treatment, Salman Khan began to open about her illness. Investigate a calibaration, this Bollywood actor was suffering from some disease in his body.

"My health began to fail since the filming of PARTNER in 2007. Often my forehead to feel pain like electric shocks. The longer, the pain spread to the cheek, and when the film was released Veer, also my right jaw hurts," Salman said, as quoted from apunkachoice. com.

In fact, the pain experienced by Salman has been going on for years. However, for reasons of professionalism, Salman deliberately conceal the disease to the public.

"The pain comes and goes. But after a few years, the situation gets worse, especially when filming in Patiala bodyguard. That's when I decided to go for treatment. Finally, it was revealed that the disease which I suffer is Trigeminal Neuralgia," said Salman.

Salman decided to go for treatment two days before the release of the movie Bodyguard some time ago. He deliberately did not want to tell the news to anyone for fear of fans would be worried. He claimed to be better prepared to tell when all is resolved.

Furthermore, Salman also revealed that in addition to her illness is another disease is also spread in the body, namely AV malformation (an abnormal connection between arteries and veins) and aneurysm (bulge in a blood vessel).

However, Salman explained that the disease has now been resolved with treatment that doctors do. For eight hours, Salman must undergo treatment and therapy to overcome her problem is. But he admitted grateful that the doctor in charge was very patient and responsive.