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How Romantic Burn Calories

How Romantic Burn CaloriesTo lose weight, many things you can do. Not only with hard exercise or strict dieting. But also a romantic way of spending time with your partner.

Imitate the following ways, you can making out with fun at the same time healthful.

1. Take a dance class

Try to take a dance class, like salsa, tango or waltz. Not only burns calories, but with your dance and your partner could be closer and more compact. That's because with you and your partner dance practice to unite the mind to do the movements simultaneously.

2. Playing rollerblades

When sunny weather would not hurt to play rollerblade around the house. You can also intimate with a more exciting way. If it does not support the atmosphere, playing ice skating at the mall can also be an option.

3. Bicycle

This method is very classical as well as romantic. You can ride around the park near the house with the couple holding a picnic box. After cycling, stay enjoy a snack together.

4. Running on the beach

Get up early and plan for exercising on the beach. Simply by running or walking together with a partner. Morning air is very good and you can burn calories by way of a romantic.

5. Swim

Playing the water with a dip can also be an exciting way to spend time with your partner. For a more romantic, you can choose the time to swim together after work.

Alfred Value Disturb This nontechnical Team

Alfred Value Disturb This nontechnical TeamKuala Lumpur - Indonesian coach Alfred Riedl said there was non-technical things that disrupt the national team ahead of the first final in Malaysia.

The existence of the agenda was an important activity of PSSI and the number of interview requests on the player, said Alfred Riedl distract players.

"It is not necessary," he said after the match in Bukit Jalil Stadium on Sunday.

In the final fight is Indonesia's first defeat in his first AFF Cup 2010. Playing at home to Malaysia, Indonesia lost 0-3.

Alfred Riedl warned, "This is football." Of the five home games, Indonesia was never lost. Euphoria of the national team is quite high.

The players like the less protected from the pursuit of journalists, ranging from the sidelines until the exercise on the plane.

As is known the existence of a group of reporters that a plane with a group of national team.

In addition there are also activities with the national team to the house PSSI national figures and to a boarding school in Jakarta, ahead of the final match of this first.

If you want to win the championship, Indonesia still has 90 minutes to score a lot, at least 4-0. The second final will take place in Jakarta, on 29 December.

European plains buried by snow

Christmas is often identified with the presence of snow. For us who are in a tropical country, the snow so as something exotic. 'replica' was presented in shopping centers in order to enliven the atmosphere of the capital city of the Christmas celebration. But for Europe which is now a desert of snow, winter brings its own troublesome. About 30 percent of flights at major airports in Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt), England (Heathrow and Gatwick), Paris, and Amsterdam was canceled.

Many are threatened not go back to my hometown because snow hampered. Droves of people switching to rail transport that is now too so no precise schedule. On the streets too, congestion occurs because the density of vehicles that now have to walk extra slowly and carefully. But still, the snow becomes a great view when viewed in the photo. As in some images the selection below.

European plains buried by snow

Snow covered the beach area in Weston-Super-Mare, England, as the snow-covered frozen sea. Meteorological Office has issued severe weather warnings.

European plains buried by snow

A woman walking on the beach at Weston-Super-Mare, England. Heavy snowfall that paralyze most of the UK, too many tourists could not go home because of cancellations at many airports.

European plains buried by snow

As this is the queue of passengers at Heathrow airport due to the many flights that were canceled.

European plains buried by snow

St Pancras railway station in London which serves the Eurostar route mainland Europe was no less full, due to the many passengers who switch modes of transportation.

European plains buried by snow

In Stratford, London, the snow was covering the empty stadium that will be used for the 2012 Olympics. Development-capacity stadium 80 thousand people are estimated to be completed next year.

European plains buried by snow

Water ice attached to the statue of Lord Alfred Tennyson and fog covered the tower of Lincoln Cathedral in England due to the temperature continues to fall. The result, a mystical landscape.

European plains buried by snow

A woman seen from behind a scarf and jacket are covered with snow in Berlin, Germany. This is how you should prepare for cold weather in Europe.

European plains buried by snow

Sheep standing in the middle of the field covered with snow in Dunning, Scotland. Their grazing activities are now increasingly disturbed by thick snow.

European plains buried by snow

Eiffel Tower is so pretty in the middle of heavy snow that hit Paris, but Charles de Gaulle airport reduced to 25% of services.

In Women's Clothes Show, Google sued

Again service on the Google Map Street View reap trouble. A Japanese woman is suing Internet giant photo because it clothes horse in front of the apartment appear on the map. Not too big still, Google was sued only 600,000 yen, or about USD 69 million.

Pictures were taken of vehicles that passed the Google Street View in front of his apartment. As reported by local newspaper Mainichi, the image is causing stress and psychological pressure that is very profound.

"I was overwhelmed with fear that feels targeted as a target of sexual crimes," said the woman was in its first meeting in Fukuoka last week. In fact, because of continued fears overshadowed, women were forced out of his company and moved home.

In the lawsuit, he states that since seeing it spread a coat hanger on the internet, disease obsessive-compulsive disorder in him getting worse. He also became afraid because they feel that all the personal things he did was spied upon.

Google itself immediately respond to a serious lawsuit. In fact, the image is immediately deleted when a Japanese woman had filed a lawsuit to court in October last. However, like rice has become porridge, she already feel victimized.

"I can understand that it is just a picture. However, display photos underwear, which was dried in the sun outside her home, is an act which clearly wrong," she said.

Faithful Men Really More Longevity

Faithful Men Really More LongevityActive sex life, and faithful to one woman's partner can make men more longevity. Thus the results of the latest medical research done in Italy.

Having a healthy sex life, according to research quoted by the Times Of India, a man spared from cardiovascular disease.

"The results showed men have an active sex life and faithful to your partner, cardiovascular complaints became less and live longer," says Emmanuele Jannini, coordinator of research.

Jannini explains, "The increase in sexual activity to produce more testosterone, then reduce depression and better cardiovascular performance. Thus metabolism was improved."

Meanwhile, Jannini said, men who have a healthy sex life is or is not faithful to one partner, tend to be susceptible to cardiovascular disease, such as heart and blood vessel disorders. This is because they face increased stress caused by infidelity. "

Jannini adding increasing amount of testosterone produced during sex, very good for a man. Therefore, this process will help burn excess sugar in the body. In addition, reducing the risk of heart disease.

"The benefits of sex life healthy and active sex life also helps avoid prostate problems for men," said Jannini, quoted from the Telegraph.

South Korean Army General of the First Women's Haven

Seoul - South Korean Army has the first female soldier who held the rank of General on Thursday when a female soldier to receive the increase in rank, said the South Korean Defense Ministry.

Army Col. Song Myung-soon of the unity of the Joint Chiefs of Staff promoted to Brigadier General, according to the ministry.

South Korean military once had five-General since 2001, but it all comes from the nurse corps.

"Over the years many of my seniors who worked hard to increase the power of women and now there will be more opportunities for around 5,000 female soldiers in the military," said Song told reporters.

"I think this promotion and advancement is a reward for another woman who will take the road to success and to their hard efforts," he said.

52-year-old Song was commissioned in the Women's Army Corps in 1981 after he graduated from Yeungnam University with a degree in political science and international relations, he also has a degree in national security from Kyonggi University.

He later served as special forces commander and battalion commander in the Army Women's Corps and had been undergoing a career in the Joint Forces Command.

The first woman to become a high-ranking general officer in South Korea is Brig Yang Seung-sook, a former Chief of the Armed Forces Nursing Academy which was promoted in 2001 and then retired in 2004.

"There are still many areas for women to train their ability in the current era of modern combat," said Song. "I believe that women in uniform not only has a role in his homeland but also abroad," he said.

"Change of position today is a turning point in the military, I think the military would consider hiring more female soldiers in the right position to create synergies," said Song.

Bored in the Bedroom?

Over time, the sexual life of husband and wife sometimes go flat. Various kinds of cause, could be because of the many problems in the family until the affairs of the workplace.

But, relax. Reduced warmth sexual life, it does not mean everything has ended. This problem can be revived. Use the following tips and suggestions to improve your spontaneity and your partner back in the bedroom, quoted from She Knows.

- Dress

If you usually sleep just wearing ordinary clothes, from now on try to wear your sexiest outfit, such as red lingerie. Show off your curves.

The red color will also give you the psychological effect on your confidence and make your partner tempestuous spirit.

- Try something new

One of the best ways to inflame your passion and your partner is presenting something new in the bedroom, for example new sex positions. New experiences on the bed, of course, will create a new sensation as well.

- Bathing together

During this time you and your partner may be too busy working and raising children so it can not create new experiences, such as bathing together.

This method may also be tried. You and your partner try to shower with the shower or soak in the bath tub. Sensation that will appear, make sure you both tempestuous spirit and continues on the bed.

Rest often Danger For Pregnant Women?

Rest often Danger For Pregnant Women?Feeling tired and carrying heavy loads on the abdomen is often complained about the women who were the two entities. So often many of them have always wanted to lay down in bed.

But the new study conducted by a nurse revealed that too much rest and too often lay down on the mattress turned out to have a negative impact for women who are pregnant.

Judith Maloni, a professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing from Case Western Reserve University, said a comprehensive study was conducted based on 70 research evidence has been disclosed in the article that reveals whether a healthy break for the mother or baby.

Too much rest for those who were pregnant at risk of causing premature contractions and other pregnancy problems like high blood pressure, the potential for blood clots or bleeding, which may be experienced within a few days or several months.

"Over time, remaining in a resting position can lead to bone loss and muscle atrophy," Maloni said as quoted by the Times of India.

Not only that, if the expectant mother is less activity and more leisure activities in bed for almost 24 hours a day, also at risk of triggering depression, and it is feared could lead to premature contractions that can result in premature birth.

From Goals to kiss Nurdin Halid Gonzales

Neil Etheridge, the Philippine national team goalkeeper, is a goalkeeper with solid performances throughout the tournament AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. But, witnessed over 80 thousand spectators at the Bung Karno stadium redden, Neil loss as well.

In the first minute to the 31 semi-final match of the tournament, Neil and Ray Jonsson, midfielder Philippines, did not coordinate well when the bait comes Firman Utina long. Both are nearly collided steal the ball. Cristian Gonzalez gore ball, and netted Neil scored the goal, which is already too advanced. The stadium was exploded by the cheering.

Indonesian national team, in the second semi-final match, must be very careful with The Azkals which clearly better than in 2002, where they were humiliated 13-1 by Indonesia.

Garuda team, this Sunday, should conquer the Philippines intention to win with two goals difference. Alfred Reidl enough squad to hold the Azkals series to advance to the final. If, God forbid, the Philippines won by one goal difference, then the penalties will be held to determine who meet Malaysia or Vietnam in the final later.

Thursday (16/12) evening, a red Bung Karno even more festive. Indonesia excited. PSSI chairman Nurdin Halid, who must hold an ear to hear the choir "Nurdin down!" at the stadium, immediately grabbed the hand of President Yudhoyono when the fight was over. Bend, Nurdin kiss the hands of the president!

Consider the summary of the game until the action that Nurdin:

"El Loco": Goal victory for Indonesian Community

New York: The Determinants of the national team victory (Caps) of Indonesia on the Philippines in the first semifinal AFF Cup 2010 at the Bung Karno, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (16/12), Cristian Gonzales claimed the goals that were created dedicated to the people of Indonesia. "It is the duty of the state. So the goals that I created for the people of Indonesia who continue to support the national team," said the player nicknamed "El Loco" after the match.

The player who just had an Indonesian passport to create the Philippines scored the goal which was escorted by Neil Leonard dula at minutes 31, after getting feedback from the Word measured Utina. According to Gonzales, the match against the Philippines in the first semi-final is very heavy. Defense opponent tight enough so that minimize the opportunity to score a goal [read: blunder keeper Create Indonesia Superior 1-0].

By being able to create the winning goal for Team Red, White and the Philippines, according to "El Loco", is a pride for a player. "Anyway I'm so glad," said the Uruguayan-born player is currently strengthening the team Persib Bandung.

With the addition of one scored the goal the Philippines, Gonzalez has recorded two goals during the AFF Cup 2010. Gonzales created the first goal to the goal of Malaysia in the preliminary round.

Arguably, the opportunity to add a goal in the AFF Cup 2010 for "El Loco" is still wide open. There is still the second semi-final match, next Sunday. If you win, then Indonesia has the right to qualify for the finals which will be held on 26 and 29 December.

Video: Usher kicked by Fans

"Her foot was accidentally kicked the singer's face. Right with the pointed its heel boots! Ouch!"

Misfortune can happen to anyone, including classmates superstar Usher. Face of RnB singer has just got kicked. Unmitigated, by right of a woman's boots!

It was started when Usher performed entertain thousands of fans at Madison Square Garden, New York. While singing the song Trading Places, Usher decided to give a surprise by pulling one of the fans onto the stage. Women are fortunate that not only can perform Usher accompany all songs, but also the singer sat in his lap.

Unfortunately, when the fans tried to change the seat position to be facing Usher, his foot accidentally kicked the singer's face. Right with the pointed its heel boots!


Like what happened? Simply look at the video below.

100 Most Beautiful Women in the World

100 Most Beautiful Women in the World"This year, for the first time there is a Korean woman who entered. "

Many Beautiful Women list issued by various agencies and the media. Various magazines and websites each year vying to hold a survey and negotiate internally to determine who the most beautiful woman in the world. TC Candler is one of them.

Since 1990, this website regularly issued a list of The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces. Uniquely, the selection of the women was not based on the survey, and not also based on the popularity of the celebrities. They claim that this list is compiled from hundreds of name celebrities from around the world, unlike other list which usually only contains the names of any Hollywood celebrity.

So no wonder if the list of 100 Most Beautiful Women TC Candler version, often found the names and faces are less familiar. Understandably, the woman is a celebrity who came from countries "number two" such as India, Russia, Israel, and so forth.

This year, for the first time there is a Korean woman who entered. She is Song Hye Gyo, which by the Indonesian public is known through his acting in television series such as Full House. Song Hye Gyo position 18, which is even higher than Megan Fox is only ranked 64th. Beauty Song Hye Gyo touted as "perfect", and maybe his name could be found in the top 10 next year.

Who are the most beautiful women in the world of website options? Here is a list of 20 magnitude.

1. Camilla Belle
2. Emma Watson
3. Tamsin Egerton
4. Leighton Meester
5. Alison Brie
6. Freida Pinto
7. Alice Eve
8. Emily DiDonato
9. Amanda Seyfried
10. Christina Hendricks
11. Kate Beckinsale
12. Marion Cotillard
13. Keira Knightley
14. Natalie Portman
15. Rose Byrne
16. Rihanna
17. January Jones
18. Song Hye Gyo
19. Emily Blunt
20. Rachel Weisz

So Still Crying Blood Disease Mystery

Knoxville - This is the latest photo of teenage boy who was crying blood. Calvino Inman, 17, suffered a mysterious illness during the last two years.

Blood spurted from his eyes, if she could cry blood relapse up to one hour. Not just tears of blood, she now also "cold" blood, his nose continues to bleed like a nosebleed. Several doctors raised their hands above Inamn this strange disease.

Irma who settled in Knoxville, Tennessee today continues to be medically examined carefully. Doctors are still trying to figure out the cause of this mysterious disease, whether the tumor or because of genetic factors.

"Now the blood streaming from my eyes almost every time, at school, at home and when I sleep," said Inman, published on page Daily Mail yesterday. "Sometimes I did not realize it, I just know when people look at me, but sometimes I feel my eyes burning," he said.

Inman also said sometimes he felt very sore head. "As it is that hitting the head with a hammer to my left," he said. He's also hard to sleep at night, I could only lie without closing his eyes for hours.

Inman's mother, Tammy Mynatt also began frustrating. "It seems that the doctor also was desperate, they do not know what could I do," he said. Mynatt has brought Inman to 15 medical specialists from New York to Memphis but no results. "Now I can only pray there that could cure him." John Fleming, the expert eye of the Hamilton Eye Institute, Memphis recognize this disease still keep the mystery. But he kept trying to figure out and explore the cause. "Usually these cases happen because there are tears tract infection," he said. He never saw a patient who experienced a similar illness, bleeding for months but suddenly stopped without knowing why. In addition to Inman, in India also found a similar case. Rashida Begum, 27, wept blood since four years ago. He began to suffer from the disease after vomiting and experiencing severe headaches.

According to Begum's husband, Mohammed Aslam, 40, he has visited all the doctors in Patna, but have not produced results. In fact they also have spent 40 days praying at the temple.

After a few times in the news, Begum aid to flow. Medical Institute in New Delhi tried to find out and cure of this mysterious disease. "I am very grateful to a number of doctors trying to help, I've had enough with this disease."

WikiLeaks: China Impressed with SBY

WikiLeaks: China Impressed with SBYWikiLeaks re-issue a U.S. Kedube leaked diplomatic note concerning Indonesia. This time the bill comes from the U.S. Embassy in China, which claims China is pleased with the leadership of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

WikiLeaks memorandum issued on December 12, then this is coded Beijing 00,001,448 coded "Clasified '. Contains U.S. Embassy official conversations with the two Chinese officials named Cui Tiankai and Hu Zhenyue.

Cui was then a deputy foreign minister in China, while Hu has served as assistant secretary of Asian Affairs.

In a document elaborated that the United States accept the condition that China can influence the general conditions of development in Indonesia. Hu said Beijing should be sensitive to the realities of power politics of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia.

"Beijing is not impressed with the president of Indonesia post-crisis economy in the late 1990s. But Beijing was impressed with the developments aimed at the President in power since 2004," Hu said as quoted by WikiLeaks.

Hu added that Jakarta now faces a temporary weakening of the military's influence in society democratization shot. "Beijing will promote secular Islam in Indonesia with Indonesian Muslims intensified interaction with the Chinese Muslims as much as 20 million.

Filming 'GLEE' Abruptly Terminated

Filming 'GLEE' Abruptly TerminatedGLEE-selling TV movie production suddenly stopped. Not because of a boycott or run out of money, but because most of the players feel unwell. The average among those suffering from sore tonsils. As a result, the production period that began this week December 6, 2010 had not been executed.

Should the actors and crew GLEE filming for a special episode that will air after AMERICAN SUPER BOWL 2011. Unfortunately, the plan was canceled abruptly because some people experience severe throat infection.

But this will not stop shooting long. According to EW.com, starting Monday (13/12), they can run back to the scene that will be aired in January 2011 was.

Until this news was revealed, it is unclear who the actors and actresses and film crew affected by thyroid disease mass.

Christina Aguilera Photos Circulating Shur

Christina Aguilera Photos Circulating ShurChristina Aguilera exciting photos circulating in the media. Blonde singer was shocked to see it. Therefore, the photo was a private collection.

In the photograph, seen Christina with short hair naked. His body was covered only by accessories such as chains that dangle from neck to thigh. Breast Fighter singer was clearly visible. Christina just covering her nipples with a round accessory.

Photos circulating since Wednesday, December 8, making Christina shocked. The reason, it is a personal collection of photos that are not demonstrated to the public.

"The photos Christina Aguilera who illegally leaked to the press, obtained by a hacker who entered through a personal stylist Christina account," said a spokeswoman Christina who launched Showbizspy, Thursday (12/09/2010).

The photographs, said the spokesman, is owned by Christina given to the stylist style. And there is no intention Christina bring the picture to the public.

"The actions of hackers and the press who bought the photo was very irresponsible and we will follow up. We try to discover the identity of the hacker and will pursue them. Their behavior is disgraceful," he continued.

Photos made one boy's mother before announcing separation from her husband, Jordan Bratman.

From Gossip to "No Secrets"

From Gossip to Still think the United States is a free country that upholds freedom of the press, freedom of information, and can separate the affairs of state with the private sphere? If still, think again ....

Agencies of the U.S. federal government has issued a warning, every civil servant in the country who read the leaked document on the WikiLeaks secret diplomatic wire can be fired from his job.

One government agency is the Office of Management and Budget of the White House. The office sent a memo containing the prohibition to any employee who did not have authorization and all partners to read secret documents on WikiLeaks site or any site, whether in government-owned computers as well as their personal computers.

Later, electronic mail circulating that contains a warning, school and university students caught reading confidential documents on WikiLeaks, merely put a link to the document or comment on its contents on social networking sites could be threatened will not be accepted as a civil servant working in the U.S..

The U.S. government argues, the documents are still a secret though it was circulated widely on the Internet and published in the mass media. "So, read, distribute, or just comment on the documents could be considered a violation of Executive Order 13526 on Secret National Security Information," said Maura Kelly, assistant dean of career development at Boston University.

In fact, the contents of classified secret documents, which leaked on WikiLeaks, it contains a lot of gossip that just kind of gathering of mothers, such as commenting on the personality and habits of people to kind of dish that is served in the wedding.

One of the cable, for example, Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi comment which is always accompanied by the nurse "sexy" from Ukraine. President of Turkmenistan called "not very intelligent" and "trained liar", who reportedly never require that every person who entered the room wearing a starched pants slippery.

In other wire quoted the Economist magazine, a diplomat who attended the wedding described Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov in the North Caucasus region, Russia. Dish at the party described as "pieces of cow and goat" which boiled together in a large skillet.

Another culinary report came as U.S. Ambassador Ronald McMullen to Eritrea invited to a picnic lunch by a senior official in the African country. "Mr. Ambassador and mother were treated to grilled sheep innards that were given honey and hot sauce (but served without cutlery) and covered with a semi-traditional beverage fermented and sour taste, called 'rent'," the diplomatic wires.

Many also contain information that is already publicly known or even taken over from newspapers or magazines. One of the documents labeled confidential (only allowed to be published in 2019) only contains the information that Canada is a loyal friend that the U.S. and the UK Conservative Party politicians do not get along with politicians from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Something that is commonly known to everyone.

There is also a wire from the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, the entire first paragraph marked "no secret", but the document itself is intact labeled "secret". Weird is not it? (CNN / AP / DHF)

Saudi Prince hooked Drugs and Party

Saudi Prince hooked Drugs and PartyJeddah - The U.S. diplomat, in a leaked diplomatic wire WikiLeaks, described the world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll behind Saudi Arabia's adherence to formal empire.

The U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, officials described a Halloween party underground, which was held last year by a member of the royal family, who hit all the taboo in the Islamic state. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaks that, behind the gate of the heavily guarded villa.

The party was organized by a wealthy prince from a large family of Al-Thunayan. The diplomats said the identity must be kept secret.

"Alcohol, although it is forbidden by Saudi law and customs, are very abundant in the party bar with a complete collection. Bartender serving cocktails hired Philippines sadiqi, a locally-made liquor," said the wire, as reported by The Guardian. "Also known by word of mouth that a number of guests (the party) in fact is a 'call girl', something which is unusual for such a party.

Shipment information from U.S. diplomats, signed by the U.S. consul in Jeddah, Martin Quinn, who added, "Although not directly witnessed the incident, cocaine and hashishsh (marijuana) is used in general in such social environment."

Underground party is "growing and throbbing" in Saudi Arabia thanks to the protection of the Saudi kingdom, said the wire. But such a party is only available behind closed doors and for the very wealthy. There are at least 10,000 princes in the kingdom. Some still a direct descendant of King Abdul Aziz, while others come from families that do not branch directly.

The diplomats who attended the party were reported, more than 150 Saudi men and women, mostly in their 20s and 30s, attended the party. Protection of the kingdom means anxiety will seduce the religious police become impossible. People who enter controlled through a strict guest list. "Scene like a night club anywhere outside of the kingdom: a lot of alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ on turntables and everyone dressed up."

Leak that said the shelf in the bar where the party shows the kinds of famous liquor.

The diplomats were also trying to explain why the host was so sticky with bodyguards Nigeria, some of which are on guard at the door. "Most of the security forces of the prince is a young man of Nigeria. It is a common practice among the Saudi princes to grow with the guards hired from Nigeria or other African countries that young age, (the same age as the prince) and will remain together with the prince until adulthood. together a long time to create an intense bond of loyalty "

A Saudi young man told the diplomats that the big party is the new trend. Until a few years ago, he said, weekend activities only in the form of "dating" in small groups that meet in the homes of the rich. According to leaks, several luxury homes in Jeddah has a basement bar, discos and clubs.

Landslide Kills 30 People

Medellin: Landslides due to heavy rain that occurred in Colombia in the last week has killed at least 30 people, including a third of the children, so a rescue team spokesman said on Wednesday (8 / 12).

As reported by Al Jazeera site, a spokesman for the government of Antioquia, Jorge Humberto Salazar, said they had found 30 bodies of the victims died and the rescue operation is still underway. At least 90 people remain missing, but the rain continued to fall making the hope of finding survivors became lower.

President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santo, has urged the nearly 500 people to evacuate from landslide prone hillsides on the outskirts of Medellin, Tuesday (7 / 12). Santo also had visited the suburb of Bello who was also hit by landslides, about 250 km northeast of Bogota.

He promised to build as many as 1,000 houses for families affected in the city, where authorities say as many as 80 to 100 homes were also in danger. Authorities say landslides occurred on Sunday (5 / 12) and then as people falling asleep and burying dozens of houses in Medellin, Colombia's second largest city.

Russia will send missiles S-300 to Kazakhstan

MOSCOW - Russia will send to Kazakhstan air defense missile system S-300 to raise the defense that its Middle Asian neighboring countries, an official said Wednesday.

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and his colleagues from Kazakhstan Adilbek Dzhaksybekov discuss the possibility of sending sophisticated missiles were in talks in Moscow, said Russia's defense ministry spokeswoman Irina Kovalchuk.

The agreement was in line with efforts to "strengthen the defense together," he said in a statement on Russian news agencies. "At present, work is being done regarding the preparation of a contract agreement," he added.

Air defense missile system S-300 it is one of the products most expensive defense of Russia and its refusal to fulfill a contract to hand over weapons to Iran has caused a crisis unprecedented in the Moscow-Tehran relations.

Not Good for the AFF Cup Coach

Not Good for the AFF Cup CoachUntil the second game of allowance Group AFF Cup 2010, has appeared several things surprising. Starting from the fall of host Vietnam 0-2 in Group B of the Philippines and Indonesia goal feast in Group A.

Vietnam which is the defending champion two years ago before losing his own supporters at the My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Sunday, December 5, 2010. While Indonesia as the host scored 11 goals in two games.

These results plus the poor performance of Thailand and Malaysia, passed a Red and White as the team top of Group A. Although still leaves one more party, Irfan points Bachdim cs is not overtaken by his opponents.

"AFF Cup turned out to be interesting spectacle for the spectators but not for the coaches," said Singaporean coach Radojko Avramovic is drawn in Group B along with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar, as reported by the official website of AFF.

"This is the most severe AFF Cup. After losing in two games, we got out of the competition to qualify for the next round," coach Myanmar Tin Aung Myint bent after Singapore.

In the semifinal, top of Group A (Indonesia) will meet the runner-up Group B. While the Group B champions will fight the runner-up Group A. Who Indonesia in the next round opponent will be decided at the last Group B match on 8 December. Because until now, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, still have a chance to qualify for the next round.

FBI Warns New Barbie Dolls Can be Used to Make Children Pornography

FBI Warns New Barbie Dolls Can be Used to Make Children PornographyLOS ANGELES - The FBI has issued a "warning about cyber crime" for a new Barbie doll comes with a small camera hidden in his chest, and said the doll could be abused to make child pornography.

The report, issued by FBI field office in Sacramento on November 30 and titled "Barbie Girl` Video `a Possible Child pornography Production Method", warned the camera in the doll's chest to record images for 30 minutes, which can be downloaded to a computer.

Warnings are broadcast by the media after being sent to several news organizations by accident. FBI spokeswoman underestimate the errors in handling the report saying it was to be used by law enforcement.

"No incidents were reported on this doll is used outside the intended," said FBI spokeswoman based in Washington Jenny Shearer, who read a statement.

"For clarification purposes, the intent of the warning is to ensure law enforcement agencies know these dolls, which like other equipment capable of making a recording, may contain evidence and do not ignore such goods for examination," he said.

Videl Barbie Girl Doll, made by Mattel Inc.. (MAT.O) and was first sold in July, contains a small video-camera on his chest, which is hidden in a booth.

FBI Warns New Barbie Dolls Can be Used to Make Children PornographyImages from the camera can be viewed on the LCD screen on the back of the doll or downloaded to a computer. In his warning, the FBI said there was no clue that the image can be channeled directly to the Internet.

"The FBI was not reported what had happened. Steve Dupre of the FBI field office Scaramento has confirmed there has been no incident of this doll is used other than as intended," Mattel said in a statement sent to Reuters.

"Mattel's products are designed with the children to always remember their interests. Many employees Mattel are parents and we understand the importance of safety of children - that's our number one priority," said Mattel.

According to the network of Mattel, the doll - which is sold at 49.99 U.S. dollars - has been nominated for Toy of the Year 2011.

"Girls can record and play back the tape with a doll-lot-this function, which has a neat video camera attached," said a statement on the company network.

"Record all of the doll's eyes and then see the results instantly, or upload it to your computer. There is a LCD screen on the back of a Barbie doll, and a camera lens is hidden nicely in the collar ...," he said.

Collapse, Photo and Video Sex Top 50 Artists

A pair of German hacker or hackers managed to break into the computer world's top 50 artists through Trojan virus. The hackers were believed to have taken the latest music that has not been released, credit cards, e-mail, and naked pictures of the artist.

Police track the presence of two hackers are 17 and 23 years, and catch it after the hackers bragged on the Internet related to its success. Allegedly, the hackers that have taken the latest songs and videos sex famous stars, such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake

The hackers were also facing charges of extortion after successfully pocketed the various collections of photos and sex videos of the world's top stars. Two hackers from Duisburg, Germany, had admitted his guilt in front of local police.

The investigation and development of this case involves the FBI and the Federal German Police Service.

Sven Kilthau of Universal Music Germany in charge of publicity and star Rihanna Lady Gaga, said the worries. "It's really scary, one can not feel safe wherever they may be," he said, as quoted by the Telegraph, on Thursday (12/02/2010)

Police indicated, both through the computer hackers of the world's top artists that by utilizing the Trojan virus, then mastered and mess up the contents of the computer.

Even the American singer naked picture, Kesha, had been taken and later used for blackmail. Luckily, Kesha (24) void send ransom.

Allegations of more danger, that hackers have taken a couple new songs that have not been released for then sold illegally to the illegal producers, aka piracy that precedes the launching. You can imagine how big the losses.

Cyber crime has made fear the management of the artists who manage the world's top publication for fear of very personal matters can be published without the knowledge of the owner, in addition to their copyright violated.

Determining the true Face of Career Opportunities

Determining the true Face of Career OpportunitiesWhen applying for work, not just your experience and background into consideration the company. The face in the photo also play an important role to determine your fate.

The conclusion was based on research by a team from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The team sent 5312 resumes to more than 2,600 companies that open up the jobs.

The team sent two applications with identical resumes to each company. One application with photos, and another one without a photo. The team placed a couple of random images, from her beautiful face, handsome man, to those with ordinary faces.

Researchers at least collect photos of 300 students. They then form a panel to categorize men and women based on their appeal. To eliminate racial bias, the researchers chose individuals who seem to have an ambiguous ethnic background.

The result, 19.9 percent of prospective employees handsome man who sent the photo to get interview calls. A total of 13.7 man with normal facial image that got the interview call. Only 9.2 percent of men who did not send an image that gets the call.

Based on analysis of research, interesting-looking men have to send an average of five resume with photo to get an interview call. Meanwhile, ordinary-looking men have to send 11 resumes with photo to get a similar call.

While the women showed the opposite results. As many as 16.6 percent of women who send your resume without a photo gets a job interview. This shows the highest response rates from companies hiring.

Women who send resume with photo normal, 13.6 percent who got interview calls. While the women who send a resume with interesting photographs, only 12.8 percent called for interviews.

Researchers found a similar response rates for all categories of female faces. Women who send a resume with attractive faces have only 50 percent likely to get interview calls. Opportunity was the same woman who sent a resume with photos or without photos casual.

The researchers also conclude that the response of companies to resume sex is affected candidates. When men send resume with photo, companies consider it a picture of confidence. But when women send resume with photo, tend to be 'licked' by appearance.

"Our study actually shows, beauty and good looks preclude the opportunity to get a job. Men and women who meet the qualifications and interesting-looking can be omitted since the beginning of the selection process, "said one researcher, as quoted by NY Times.

The couple is having sex 5500 People

The couple is having sex 5500 PeopleThe man had slept with 2162 women. The woman has sex with 3323 men.

Sarah Moore, and Geoff Daniels was not a prostitute. They are lovers who happen to love each other work as a substitute for those couples who have sexual problems.

As quoted from the pages of The Sun, as a substitute partner, Sarah and Geoff duty to help others overcome couples sexual problems in bed, including overcoming nervousness when 'first night'.

Their clients are generally married couples. It means the wife or husband of others. Not only serving services around the UK, they also serve a number of clients from various countries like the United States, France, and Australia.

During the 19 years that profession, she has sex with 3323 men, 52 of them virgin. While Geoff has slept with 2162 women, 49 of them virgin.

They offer a number of training services to improve the sex lives of couples with problems. They combine counseling with a number of sexual practices such as sexual massage therapy, relaxation methods, to the style of Tantric sex.

They also teach how to extend the duration of lovemaking, as well as a few tricks to overcome sexual dysfunction. "We are proud of our work and we never felt worse after sleeping with the husband, wife, or partner of others. We get paid to help them, not looking for enjoyment," said Sarah.

They refused equated with prostitutes. "We're not just looking for sexual pleasure, but our clients come to bring the diagnosis the doctor because I have sexual problems," said Sarah. "And, before we have intercourse, we've done such a long discussion related consulting their problems."

Although not married, Sarah and Geoff has been living together for 20 years. They first met while studying counseling at the University of New York. The journey of life makes them decide to pursue sexual assistance.

During his profession, Sarah and Geoff apply strict rules to always use sexual safety, such as condoms. "All patients should also undergo a sexual diseases before having sex," he said.

Eight Types of People Need to be shunned

A healthy relationship is important for the health and welfare of the soul. However, we often get stuck in a relationship with someone who has the character of 'negative'. They are generally used to complain, irritable, or impatient.

Recognizing a person's character at the beginning of the introduction is important. Especially if there is a prospect of continuing in a more serious relationship. Identify the number of characters a person, as quoted by the Times of India.

1. Maintaining the past

Some people refused to let go of the past and are likely to 'treat' painful memories. As a result, these people live with anger and bitterness. If there is continuous, can influence people around him.

Solution: If they start to bring up the subject of the past, do not hesitate to tell him that you do not want to talk about it.

2. Self-pity

Nothing is more annoying than people who feel the burden of the whole world. Instead of looking for solutions, this type of people continue to self-pity and do not see a way out.

Solution: Offer to help and if it still does not want change, you should stay away from him.

3. Hypocritical

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with people who have the nature of 'the other in another mouth in the heart'. In front of you, he appears the most sweet, but otherwise behave behind you.

Solution: If you catch this happening again and again to others, please stay away. It is not possible he is doing the same thing to you.

4. Always negative

He is the kind of person who always looked at the negatives of their lives.

Solution: Please help to see the positive side of himself. If you do not want to accept, do not let it affect you negatively.

5. Most perfect

People like this usually feel better and interesting than others. He really enjoyed the activities criticize and laugh at other people.

Solution: Be patient with his behavior. However, if they do not change, it is time to leave.

6. Proud secret indulgence

They are very proud to tell the scandal in life and happy to involve as many people in the debate.

Solution: It could be you can listen to it. However, if the influence yourself, immediately move away.

7. Frustration

People are always feel frustrated with their life and take it out on others around him. In fact, they often take an irrational conclusion.

Solution: If she starts planning something crazy to say that it bothers you.

8. The Commentator

People like this comment on everything that happens in the lives of others. Often, their words lead to fights.

Solution: Be careful when being around people and be careful with your words.

Animals Socialize has Bigger brains

Animals 'Gaul' Bigger brainsSocial aspects of the animal turned out to bring the benefits of good. Based on the latest research from scientists, social nature makes developing brain size becomes larger.

A recent study of more than 500 species of mammals, revealed that the animals that live in social groups have larger brain size than the animals that live alone.

This explains why the dog brain size larger than the size of a solitary cat brain. Evolutionary biologists long assumed that each species has a brain size roughly equal to the portion size relative to its body.

However, according to researchers from Oxford, Dr Susanne Shultz and Professor Robin Dunbar, in fact, brain size can not be inferred simply like that. Furthermore, the social aspect was also a correlation of brain size.

For example, the primate brain size is continuously growing. So also with horses, dolphins, camels and dogs. The animals are animals that usually live in groups.

Meanwhile, brain size solitary animals like cats until rhino, believed to grow even more slowly when compared with the social animal.

"Cooperation and coordination required in a group of beings, will be very challenging so that some mammals have a larger brain size to be able to cope with the needs of a social life," said Dr. Shultz to the site io9 science.

"Interesting to see that animals which have had contact with humans, like cats, still has a brain smaller than a dog or a horse, because of their lack of social activity," said Professor Dunbar.