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In Women's Clothes Show, Google sued

Again service on the Google Map Street View reap trouble. A Japanese woman is suing Internet giant photo because it clothes horse in front of the apartment appear on the map. Not too big still, Google was sued only 600,000 yen, or about USD 69 million.

Pictures were taken of vehicles that passed the Google Street View in front of his apartment. As reported by local newspaper Mainichi, the image is causing stress and psychological pressure that is very profound.

"I was overwhelmed with fear that feels targeted as a target of sexual crimes," said the woman was in its first meeting in Fukuoka last week. In fact, because of continued fears overshadowed, women were forced out of his company and moved home.

In the lawsuit, he states that since seeing it spread a coat hanger on the internet, disease obsessive-compulsive disorder in him getting worse. He also became afraid because they feel that all the personal things he did was spied upon.

Google itself immediately respond to a serious lawsuit. In fact, the image is immediately deleted when a Japanese woman had filed a lawsuit to court in October last. However, like rice has become porridge, she already feel victimized.

"I can understand that it is just a picture. However, display photos underwear, which was dried in the sun outside her home, is an act which clearly wrong," she said.


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