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10 coffee cups Facts for the National Coffee Day

Today is National Day of coffee. A day to celebrate the drink that many people can not start their day without it. There are many shops, like Dunkin 'Donuts, which distributes free or discounted coffee today, but before I go to get your cup o "Joe, here are some interesting facts about coffee.

  • Looking dancing goat coffee. Now, farmers in Ethiopia notice that they get all nervous sheep after eating beans, so they decided to try it themselves.

  • Food before drinking coffee. Before looking for ways to make coffee, they used to eat. Oat reports that African tribes used to eat a "ball of energy, coffee beans and fat.

  • Coffee grows on trees. I've never seen, but the coffee tree can grow in high 30ft. Farmers cultivate coffee tree about 10 meters.

  • A "cup of Joe." It was first coined during World War II. Army, known as "Joe" is identified as a major coffee business.

  • Only two types of coffee trees are widely grown. 70% of the world drinks coffee Arabica coffee trees. The rest of the tree of Robusta coffee.

  • The Coffee Herritage., There is only one product to list more than coffee. Oil.

  • A coffee tree. It lasts about 5 years to mature. Results from the annual average coffee tree only enough to roast coffee £ 1.

  • Americano. Coffee is another term coined during the Second World War. American troops will be reserved espresso with water to reduce bitterness.

  • Coffee. Used as a drink for about 700 years. Instant coffee was discovered in 1906 by George Washington, but not that of George Washington. People who think instant coffee from Belgium.

  • Gomestic reported that an average of 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide.

Film about Gay fiercely opposed

Gay-themed film screenings in several cultural centers in Jakarta, inviting protests from the mass of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). Massa, among others, went to the Goethe House in Jalan Sam Ratulangi Istitute, Jakarta, Tuesday (28 / 9).

Hundreds of FPI came to the location of the places the film. Activities carried out in some places it was held in the framework of the implementation Film Festival Q (FFQ). The plan will be conducted at CCF French Cultural Center, Goethe Institute, Erasmus Huis, and the Japan Foundation in Jakarta.

They threaten not responsible if the location was burned. As a result, a number of locations before, who previously planned to publish gay film screening as part of Q Film Festival was canceled agenda. Huis Goethe's plan would turn the film The screening of Elvis & Madonna.

Mass wear white shirts and white that comes with using six units of cars and dozens of motorcycles, the Goethe Institute, said that showing the film in the FFQ activity is immoral, therefore must be stopped. Mass then cannibalize the posters associated with the festival.

"We only release the film only attribute. We do not take anything," said Chairman DPD DKI FPI Habib Salim Alatas. With the revocation action that poster, he hopes the festival organizing committee, in 1 x 24 hours no longer play the movies, which show scenes of lesbian and homosexual sex.

He said if the demands were not met, he threatened a crackdown. "The movie is damaging morale, therefore screening should be stopped. If not, the building will be burned," said Habib Salim Alatas.

While in other locations will be rotated 425 Cell Bad Boys movie, directed by Janusz Mrozowski, with a duration of 123 minutes. The film was made in France in 2009 with the English language. Then Fucking Different Tel Aviv film directed by Israeli citizens Queer Crossover, and was made in 2008.

The police themselves have been anticipating the occurrence of unwanted things by deploying a number of police personnel to a place that had an original play about gay film it.

What's New from The New Twitter

The new version of Twitter, which was named New Twitter has been announced to be launched. The change this time really is a big change. Twitter itself estimates that the new appearance of this new Twitter will be published a few weeks. The following new features leaked from New Twitter.

What's Happening box becomes narrower. Even by default there are no buttons Tweet. But it is good because it makes room for tweets become more liberal. Next to Nickname in the tweet of people will show his real name with the color gray.

You can share links photos from Flickr. Will appear on the right panel that displays thumbnails of the photos on Flickr album. Later when the image is opened, the slideshow will appear automatically. This feature is most attractive.

"." To do Refresh tweets. Currently, if there are new tweets will usually appear 14 new posts Home tweets below that must be clicked to open a new tweet. But this is made easier by simply pressing the ".". Twitter has also added another shortcut feature that the box can be opened with the "?".

New Twitter will change drastically in appearance. For general appearance can be seen on his own website NewTwitter. Or video can be seen here.

Sexy Photos Circulating on the Internet, Tika Putri is Stress

JAKARTA - Movie Star Tika Putri stress of her sexy photo circulating on the internet. In addition, Princess Tika had terrorized with death. Two events make her (as a movie star of Perempuan Berkalung Sorban) getting whirl Turbans.

"Tika already stressed terrorized more than a year. What terror sometimes say, was at his house, was in his house, "said Fafa, Tika manager when contacted.

Due to the circulation of sexy photos on the internet make a good name Tika polluted. Although Tika was tell the police, but until now there is no development. "We still wait alone, then so be it. But Tika had time to talk. We show it with our behavior, when Tika was not like that, "said Fafa.

Acts of terror committed by irresponsible people make Tika close two social accounts. Both accounts are closed it is Twitter and Facebook.

Coming to Chelsea vs. Marseille, Deschamps Glad to Return to the Bridge

LONDON (AFP) - Didier Deschamps was just defending Chelsea's season, but his Stamford Bridge Stadium remains memorable. Thus, the 'return' to the middle Bridge this week he remains enthusiastic welcome.

Deschamps will visit the Bridge on Wednesday (29 / 9) pm dawn to lead Marseille to face Chelsea in Champions League Matchday 2. There, Deschamps never played a year, from 1999-2000.

"Go back to Stamford Bridge is very pleasant for me. Although the stadium is now renovated and enlarged, the atmosphere remains the same fun as I've ever experienced, "said Deschamps to UEFA.

"Football stadium in England always looks full and the Bridge are always a lot of family and the atmosphere incredible game," said Deschamps who during play is a midfielder that.

But the problem is not the only memories in the minds of Deschamps. He looked at Chelsea now is a very strong team which includes first-class individuals.

"Chelsea now have a very competitive team in European competition, with a 20-person international players. A good squad when there are injured or suspended, "said Deschamps.

Marseille itself will visit the Bridge with the situation was not too good. Defending champion France was defeated in the League Matchday 1 at the hands of Spartak Moscow, while at home they've won three times in seven games and is now stuck at number five Ligue 1.

While Chelsea's run although it was tight in their last Premier League Manchester City were beaten 0-1. Five victories in the Premier League plus a 4-1 victory over Žilina on Matchday 1 talk a lot about the power of 'The Blue'

Human toothed fish caught in U.S.

An angler in the United States absurdly surprised when the fish caught that, even bite hard. He, of course, scream and after reviewed this fish-like teeth bite humans.

As reported by web.orange.co.uk edition of 24 September 2010, Frank Yarborough was fishing on Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Not long ago threw the hook, a fish bites the bait and get caught.

Frank absurdly excited because the fish are caught is really great. The color is dark and weighs about 5 pounds with nearly half a meter long. Yarborough suspect it is a catfish.

He also put his hand into the water to retrieve the fish. However, he felt shocked and screamed as loud as didigit bite humans. After review it was rada rare fish. Diamemiliki teeth such as incisors, molars, and fangs like those of humans. Unlike the fish in the lake in general.

Rare fish was caught and taken home. Yarborough not thought to fry. Until now still stored in the refrigerator.

Biologists believe the fish may be brought up in an exotic pool. Robert Stroud, a freshwater fishery biologist Department of Natural Resources in South Carolina, has confirmed the existence of the fish samples. Fish samples were sent to determine what kind of mysterious fish species.

Stroud told WBTV: "Maybe this fish is a species with pomfret, which allegedly originated from the Amazon River basin of South America. This type of fish is quite common in the environment of ornamental fish."

Pomfret is still a close relative with ferocious fish in the Amazon River, Piranha. Piranha is a warm water fish species and not native to Lake Wylie.

Iran Refuses Invitation Barack Obama

TEHRAN - Iran rejected the invitation of President Barack Obama, American leaders who viewed Tehran as "international criminals", for resolving differences. Obama's rejection of the invitation was delivered by Chairman of the Iranian Parliament, Ali Larijani, quoted by ISNA news agency on Saturday.

"How dare Obama announced that he wanted to help the nation of Iran. He must know that he was an international outlaw," he said during a visit to the city of Shiraz. Ali said the American people are showing the action that deserves a "medal of depravity".

"Obama should know that Iran does not need the message. What we need is to be able to trust the words," he said.

Ali Larijani delivered his remarks a day after Obama told BBC Parsi language section that the door is still open for diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear dispute with the citizens of the world. For the U.S., their strong preference is to resolve the issue diplomatically, the U.S. leader said.

"Our strong preference is to resolve these issues diplomatically. I think it represents the interests of Iran and the international community," he said.

According to Obama, Iran remains likely but necessary changes in the mindset of government. The relationship Tehran and Washington continued to be problematic since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pesiden in 2005 and developed a nuclear program. Ahmadinejad, who had delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly said, Iran is open for new nuclear talks.

6 Motorcycle Gang Members to be suspect

BANDUNG - Unit Criminal Polrestabes Bandung, Munggu, set up six motorcycle gang members become suspects linked to cases of destruction of the cafe and other facilities on the Road Cihampelas when two motorcycle gang clashes after celebrating his birthday in Subang, Saturday night.

The six members of the gang are now undergoing intensive investigation, while hundreds of other members already diipulangkan because there was not enough evidence.

"Of the 682 inspected motorcycle gang who now lives six gangs that are still checked intensively. They are a strong indication to vandalism and abuse, "said the Head of Public Relations Polrestabes Bandung, Endang Sri Kompol, when contacted by reporters on Sunday evening.

He mentioned, in addition to securing 682 associated with it recorded 21 cases of female gang members or gang Heroine been arrested. Medium motorbike carrying 371 units, "he said.

On the other hand Endang admit, in a massive operation against motorcycle gangs clashed on the Road Cihampelas, hundreds of police descended and then do the sweeping. The result, in addition to hundreds of gang arrested also, dozens of weapons seized. Based on the report, he continued, recorded dozens of hammer, cleaver, cutter, rivet, double sticks, chains, sticks baseball, and hundreds of large head size belt that can be used to persecute people, also secured. "While the motor is seized nearly 70 percent of their motor bulging," he said.

Reported, thousands of motorcycle gang members clashed on the Road Cihampelas Bandung, after having his birthday celebration in Subang Regency Subang, West Java. The aftermath of the clashes, a number of public facilities in Cihampelas damaged. Hundreds of police officers who descended successfully brushing sediktinya 200 members of motorcycle gangs clashed.

Obama: Full of Hatred Ahmadinejad Statement

U.S. President Barack Obama also said Ahmadinejad's statement can not be forgiven.

In a speech in front of the court of the United Nations (UN), Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the United States is the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks of 2011.

Suddenly, the speech made by U.S. President Barack Obama is inflamed and said that Ahmadinejad's statement can not be forgiven.

"Ahmadinejad's speech is very offensive and full of hate," Obama said in an interview with BBC Persian, Friday, September 24, 2010, as quoted by the news station CNN.

Ahmadinejad said in a statement the UN wanted to establish a fact-finding committee to investigate the incidents of 9/11.

He said that some people in the U.S. government masterminded the attack is to raise the declining U.S. economy. In addition, such incidents as an excuse to further suppress the Middle East for the sake of the Zionist regime.

"He (Ahmadinejad) even made the statement here, in Manhattan, which is only slightly from ground zero," he said.

Moreover, people of different beliefs and ethnic saw the incident as a tragedy is heartbreaking. "The statement that the release can not be condoned," said Obama.

Obama said that Ahmadinejad's statement contradicts the sympathy given by the people of Iran shortly after the events of 9/11.

"This once again shows the difference, how the leadership of Iran and this regime works. I think, mostly Iranians, that mutual respect and appreciate, also think about this issue," said Obama.

Agree with Obama, a spokesman for the U.S. mission to the UN, Mark Komblau, said Ahmadinejad's speech out of context it should be.

"Instead of representing the aspirations and expectations of citizens of Iran, Ahmadinejad once again raised the conspiracy theory and the stigma of vicious anti-Semitic who say that they (Jews) disgusting and like to fantasize," said Komblau.

As a result of this statement, the U.S. delegation immediately walk out of the courtroom during the middle of a speech Ahmadinejad. Followed by a delegation of the European Union countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Costa Rica.

Letter to Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie

Five years have passed does not necessarily make the feud between Angelina Jolie with Jennifer Aniston over. Both are rumored to always compete for attention Brad Pitt. How is their relationship now?

Aniston admitted shock when he found a letter from a bitter enemy, Jolie. It happened earlier this month. According to the tabloid National Enquirer report, the issue is really beyond belief Aniston. In the letter Aniston Jolie tried to embrace friends in an attempt to end their long feud over the years.

"Jolie does not want any bad energy in her life. And he really hated the hostility that exists between he and Aniston," a source told Showbizspy, Friday, September 24, 2010.

Jolie apparently had long been thinking about it. He has considered it carefully. "It took courage for it. She really wanted to forget the past history between them," said the source again.

Until now there has been no direct confirmation from both of the top Hollywood actress is about this.

Failure to Appear on American Idol, Ex-Husband Blame J-LO

Former husband Jennifer Lopez (J-LO), Ojani Noa, very disappointed not to be a participant of American Idol. Though he had prepared his ex-wife to the song sung in the event that one of his jurors was the J-LO.

Noa, said the closest source, as reported by Radar Online, Friday (24/09/2010), J-LO blame for these failures. He said he could not appear in the talent show because of her diva demands.

"J-LO'm sure Fox will not let Ojani participate adudisi. And Fox was convinced Ojani will not appear and when he is desperate to join American Idol he will be jailed," said the source.

Rejection of American Idol is obviously very embarrassing Ojani. Men who had been J-Lo's husband for 1 year were eager to demonstrate his talents as a singer.

"He wants to show his voice and wants people to know that he also can sing," continued the source.

American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, on Wednesday (22/09/2010) and then officially announced Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will occupy the seat left by the previous judges Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuradi and Ellen DeGeneres.

J-LO was married to Ojani in 1997, after meeting after starring in the movie Selena. When was the Diva indeed is shining brightly. But the marriage lasted only 1 year.

After the wedding the couple's former rivals in the courts because of the sex video. In 2009, J-Lo won a lawsuit for U.S. $ 10 million or approximately USD 94 billion. The court also requires Ojani Noa to delay publishing his sex video with Lopez.

Juventus vs Palermo

Juventus already tasted victory and the series after losing the first two games.

Last fight, Fabio Quagliarella et al clamped 4-0 at Udinese Friuli. Optimism victory reverberate at home team nicknamed "Bianconeri", Olimpico stadium, next morning (24/9).

Masters is, Juventus striker Vincenzo Iaquinta, asking his team-mates to show the maximum to the satisfaction of fans and full score against Palermo.

"For us the game against Palermo is very valuable," said the Italian national team striker to Tuttosport on Wednesday (22/9).

"For fans who are always loyal, we have to reach a victory," He added.

But Palermo team that could not be underestimated. The defeat of Inter in the final game to make them have a great desire to pay for their mistakes in the next game.
Palermo also has material that players can not be underestimated. Only Dorin Goian are absent.

There was Juventus is in a state on fire and confidence high. But all that could be turned like a boomerang if they do not focus throughout the 90 minutes.
Coach Luigi Del Neri will continue the momentum is with the face of Palermo. The Old Lady will be playing at home, against a team that just won one point from three matches.

Juventus: Storari; Motta, Bonucci, Chiellini, Grygera; Krasic, Aquilani, Marchisio, Pepe; Iaquinta, Quagliarella
Palermo: Sirigu; Cassani, Munoz, Bovo, Balzaretti; Migliaccio, Liverani, Nocerino; Pastore; Hernandez, Maccarone

Record attendance
March 1, 2010 Juventus 0-2 Palermo
October 5, 2009 Palermo 2-0 Juventus
February 22, 2009 Palermo 0-2 Juventus

Last Match
September 19, 2010 Udinese 0-4 Juventus
September 17, 2010 Juventus 3-3 Lech Poznan
September 12, 2010 Juventus 3-3 Sampdoria

September 19, 2010 Palermo 1-2 Inter Milan
September 17, 2010 Sparta Prague 3-2 Palermo
September 12, 2010 Brescia 3-2 Palermo

Asian Handicap
Friday (24/9) WITA

Serie A
Juventus 0:1 / 2 Palermo

La Liga
Getafe 0:1 / 2 Malaga
Santander Sevilla 0:1
Villarreal 0:3 / 4 Deportivo ()

Facebook, Target Amateur Hacker Favorites

Students into groups who like to experiment hack action. At least, this is seen from the results of studies conducted in the United States (U.S.) by Tufin Technologies.

In the survey, service companies from the U.S. network security solutions are found about 23 percent of students successfully hacked IT system. About 40 percent of them are generally still quite young, the average age was 18 years.

Then the site is a frequent target of the action hack them? The answer, up. Yes, apparently the account or profile up to be a favorite target of hackers are amateurs.

Approximately 37 percent of these students admitted often attempt to illegally access other people's profiles on Facebook. In addition to Mark Zuckerberg's social networking, the email account and the account shopping online becomes a favorite target next with percentages respectively 26 percent and 10 percent.

But not all students surveyed hacking action, as much as 84 percent of them know that the hacking was the wrong deeds. Meanwhile, only about 32 percent who think hacking is something that looks cool.

Actually, for what they do? Approximately 22 percent of this novice hacker says, often make the action hack just to satisfy curiosity. While 15 percent said they were hacking action do to get money.

Prandelli Confident Not censured in Florence

Roma - Fiorentina's supporters still not willing to become coach of Italy's Cesare Prandelli, so often voiced displeasure. But Prandelli believes the situation will change.

Prandelli who counted a success in its five-year term Fiorentina train, pulled into Italy coach after the World Cup in 2010. He succeeded Marcello Lippi who failed to bring Azzurri shines in South Africa.

Apparently, it was brought discontent among the tifosi Fiorentina. In the Serie A match between Fiorentina vs Napoli, the spectators at the Stadio Artemio Franchi sang many anti-Italian.

What a coincidence, Italian upbringing Prandelli will play in Florence during Faeroe Islands serve in game two of allowance for Euro 2012 Group on Tuesday (09/07/2010). Earlier on Friday (3 / 9), Italy will pay a visit to Estonia.

Concerns that anti-Italian sentiment will be rolling again in Florence definitely there. But Prandelli assess such events will not occur during grazing troops in the field.

"What yesterday it would be the last, because now everything will be supporting Italy. I believe, against the Faeroe, the attitude of fans in Florence will be good," sure Prandelli said.

Prandelli has been tasting Italian debut deal with face Ivory Coast in London. In these duels, Italy was forced to taste the bitter pill for losing 0-1.

To deal with Estonia and the Faeroe, Prandelli called many young players, including eight players who had never had Italian stamp. The most senior players in Andrea Pirlo's troops Prandelli is 31 years old.

Italy squad
Goalkeepers: Antonio Mirante (Parma), Salvatore Sirigu (Palermo), Emiliano Viviano (Bologna).

Rear: Luca Antonelli (Parma), Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus), Cesare Bovo (Palermo), Mattia Cassani (Palermo), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Lorenzo De Silvestri (Fiorentina), Daniele Gastaldello (Sampdoria), Cristian Molinaro (Stuttgart) .

Middle: Daniele De Rossi (Roma), Andrea Lazzari (Cagliari), Claudio Marchisio (Juventus), Riccardo Montolivo (Fiorentina), Angelo Palombo (Sampdoria), Andrea Pirlo (Milan).

Home: Antonio Cassano (Sampdoria), Alberto Gilardino (Fiorentina), Giampaolo Pazzini (Sampdoria), Simone Pepe (Juventus), Fabio Quagliarella (Juventus), Giuseppe Rossi

My blog is automatically directed to this page http://pageinxt.com

I feel so sad and stressful when I open my blog and it's redirected to http://pageinxt.com. So, after long time not posting in my blog, ndopart.com. This day I have a mood to post it. Because my blog is containt my artwork, so when I wanna post, I have to draw something first, then I describe the process in a post.

But, something wrong is happened. When I wanna view my post, the link is redirected to http://pageinxt.com/?dn=www.belajarngeblog.com&fp=...=1&flrdr=yes&nxte=js

I'm so surprised and shocked! So, I decided to ask my friends, and he said that my blog is stuffed by code from someone. It's hacked!

So, I started to find something wrong. First, I open my template code and find the words belajarngeblog. Nothing found. OMG, I'm so stressed. Then I decided to change the template, but I find that the template designer from blogger is redirect to belajarngeblog too. OMG, what happen?

I take my deep breath. Try to calm down dan chill. I open my blog. It opens the header, and then below header, and then left sidebar, and suddenly redirect to belajarngeblog.com. What happen to my left sidebar?

Oh, I think there's something wrong with my left sidebar. So, I open the blogger element and check the left sidebar gadget. And finally I found the problem. My recent comment script is hosted from belajarngeblog.com. And belajarngeblog is down and it's parked.

So, I decided to remove that gadget and what happen, my blog is fixed and I feel so happy! Yeah! I ask my friend and she gives me the new script for recent comment. She asks me to host the script text to my own host. And I decide to make my google site for that. So, it's done now, I'm doing good again, like yesterday...