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Facebook, Target Amateur Hacker Favorites

Students into groups who like to experiment hack action. At least, this is seen from the results of studies conducted in the United States (U.S.) by Tufin Technologies.

In the survey, service companies from the U.S. network security solutions are found about 23 percent of students successfully hacked IT system. About 40 percent of them are generally still quite young, the average age was 18 years.

Then the site is a frequent target of the action hack them? The answer, up. Yes, apparently the account or profile up to be a favorite target of hackers are amateurs.

Approximately 37 percent of these students admitted often attempt to illegally access other people's profiles on Facebook. In addition to Mark Zuckerberg's social networking, the email account and the account shopping online becomes a favorite target next with percentages respectively 26 percent and 10 percent.

But not all students surveyed hacking action, as much as 84 percent of them know that the hacking was the wrong deeds. Meanwhile, only about 32 percent who think hacking is something that looks cool.

Actually, for what they do? Approximately 22 percent of this novice hacker says, often make the action hack just to satisfy curiosity. While 15 percent said they were hacking action do to get money.


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