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Civilian Victims of Iraq War Higher than the U.S. version

Washington-military documents that the biggest leak naked in the history of the United States shows that in fact the death toll higher than that announced during the years of bloody sectarian violence and criminal invasion sparked by an ally who led the United States in 2003.

The number of civilian deaths is almost touching the 400 thousand inhabitants in the Iraq war, released the site Wikileaks, Friday (22/10) Washington time. Including the death of an unknown or not reported prior to this time-as many as 15,000 more are calculated by an independent research group.

Field reports from troops and intelligence officers the United States also indicated U.S. forces often failed to follow credible evidence that Iraqi troops wasted, tortured and murdered by their captors as they struggle against a bloody rebellion.

The records disclosed to the public daily war that deviates from the Pentagon who insisted that the action was endangering American soldiers and military partners in their life safety risk. Although the documents appear authentic, the original source could not be confirmed independently, and WikiLeaks any limit their details.

WikiLeaks Unloading the US-Iran War of Shadows

Geneva: WikiLeaks again dismantle the secret data owned by U.S. Defence Headquarters, aka the Pentagon. This time the thousands of pages of documents reveal the U.S. engage Iran and the shadow of war. Thus disclosed Wikileaks site, Saturday (23/10).

WikiLeaks site explained, the secret document that accuses Tehran of using a civilian militia to kill and kidnap U.S. soldiers shooting incident resulting in the Iran-Iraq border, September 7, 2006. At that time, an Iranian soldier directing a grenade launcher to the American soldiers who were patrolling in the border area. The attack was then rewarded with a barrage of bullets U.S. forces caliber machine gun 50 mm. As a result, the offender successfully shot dead.

The document also mentions the Pentagon ordered U.S. troops on patrol with a distance of one kilometer of the borderline between Tehran with Baghdad. The order was issued by Pentagon report that says U.S. Revolutionary Guards often arming militias in Iraq to fight U.S. forces and the Allies.

Leaked documents also mention, during the period 2004-2010, there are hundreds of thousands of cases of violations of human rights or human rights by police and Iraqi army trained by the U.S. military. They are generally involved cases of torture against civilians, rape, to murder. However, the case has disappeared and left abandoned by U.S. authorities at the time.

Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan WikiLeaks condemned. He pointed WikiLeaks unlawful because the document was issued confidential. In different places, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton also expressed similar criticism.

Meanwhile, Manfred Nowak, the United Nations officials urged Washington area of human rights immediately lose a special investigation team to investigate reports of human rights violations so far in Iraq.

"Washington should lower the investigation team, President Barack Obama must prove the promise of` change `was saying during the last election," said Nowak, quip