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5 breaking the Guinness World Record of Thailand

Scorpion queen, wedding cats, and more in this list that marked superiority of Thailand as a world record-breaking version of Guinness.

Scorpion Queen of Thailand, Kanchana Ketkeaw, filling his time by reading a magazine when he tried to break the record for 'longest living with scorpions' in 2002. But he was not the only one, this is part of the record-craziest and greatest record created and solved in Thailand in the last 20 years.

1. Most expensive pet wedding

Since 1996 until now, this record has not been solved. Cats Phet and Ploy married wearing matching pink shirts. The cats are not the kind of indiscriminate, both have the 'diamond eye', which is actually a kind of disease glaucoma. Thai people actually believe that the 'diamond eye' that bring good luck.

Second wedding this cat spend more than 400 thousand baht (USD 135.9 million) and was attended by 500 delegates. Guests give prize money total of 15 million baht (USD 4.3 billion) with a dowry worth 550 thousand baht (USD 159 million). Female cat was taken using a Rolls Royce, male cats are transported by helicopter, while a parrot be best man and bridesmaid iguanas become a woman.

2. Oldest living with scorpions

Kanchana Ketkeaw is scorpion queen of Thailand. He broke his own record in January last year while living in a bedroom-sized glass box for 33 days by 5000 scorpion tail.

In 2002, he lived in the same room for 32 days with 3400 scorpions tail. This woman has become a local legend for his bravery. He also often exhibit 'expertise' is for the tourists. According to Kanchana, he has been stung hundreds of times but the poison is no longer immune to scorpion on his body because it was established immunity.

3. Restaurants widest in world

Mang Gorn Luang (The Royal Dragon) in Bangkok is located in an area of ​​1.6 hectares, has 5000 seats and employ 541 servants who wear wheeled shoes. In 2008, this restaurant less than a Syrian restaurant that has 6000 seats. Even so, this restaurant is still showing the menu in extraordinary scale, with 1000 kinds of cuisines, including Thai, Western, Chinese, and Japanese.

4. Swimming world's largest current

In 2009, Guinness World Records recognizes current pool covering an area of ​​13,600 square meters at Siam Park City as the largest in the world. The pool is already there since 30 years ago but has never been included in the record until 2009.

Krung Thip current pool Talay (Sea Bangkok) also has waterfalls and landscaping attractive arrangement. The officer added that the waves in this pool can be up to a height of 1.5 meters.

5. Tallest girl in the world

Until 2010, the 17-year-old Thai girl Duangdee Malee, with 207 cm, is the tallest girl in the world. The record is now held by American teenagers aged 16, Marvadene Anderson, with 210 cm height.

Emergency! Arctic Ozone Layer Damage Severe

Emergency! Arctic Ozone Layer Damage Severe

Vienna - The condition of the Arctic ozone layer is getting worse in this winter. This condition is caused by cold weather in the upper atmosphere. Like what?

At the end of March, 40% stratospheric ozone layer is damaged. The level of damage is increased from the previous range only 30%. As is known, the ozone layer protects humans from skin cancer.

But now, the layer was damaged by industrial pollution chemistry. As quoted by BBC News, the damage is the reaction of the stratosphere due to the cold conditions of chemical industry pollution.

Through the agreement of the United Nations Montreal Protocol, some banned chemicals are used because its existence can survive long in the atmosphere to tens of years. 1987 Montreal Protocol treaty banning the use of substances Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are widely used in refrigerators.

WMO presented this data in the event the annual European Geosciences Union (EGU) in Vienna, Austria. Despite the cooling of the stratosphere is an annual event at the south pole, north pole picture is still not predictable.

"The level of damage to the ozone layer in the winter depending on meteorological conditions," said Secretary General of World Meteorogical Organization (WMO), Michel Jarraud.

Damage to the ozone layer in 2011 showed, people should be vigilant and aware of the situation north pole for some time to come, he added.

Damage to the ozone layer make harmful ultraviolet-B can go through the atmosphere. These rays cause skin cancer, cataracts, and damage to the immune system. WMO warned citizens of the world beware.

Jennifer Lopez Named "Most Beautiful Woman"

Jennifer Lopez Named Jennifer Lopez has been named as the "most beautiful woman" by People magazine on Wednesday (13 / 4), once again through his new job in the best-selling TV show "American Idol".

Actress and singer born in New York City 41-year-old was joined by former winner Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and Beyonce Knowles in People magazine's annual list of "most beautiful people" in the world. "Crazy right. I almost can not talk, but I feel honored," said Jennifer Lopez told People magazine about her appreciation for it. "I feel worthless, you know what? I feel happy and proud. Proud that you are under 25 years old!" Actress' Wedding Planer ", who is married to singer Marc Anthony and the rest of the entertainment world to give birth to twins in 2008, has increased the rise of popularity since becoming a judge for this year's talent show" American Idol ". His new singles, pop dance hits, "On The Floor", has been perched on top of the tone throughout the world, giving Jennifer the Billboard Top 10 position since "All I Have" in 2003.

Jennifer Lopez (aka J Lo), which was removed by a record label in 2010 because of disappointing sales, launched its first studio album in four years in May - which is entitled "Love?" He told People he feels better now than when she was in her early 20s. J Lo, known for its skin that has no wrinkles and body with curves and turns, stating beautiful appearance comes from her personal lifestyle. "I think it happened because I really love my life. I feel fortunate to be an interesting person, but I had always felt that real beauty comes from your heart always."

Wikileaks leaks: Anwar Ibrahim was framed

Kuala Lumpur: The problem seems to never stop from Anwar Ibrahim. As such there are certain scenarios that are addressed directly to Malaysia's opposition leader. Two cases relating to serious sexual problems. The first, cases of sodomy accusations addressed to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was deliberately set.

Whistle-blower site WikiLeaks reveals data on high-level conspiracy that was addressed to former Malaysian deputy prime minister. Central news world proclaim, on Wednesday (6 / 4), WikiLeaks reveals that Australian intelligence agencies report to the United States about the Anwar case is intentionally made ​​to trap him. Anwar's sodomy case which had dragged decorate media in Malaysia and Singapore last year.

In the report WikiLeaks, Former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew also revealed that the sodomy case happened to Anwar is engineering. Former assistant to Anwar, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, has received a fee for a false witness in this case.

The case of Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy allegations still hang over the court. Now the second issue, the case of the sex video that was mentioned perpetrators are similar to those of the opposition leader. This case appears suddenly, there was no rain and no wind.

Maria Jose Cristerna, Weird! This woman Bath Vampire Appearance Change

Maria Jose Cristerna, Weird! This woman Bath Vampire Appearance ChangeThis woman claimed to have tattoos and piercings after experiencing violence.

Judging from his appearance, the figure of Maria Jose Cristerna very different from most women. On the whole body covered in tattoos, and in some parts of her body piercings there.

"Tattoos are a form of liberation for me," he said as quoted by the pages of The Sun.

37-year-old woman was admitted using a tattoo after experiencing domestic violence. For him, the tattoo is an escape from all the pain and disappointment that it receives during the marriage.

Although his body is almost 100% drawn with ink tattoo, he admitted was a highly religious. "My family is Catholic," said a woman who works as a tattoo artist and lawyer.

Not only tattoos and piercings, she created the horns on the forehead and temples using titanium implants. Unmitigated, to complement her appearance, her dentures instill vampire-like fangs.

Because that's frightening appearance of Mary was called 'Female Vampire'

Maria admitted, any tattoos, piercings and implants titaniumnya has its own meaning for him. Horn held a symbol of strength and grown without drug. He has fangs because he likes vampires since childhood. And to complement the appearance he was changing the color of his eyes.

Appearance is a life journey of Mary. Childhood to adolescence, she experienced periods of growth as children age. Unfortunately, at the age of 17 years, love blinded. Mexican woman fall in love and got married at a young age.

Not to understand the problems married life, plus a still raging ego, his marriage is often marred by fights that often ended violence. This is what encouraged him to feel born again by having tattoos, piercings to titanium implants.

However, Maria still not satisfied with the transformation she lived now. He also intends to add two titanium implants in the back of his head.

Although it looks very far from normal women, and even looks very creepy, he still claims, was the life she lived a normal life. "Tattoos are my way to become immortal, is really a vampire and not dying," he said.

War in Oil City

War in Oil City
BREAGA, Fierce fighting forces Libyan leader, Moammar Qaddafi, against the opposition and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) took place in the city of Brega oil, on Tuesday (05/04/2011). Qaddafi is still a strong loyalist and opposition pushed out of the city. That battle on the day keenam.Kota Libyan ports and oil producers are controlled by loyalists to Qaddafi after they seized from opposition forces, Thursday. Since then, by utilizing the help of NATO air strikes, opposition continued to fight for re-Brega, but always failed.

Tuesday morning, targeting rocket base loyalist opposition stronghold in the eastern city gate. Pickup truck fitted with tanks and machine guns or rocket launchers opposition owned burning. Smoke rises. Opposition forces made topsy-turvy.

They ran out of the city scattered under the pouring fire rockets, grenades, and heavy artillery weapons from loyalists. Opposition was pushed back as far as 5 kilometers to the east Brega, toward Ajdabiya. This incident is the first defeat of the opposition in their battle for six days at Brega.

The members of the opposition forces, according to AFP, was pulled back hundreds of their vehicles towards Ajdabiya, 80 miles from Benghazi, a stronghold of opposition defenses in eastern Libya. This incident as well as a step forward though loyalists continued to pressure the air strikes by NATO forces.

The opposition was very poor in terms of weaponry. Not to spread about the latest casualties in the fighting that. Many families in the town of Brega ran and drove their cars to save themselves, also to the east.

"Brega almost empty. There are only a small number of men and boys to keep their homes, "said Sami Ali, the population of Brega. "Our people (opposition) is on the east of the city, but Qaddafi forces opened fire on them from the west," he said.

Qaddafi loyalist troops dare not out of town, for example, to the middle of the desert, to fight for fear of attacks targeted the NATO alliance. Qaddafi change strategies and tactics against the opposition attack which was very limited in resources. Opposition forces made up of newly trained volunteers who hold weapons and very few trained.

Besides in Misrata, Qaddafi also loyalists attacking with heavy weapons and Sarir Misla oilfield, 400 km south of the city of Ajdabiya. Misla and Sarir oilfield supply crude to Tobruk, which is oil refining town 150 km west of the Libyan-Egyptian border. Tobruk, which exports 700,000 from 1.6 million barrels of Libyan oil production per day prior to the crisis, controlled by the opposition.

Qaddafi's military action in attacking the oil fields in a bid to prevent the opposition could sell oil to international markets. After the Transitional National Council (TNC), a container of political opposition, international attention to the increasingly intense opposition.

In western Libya, Qaddafi loyalists kept pounding the city Misrata, 200 km east of Tripoli. The city is surrounded from three directions, namely east, south and west. Thus, Qaddafi troops still remain fangs though 30 percent of NATO's strength has been destroyed. A number of snipers Qaddafi continued to occupy the roof of several buildings in Tripoli.