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Talking About Globe Magazine and Gary Coleman

This day is booming about Gary Coleman deathbed photo. Globe magazine is released the sad photo of former TV star Gary Coleman on his deathbed. Gary Coleman is a former of "Different Strokes" serial TV. See the picture below:

You can see that Shannon Price (Gary's ex-wife) is standing by her husband side. There are two hoses that go into Gary's mouth. Dion Mial accused Shannon of selling the deathbed photo to the Globe. He is the executor of Gary Coleman’s will. American Media confirmed that they purchased the picture. American Media is the Globe’s parent company. Samantha Trenk would not reveal what they paid, or who sold them the photo. Samantha Trenk is their spokesperson. A Utah judge appointed Dion Mial who is Gary’s longtime friend and former manager, to be administrator for Gary’s estate while the will goes through the probate process.

We have a will that was signed in 1999 and we named Dion Mial to be the executor. Dion accused Shannon of selling the deathbed pictures to the Globe Magazine, but Dion was unable to stop them from publishing them. Shannon’s press rep didn’t deny the claim, but she said that she needed money to help Dion pay for a lawyer.

Gary and Shannon were legally divorced when Gary died, but Shannon was legally granted rights to make medical decisions for Gary.