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10 coffee cups Facts for the National Coffee Day

Today is National Day of coffee. A day to celebrate the drink that many people can not start their day without it. There are many shops, like Dunkin 'Donuts, which distributes free or discounted coffee today, but before I go to get your cup o "Joe, here are some interesting facts about coffee.

  • Looking dancing goat coffee. Now, farmers in Ethiopia notice that they get all nervous sheep after eating beans, so they decided to try it themselves.

  • Food before drinking coffee. Before looking for ways to make coffee, they used to eat. Oat reports that African tribes used to eat a "ball of energy, coffee beans and fat.

  • Coffee grows on trees. I've never seen, but the coffee tree can grow in high 30ft. Farmers cultivate coffee tree about 10 meters.

  • A "cup of Joe." It was first coined during World War II. Army, known as "Joe" is identified as a major coffee business.

  • Only two types of coffee trees are widely grown. 70% of the world drinks coffee Arabica coffee trees. The rest of the tree of Robusta coffee.

  • The Coffee Herritage., There is only one product to list more than coffee. Oil.

  • A coffee tree. It lasts about 5 years to mature. Results from the annual average coffee tree only enough to roast coffee £ 1.

  • Americano. Coffee is another term coined during the Second World War. American troops will be reserved espresso with water to reduce bitterness.

  • Coffee. Used as a drink for about 700 years. Instant coffee was discovered in 1906 by George Washington, but not that of George Washington. People who think instant coffee from Belgium.

  • Gomestic reported that an average of 1.4 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day worldwide.

Film about Gay fiercely opposed

Gay-themed film screenings in several cultural centers in Jakarta, inviting protests from the mass of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). Massa, among others, went to the Goethe House in Jalan Sam Ratulangi Istitute, Jakarta, Tuesday (28 / 9).

Hundreds of FPI came to the location of the places the film. Activities carried out in some places it was held in the framework of the implementation Film Festival Q (FFQ). The plan will be conducted at CCF French Cultural Center, Goethe Institute, Erasmus Huis, and the Japan Foundation in Jakarta.

They threaten not responsible if the location was burned. As a result, a number of locations before, who previously planned to publish gay film screening as part of Q Film Festival was canceled agenda. Huis Goethe's plan would turn the film The screening of Elvis & Madonna.

Mass wear white shirts and white that comes with using six units of cars and dozens of motorcycles, the Goethe Institute, said that showing the film in the FFQ activity is immoral, therefore must be stopped. Mass then cannibalize the posters associated with the festival.

"We only release the film only attribute. We do not take anything," said Chairman DPD DKI FPI Habib Salim Alatas. With the revocation action that poster, he hopes the festival organizing committee, in 1 x 24 hours no longer play the movies, which show scenes of lesbian and homosexual sex.

He said if the demands were not met, he threatened a crackdown. "The movie is damaging morale, therefore screening should be stopped. If not, the building will be burned," said Habib Salim Alatas.

While in other locations will be rotated 425 Cell Bad Boys movie, directed by Janusz Mrozowski, with a duration of 123 minutes. The film was made in France in 2009 with the English language. Then Fucking Different Tel Aviv film directed by Israeli citizens Queer Crossover, and was made in 2008.

The police themselves have been anticipating the occurrence of unwanted things by deploying a number of police personnel to a place that had an original play about gay film it.