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Women Must Wear Bra At Work

Women Must Wear Bra At WorkA court in Germany on Wednesday (12/01/2011), resolved, the bosses have the right to order the female employees wear a bra at work.

In addition, long nails a woman can also be determined by their immediate supervisor and the hair should be clean and tidy. Men can be bearded, but the boss has the right to order the beard was neatly trimmed and should not be Robinson Crusoe stranded on the version.

Labour Court in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, decided that in cases related clothing and customs treatment of airport security personnel. However, that decision will apply to all workplaces in the country's most populous German.

"Asked wear a bra and keep your nails for a half an inch shorter does not conflict with personal rights," the court said in Cologne was quoted as saying Dailymail, Wednesday (01/12/2011). "That's not a disproportionate reduction of personal rights."

Bra can not be used, such court decisions that, if women wore a T-shirt inside.

This decision was applied to a security company who did the examination of passengers at airports countries, especially in busy places in Cologne-Bonn.

Employees said the rules were too harsh, but the court said the ruling was in accordance with company rules book. This is a victory of the workers is that companies do not have the right to ban a particular color for the hair or nail polish and fake hair.