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My blog is automatically directed to this page http://pageinxt.com

I feel so sad and stressful when I open my blog and it's redirected to http://pageinxt.com. So, after long time not posting in my blog, ndopart.com. This day I have a mood to post it. Because my blog is containt my artwork, so when I wanna post, I have to draw something first, then I describe the process in a post.

But, something wrong is happened. When I wanna view my post, the link is redirected to http://pageinxt.com/?dn=www.belajarngeblog.com&fp=...=1&flrdr=yes&nxte=js

I'm so surprised and shocked! So, I decided to ask my friends, and he said that my blog is stuffed by code from someone. It's hacked!

So, I started to find something wrong. First, I open my template code and find the words belajarngeblog. Nothing found. OMG, I'm so stressed. Then I decided to change the template, but I find that the template designer from blogger is redirect to belajarngeblog too. OMG, what happen?

I take my deep breath. Try to calm down dan chill. I open my blog. It opens the header, and then below header, and then left sidebar, and suddenly redirect to belajarngeblog.com. What happen to my left sidebar?

Oh, I think there's something wrong with my left sidebar. So, I open the blogger element and check the left sidebar gadget. And finally I found the problem. My recent comment script is hosted from belajarngeblog.com. And belajarngeblog is down and it's parked.

So, I decided to remove that gadget and what happen, my blog is fixed and I feel so happy! Yeah! I ask my friend and she gives me the new script for recent comment. She asks me to host the script text to my own host. And I decide to make my google site for that. So, it's done now, I'm doing good again, like yesterday...