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Not Good for the AFF Cup Coach

Not Good for the AFF Cup CoachUntil the second game of allowance Group AFF Cup 2010, has appeared several things surprising. Starting from the fall of host Vietnam 0-2 in Group B of the Philippines and Indonesia goal feast in Group A.

Vietnam which is the defending champion two years ago before losing his own supporters at the My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Sunday, December 5, 2010. While Indonesia as the host scored 11 goals in two games.

These results plus the poor performance of Thailand and Malaysia, passed a Red and White as the team top of Group A. Although still leaves one more party, Irfan points Bachdim cs is not overtaken by his opponents.

"AFF Cup turned out to be interesting spectacle for the spectators but not for the coaches," said Singaporean coach Radojko Avramovic is drawn in Group B along with Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar, as reported by the official website of AFF.

"This is the most severe AFF Cup. After losing in two games, we got out of the competition to qualify for the next round," coach Myanmar Tin Aung Myint bent after Singapore.

In the semifinal, top of Group A (Indonesia) will meet the runner-up Group B. While the Group B champions will fight the runner-up Group A. Who Indonesia in the next round opponent will be decided at the last Group B match on 8 December. Because until now, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, still have a chance to qualify for the next round.

FBI Warns New Barbie Dolls Can be Used to Make Children Pornography

FBI Warns New Barbie Dolls Can be Used to Make Children PornographyLOS ANGELES - The FBI has issued a "warning about cyber crime" for a new Barbie doll comes with a small camera hidden in his chest, and said the doll could be abused to make child pornography.

The report, issued by FBI field office in Sacramento on November 30 and titled "Barbie Girl` Video `a Possible Child pornography Production Method", warned the camera in the doll's chest to record images for 30 minutes, which can be downloaded to a computer.

Warnings are broadcast by the media after being sent to several news organizations by accident. FBI spokeswoman underestimate the errors in handling the report saying it was to be used by law enforcement.

"No incidents were reported on this doll is used outside the intended," said FBI spokeswoman based in Washington Jenny Shearer, who read a statement.

"For clarification purposes, the intent of the warning is to ensure law enforcement agencies know these dolls, which like other equipment capable of making a recording, may contain evidence and do not ignore such goods for examination," he said.

Videl Barbie Girl Doll, made by Mattel Inc.. (MAT.O) and was first sold in July, contains a small video-camera on his chest, which is hidden in a booth.

FBI Warns New Barbie Dolls Can be Used to Make Children PornographyImages from the camera can be viewed on the LCD screen on the back of the doll or downloaded to a computer. In his warning, the FBI said there was no clue that the image can be channeled directly to the Internet.

"The FBI was not reported what had happened. Steve Dupre of the FBI field office Scaramento has confirmed there has been no incident of this doll is used other than as intended," Mattel said in a statement sent to Reuters.

"Mattel's products are designed with the children to always remember their interests. Many employees Mattel are parents and we understand the importance of safety of children - that's our number one priority," said Mattel.

According to the network of Mattel, the doll - which is sold at 49.99 U.S. dollars - has been nominated for Toy of the Year 2011.

"Girls can record and play back the tape with a doll-lot-this function, which has a neat video camera attached," said a statement on the company network.

"Record all of the doll's eyes and then see the results instantly, or upload it to your computer. There is a LCD screen on the back of a Barbie doll, and a camera lens is hidden nicely in the collar ...," he said.