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Fantastic, Embarrass Barca Madrid

Fantastic, Embarrass Barca MadridBarcelona: Jose Mourinho silenced. Barcelona, who demonstrate a collective game captivating shave Real Madrid 5-0 (2-0) in the first edition of El Calsico this season at the Nou Camp on Tuesday (30/11) morning GMT. Barca also took over the top of the standings.

This is the first defeat of Real Madrid in La Liga this season that have not been trained Mourinho also able to exit from the Nou Camp with a victory since menukangi while Chelsea and Inter Milan. Barca thus take over the top of the standings with 34 points and two points ahead of Madrid.

Barca hit since the game rolling. Sixth minute magical Lionel Messi almost conjured Placing the Nou Camp when his shot past Iker Casillas but only hit the far post. Not for some time, precisely the 10th minute, Barca lead 1-0. From the breakthrough bait Andres Iniesta goal was created. Escaped offside, Xavi coolly passing the ball slowly cheat Casillas.

One good chance to have Karim Benzema equalized in the 14th minute. But the attacker kick Gonzalo Higuain who fill positions in the core team was able to be broken Victor Valdes when confronted one on one. Barca are still dominant double the advantage in the 18th minute through the legs of receiving feedback ripe Pedro David Villa.

Rising tension enters the 31st minute. Cristiano Ronaldo pushed Pep Guardiola who throw the ball when he asked out of his hand. The referee issued a yellow card for Cristiano Ronaldo and Valdes who overreact. Entering the final 15 minutes of Madrid's increasing pressure, but Barca managed to get out and go back to dominate. Score 2-0 last until halftime.

In the second half, coach Mourinho did substitution by entering the energetic midfielder Lassana Diarra in order to strengthen the oversized Madrid midfield. Messi waste the opportunity in the 47th minute when his shot blocked one of the players behind the opponent. The result might be different if the ball passed to free-standing villa on his left side.

After Xavi throw away a chance in the 52nd minute, Barca sped away. In the 54th minute and the 58th, Villa forcing Casillas again picked up the ball from the net. It created a pair of goals from Messi in the foresight to send feedback. Villa to be commended since the movement of the offside trap to trick the deadly Madrid and settlement. Fantastic, absolutely Barca 4-0.

Not a good sign at the back and directly enter Mourinho to replace Marcelo Alvaro Arbeloa is often missed. Still Azulgrana able to maintain control of the game. Thus even when a surprisingly interesting Guardiola Villa and activate Bojan Krkic.

Barca are still not satisfied embarrass Madrid. Sign in injury time, Jeffren Suarez tore his sworn enemy's goal for the fifth time. Barca's victory drama is not over. Towards the Dachshund brutal fight was over Sergio Ramos red card was awarded. It is not impossible that Madrid right-back received more severe sanctions because it also highlights the camera caught his hand into the face of Carles Puyol. Hot atmosphere is also transmitted on the sidelines, including a yellow card for Xavi who had been replaced.

The composition of the core team:

Barcelona: Valdes (kk), Puyol (kk), Pique, Dani Alves, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi (kk) (Keita 87), Iniesta, Pedro (Jeffren 87), Villa (kk) (Bojan 76), Messi (kk .)

Real Madrid: Casillas (kk); Carvalho (kk), Pepe (kk), Sergio Ramos (kk, km), Marcelo (Arbeloa 61); Khedira (kk), Xabi Alonso (kk); Di Maria, Ronaldo (kk) , Ozil (Lass Diarra 46), Benzema.

Spanish women, the 'Owner' Sun

Madrid: After billions of years, the Sun finally has an owner. A woman from the valley region in Spain, Galicia, Friday (26/11) said it had registered the planet at the local notary as property.

Angeles Duran (49) told the daily El Mundo, edition of "online" (in network), that he did act in September, after he read about an American man who has registered himself as the owner of the Moon and most of the planets in the Milky Way.

"There is international agreement that states that no country can claim ownership on any one planet or star. But the agreement did not mention about individuals," said Angeles Duran.

"There is no barrier, I support my claims are legally, I'm not stupid, I know the law. I did that but other people can do it, it only applies for me as the first," he said.

Documents issued by the notary's office stated Angeles Duran as "the owner of the Sun, a G2 type star, which is at the center of the Solar System, and the Earth are in a distance of about 149.6 million kilometers.

Angeles Duran, who lives in the small town of Salvaterra do Mino, says he now wants to impose fees for anyone using the Sun and give half the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 percent for pension funds in the country.

"It is time to start taking action in the right way, if there are ideas to generate revenue and improve the economic well-being of society, why we do not do it" he said.

Kate Middleton Trained To Be Princess Royal

Kate Middleton Trained To Be Princess RoyalKate Middleton knew exactly what he would face when she married Prince William on April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey.

While her love story with a potential King of England continues, Kate (28 th), "given the assistance of the royal ordinance that has never given to any girl before joining the family," a resource person from within the royal family told the latest issue of Us Weekly .

"Help the kingdom were" including intense training by learning from what happened late candidate-in-law, Princess Diana, says Katie Nicholl, author of "William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls."

"About three years ago, the palace staff began to show a video about Diana to Kate," said Nicholl. "The videotape that showed him out of the car and the paparazzi started to invade, so that she can overcome it. Now he knows how."

Candidate Princess will also receive the royal correspondence training, public speaking, and "how to behave at a formal banquet," said Nicholl told Us Weekly

Keeping trick Desire Night Snacking

Keeping trick Desire Night SnackingDo you have a habit mengucah snack in the middle of the night? Do you realize that it can disrupt the activity program slimming diet and exercise.

Midnight snacking habits of potential triggers weight gain. This is because your metabolism decreases when the night. Food that enters the body is not burned into energy, but stored as fat.

To curb the desire to snack at night, try to follow the following five tricks.

Kenyangkan stomach during the day

Fulfill your desire to eat during the day until full. Choose healthy and nutritious foods, like salad, nuts and low calorie foods. Eat little but often, because it will make full longer. Do not be afraid to eat the night, simply, reduce the amount of carbohydrate.


It may sound strange, but this trick worked quite well. Usually you will be lazy to eat again after a toothbrush.

Avoid temptation

Avoid passing the road, where mini subscription. When at home, avoid also view or open a cupboard to store food. By not see food, you can resist the desire to snack.


Divert your attention by calling a friend or chatting. Talk about exciting gossip, so focus your attention not on food. This is quite effective in suppressing the desire to find a snack.


Avoid sleeping late at night, because it requires energy. As a result, the body needs food. Sleep on time and do not be too late so you are not busy looking for food in the middle of the night.

Examination protest at U.S. airport, a passenger Perform Action Clothes Off

Examination protest at U.S. airport, a passenger Perform Action Clothes OffWASHINGTON - A student has posted a video on the Internet that shows him stripped off one by one until the remaining only swimming trunks. This was done to protest the security measures at the airport in Salt Lake City, which he considers excessive.

The video was reportedly taken on Tuesday in front of airport security personnel. But an airport official reported similar protests on Wednesday.

In the video, an officer Transportation Security Administration (TSA) asked, "What are you doing?!"

"This is a safety precaution, man," replied the student. "Just make sure I do not have a problem."

"Put your shirt back!" audible tone of voice commands before the student tried to explain that he plans to dress after leaving the metal detector.

"Put your shirt back!" repeated agency.

He refused and told a TSA supervisor, "I saw on the TSA site and this (naked) means nothing to nothing."

The agent then tries to persuade that person to at least wear a shirt. "I will try another pose. Cool is not it?" he said.

Officials finally gave up and let him keep wearing her swimsuit.

Student identified only as Jimmy on his blog complaining about "silliness" of security procedures at U.S. airports.

On other days, according to airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann, a similar incident also occurred. Airport CCTV cameras capture images of a man in a bathing suit, boots, and hat was walking around the terminal. He even spent time outside the terminal in cold temperatures. "He was allowed to exercise freedom of speech," said Gann.

TSA did not see any reason to take action. "He's not a security threat," said TSA spokesman, Dwyane Baird, at the airport in Salt Lake. "We will have no reason to detain him."

Queen Elizabeth II Riding Hood to the Mosque

Queen Elizabeth II Riding Hood to the MosqueAfter the United States first lady, Michele Obama, hooded at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, is now Queen Elizabeth II's turn to do the same.

He even wore long robes the color of golden, golden veil too, but still with his hat as he entered the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Queen along with King Philip and his entourage.

British queen's entourage is so out of British Airways from London direct to the largest mosque in the UAE, relics of the founder of the Kingdom of the UAE Sheikh Zayed, on Wednesday (24 / 11 / 2010), in his first visit since last 31 years.

Before entering the main hall was magnificent mosque, the Queen also took to the tomb of Sheikh Zayed, the founder of the United Arab Emirates.

Queen underlined that the UAE is a friendly country that are important to Britain. UK couples were also accompanied by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the third son of Queen Elizabeth II.

During the visit they also discussed the related plan of marriage between Prince William with Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011.

When the Queen wore headscarves and long robes to the attention of the world's media. Especially when the Queen enters the main room carpet mosque with 35 tons of the largest in the world, which is said to be done by the 1200 Iranian women.

The Queen was walking on the soft carpet by using skin color stockings and white gloves thin.

The other women of the group was wearing a long black abaya as Arabs. Long robe or dress the Queen to toe, embroidered with gold and crystal sparkled. Shawl or scarf tied to his head, closed the box hat and hair.

Once in Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom delegation that the couple will visit Oman, UAE neighbors, within the framework of business relations and investment. Work entourage entered the British plan for a five-day trip in the Middle East.

Own Mother pieces, Actors 'Ugly Betty' Arrested!

Own Mother pieces, Actors 'Ugly Betty' Arrested!Quite terrible news came from the Hollywood film industry. Ugly Betty actor and STEP UP 3-D, Michael Brea arrested for alleged murder did to his own mother. The killing was carried out by decapitating his mother with a 3 foot long samurai.

Because of this criminal action, the 31-year-old actor was arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday (23/11) yesterday morning.

There is one thing that is strange about this bloody tragedy. When decapitate his mother, Michael had mumbled some religious sentences in their home in Brooklyn. When police arrived on scene at 2:20 AM, Brea was seen clutching a Bible. Scene is described as 'an area full of blood' by police.

After capturing Michael, the police took him to a nearby hospital for tests madness. Michael himself will be brought to the police station after the test is completed.

"I heard him chasing her into the house and he mumbled a few sentences in the Gospel. I heard him catch hold and I heard a very loud cry, so I told my father contacted the police, 911," explained one of his neighbor Michael.

A neighbor others claimed that they had heard a feeble call for Michael's mother who asks for help when the police tried to get into the house. Reportedly, it took about an hour to get through.

NASA Research Life in Space

NASA Research Life in SpaceA nanosatelit no bigger than a pack of white bread and has a similar name with your favorite pastry children launched into space. By NASA, a mini satellite is tasked to study how the source of life took place in the universe.

O / Oreos, which launched the satellite name, an abbreviation of the Organism / Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses. The satellite weighs at 5.4 pounds is the first nanosatellite which has two experimental tasks.

Experiments "Space Environment survivability of Live Organisms" will study the growth, health, and adaptability of microorganisms that live in a foreign environment and dry land. After O / Oreos reaches orbit, the experiment will give feedback and develop a group of microbes, and gauge their response to radiation and zero-gravity conditions.

In experiments, researchers will monitor whether those microbes continue to eat the right way. The nutrients that are provided have been given a color, so that, if they are healthy, they will change color.

A second experiment, titled "Space Environment viability of Organics" will monitor what happens to the four classes of organic molecules after they are exposed to outer space conditions. This experiment was designed to be able to survive for 6 months, and O / Oreos will be able to send data research for about a year.

With the launch of the above, NASA hopes to prove that the satellite will conduct experiments in space astrobiology can be done without the need to hold a research mission on the space station.

"We are trying to show that nanosatelit such as O / Oreos to meet the needs of researchers who have big ideas and important target," said Bruce Yost, O / Oreos Mission Manager Ames Research Center, NASA, as quoted by PopSci, 22 November 2010.

For orbits, O / Oreos boarded Air Force Minotaur IV rocket from Kodiak, Alaska. He began to transmit radio signals after reaching orbit about 640 kilometers from the Earth's surface. Once the mission is complete, O / Oreos also will become the first satellite that uses a mechanism without propellant to return to Earth.

Abundant for Sperm Production

Abundant for Sperm ProductionNoting sperm health is very important for couples who were planning to have a baby. Similarly, the egg, the sperm determines the level of fertility.

One characteristic of healthy sperm is if the number reached 20 million per milliliter of sperm or semen. In order to maintain healthy sperm, there are some things you need to know, as quoted from page Methods Of Healing.

1. Sports

When your body is always in good condition, the amount of content your sperm would be good. Maintain body condition easily done by applying regular exercise.

2. Ejaculation

Set time of ejaculation. Wait up to three days to ejaculate again. Ejaculate too frequently can worsen the quality of sperm.

3. Balanced nutrition

With proper nutrition, an adult male could maximize the quantity of sperm. Avoid spicy foods. Increase consumption of vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, and sea algae. Also fruits such as tomatoes, watermelon, guava, and red wine.

4. White Water

There was no organ function was normal when the body lacks water. Under conditions of dehydration due to lack of fluids, the production of sperm-producing hormone is inhibited. Ideal dosage, consumption of at least eight glasses of water per day.

5. Healthy lifestyle

In addition to nutrient intake, sperm health are also influenced lifestyle. For the sake of quantity and quality of sperm are excellent, avoid stress, smoking and alcohol consumption. Such bad habits can damage sperm quality. Use of panties that are too tight also worsen the quality of sperm.

6. Sex in the morning

This habit is often used as a trick to speed up having a baby. When we wake in the morning, sperm production is the highest level.

7. Ideal weight

Excess weight can affect the quantity of sperm. Choose the best diet menus that support the improvement of health quality of sperm.

Decrease in sperm count can occur for several reasons. Apart from wearing pants too tight habit, infection in the body can also lower the quantity and quality of sperm. Becomes important to consult with a physician because of the consumption of certain types of drugs are also often affect sperm quality.

Two Korean shootout

North Korea fired several artillery shells to the borders of South Korea, who responded with gunfire.

About 50 shells landed in Yeonpyeong Island, not far from the Strait of Yellow. According to local television reports, the shot that caused several people injured and damaging dozens of homes. Four South Korean soldiers, according to Yonhap news agency, was wounded.

South Korean Defense Ministry immediately raise the level of alertness. A number of jets sent to the island. To AFP, a spokesman for the ministry said a fire started with artillery units provocation at 2:34 pm local time. "South Korean troops back as an effort to self defense," the source said.

A resident of Yeonpyeong Island, Lee Jong-Sik, said at least ten houses on fire. He could not see clearly because of smoke arising. "The announcement over the loudspeaker told us to leave the house," he told YTN television network.

Tensions rose two Koreas since last March, when South Korean warship sank. South Korea accuses North Korea's firing submarines with torpedoes. Harsh accusation denied by North Korea.

The end of October, re shootout occurred around the border.

North Korea claims to have the uranium enrichment program that was operating. This caused tension in the region, and pressure from some countries for North Korea to stop the program.


Two South Korean marines were killed in the incident.

South Korean presidential office has threatened to retaliate by North Korean provocation hard action.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has ordered the preparations to face the worst situation. "We will be ready for whatever happens, we can handle it," he said.


Smoke rising from Yeonpyeong Island

Smoke rising from Yeonpyeong Island, not far from the border with North Korea on Tuesday (23/11).

Smoke rising from Yeonpyeong Island

South Koreans followed the television

South Koreans followed the television broadcasts about the incident in Yeonpyeong Island.

Revealed, Murder 1700 Years Ago?

Revealed, Murder 1700 Years Ago?A 1700-year-old Egyptian mummy kept a mystery. Anyone identity of the mummy, he is thought to have died unnaturally.

The mummy was a little boy who lived about 350 years before Christ. Last Saturday, the scientists doing the scan (scan) to find out the gender.

Initially, in the first test 17 years ago, mummies stored at the Museum of Saffron Walden in Essex, England allegedly as young boys.

X-ray test done after Dr Christina Riggs, of the University of East Anglia examined the mummy.

He said the tape is wrapped mummy is similar to tape used to wrap the female mummy in Thebes in the same relative time period.

Later, the scans revealed he most likely was a little girl.

Not only that, the X-ray scanning at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, England, reveals a dark secret. The boy might have died in pathetic.

Investigation says, boy sex has never been ascertained that it had broken bones in the skull and broke his neck before he died.

Expert radiography nerve, Halina Szutowicz suspect, the boy was killed.

Still, "this could be due to a fall or accident, as is common in child mortality. But we can not decide," he said as the Daily Mail published.

However, "there are many injuries that may lead to death of this child. We're not sure, but we have a hunch. We are still waiting for radiological opinion before announcing the result for sure."

The scientists feel lucky to do a scan on mummy's body. "It's very special, to be this close to something very ancient," added Szutowicz.

The earthquake that lurk Jakarta

The earthquake that lurk JakartaStill attached to the memory Safaruddin, when Jakarta was rocked by an earthquake last year. Wednesday, September 2, 2009, at 14:55 pm, a motorcycle 27 years who usually hung near Wisma Nusantara was shocked, when the earth shook his feet hard.

"Kreeek ... kreeek," the sound was heard from above, so loud in the middle of the last roar of vehicles ply the surrounding Roundabout Hotel Indonesia, which began to condense. Safar look to the sky, tall buildings around it look swayed as if about to collapse on him.

He has not finished digesting what was happening, suddenly the people from the building of Wisma Nusantara ran-ass jump out of the building. "... The earthquake .. Earthquake" Without thinking anymore, Safar jump into the bike. He gas spur top of my voice along Jl Sutan Syahrir, away from the jungle of skyscrapers in the city center.

Not far from there, Sianto Wongjoyo, one manager at Dell Indonesia still 'trapped' in his office located upstairs Menara BCA, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Dell's new office a year moved into the building, is situated quite high, namely on Floor 48 of the 57 existing floors.

When the office started to shake, Sianto middle of a meeting. Usually he is not too sensitive to earthquakes. But once that earthquake shocks are big enough to resuscitate. The floor shook, glass-glass office shook, the walls creak. "This time I have to admit, really great guncangannya," Sianto describe.

With alacrity, the security officer to guide the employees gathered in the hall elevator. In my heart, not separated Sianto pray. Waiting anxiously, until the shaking stops. A moment later, all were evacuated out of the building, down the stairs one by one. Distance of 48 floors is enough to make the knee a little pains. "Pretty tired though." Below, thousands of visitors and employees with offices in Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Wisma Nusantara, Hotel Nikko, had seen a small huddle.

Do not forget, the Jakarta also still have about 1400 other high buildings. Practical, office activities in many places in Jakarta was paralyzed for a moment. In fact, the epicenter was located in the waters south of Java between Sukabumi and Bandung, or rather in the coordinates of 7.809 degrees south latitude and 107.259 degrees east longitude.

In West Java earthquake measuring 7.3 Richter had claimed at least 79 lives, 21 victims lost, 63,717 houses were severely damaged, with estimated losses of more than Rp 300 billion. While in Jakarta, no casualties and damage. However, several buildings suffered cracks here and there. At least the incident reminds all that Jakarta is not the place safe from the threat of earthquakes.

According to the Deputy of Earth Sciences LIPI Research Professor Hery Harjono, the general area of Jakarta has a younger geological formations. The top layer is generally in the form of soft soil consisting of clay and sandy clay derived from beach sediment and sediment from floods originating from the late Holocene period (about 12 thousand years old.)

Then, below that there is volcanic sediment originating from the late Pleistocene (older than 12 thousand years). Beneath it there marine sediment and non-marine Early Pleistocene age (about 2588 million years). At the very bottom of the rocks of tertiary age (1.8 million - 6.5 million years).

Ir K Engkon Kertapati, researchers at the Center for Geological Survey - Geological Agency, said that Jakarta is above the ground is very weak and vulnerable to earthquake shocks. In geology, Jakarta is divided into two regions: the northern part of Jakarta where the soil is soft soil surface Holocene age, and Jakarta, the southern part of the soil layer is relatively more dense and older (Pleistocene).

When a strong earthquake occurred, north of Jakarta's most vulnerable regions undergo a process of liquefaction aka endless ground due to changes in soil properties of solids into the water because of the earthquake. In addition, the nature of the soil in the northern region that also would make tremor vines that have amplification or magnification of shocks to the buildings on it.

According Engkon, this is what makes Jakarta also felt the earthquake shocks Tasikmalaya whose center is almost two hundred kilometers from Jakarta. At that time, North Jakarta area experienced an earthquake amplification of up to 2 times, while the region south of Jakarta experienced an earthquake of 1.5 times amplification.

Therefore, LIPI Earthquake expert Dr Danny Hilman Tasik Natawidjaya say when the earthquake magnitude larger, ie more than 8SR, then it could be devastating earthquake in Jakarta. "It can be deadly, such as earthquakes in Mexico in 1985," said Danny. At that time, he explained, the source of the earthquake is more than 300 km. However, with the strength of the quake at 8.1 magnitude, the quake leveled the city of Mexico City.

Agency U.S. Geological Survey, USGS, states, at least 9500 people dead, 30 thousand people were injured, more than 100 thousand people vagrancy because their homes were destroyed, 412 buildings collapsed and other buildings damaged in the 3124 Mexico City, with total losses reaching U.S. $ 3 - 4 billion. 60 percent of buildings in other areas such as Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco also destroyed.

Of note Prof. Masyhur Irsyam, civil engineering expert who also heads the team ITB revision Indonesian Earthquake Maps 2010, central Mexico earthquake occurred beneath the Pacific coastline of Mexico. Epicenter is 380 km from Mexico City.

Then why is the epicenter distance is so far still can rip buildings in Mexico City? Apparently the city was standing on a volcanic clay deposits of less than 2,500 years old. It causes tremors in the surface soil can have between 4-5 times amplification, and amplification of earthquakes on buildings could reach 21 times the vibration of the bedrock.

In Jakarta alone, the buildings are built, must meet seismic standards to 8 on the Richter Scale. According to Herman Sarwono, President Director of PT Insani general contractor firm Creative Resources, in Jakarta buildings built after 1989 must meet the requirements of the building structure and performance of building structures in accordance with the Indonesian National Standard 1989.

"In fact, the standardization of building construction in 2002, increased again through SNI 03-1726-2002 far more stringent than the standard ISO 1989," said Herman anymore. However, Masyhur said, there are several steps that need to be passed in a building in Jakarta planning for earthquake resistance.

First, it must be known oscillation or acceleration of the bedrock. This number can be obtained from the Indonesian Earthquake Maps 2010, in which the acceleration of the bedrock (Peak Base Acceleration / PBA), Jakarta is 12:19 g (g = gravity = 981 cm per second squared) to 10 percent likelihood in 50 years and for the period over 475 earthquakes yearly.

After that, keep in mind also the acceleration at the soil surface by calculating the effects of local soil conditions, such as whether the soft soil or hard soil. For Jakarta, the wobble in the rocks could have essentially the same, but the oscillation in the surface soil in North Jakarta and South Jakarta is different, because of differences in the soil.

The latter, need to be accounted sway in the building itself, which is based on the behavior of the building. "By knowing the sway of the building, then it can be calculated magnitude earthquake forces in buildings," said Masyhur.

In fact, until now still do not have a map of Jakarta microzonation earthquake, which can completely provide the information kelabilan soil maps, including a number of acceleration / wobble in the soil surface in each area of Jakarta. "Unfortunately in Jakarta, we do not have," said Masyhur.

In fact, Jakarta staked out by several active fault that is ready to 'supply' tremor which can be up to the Jakarta area. Among these are Cimandiri fault with a magnitude 7.2 earthquake ground motion magnitude and speed of 4 mm per year, Lembang fault with a magnitude 6.5 earthquake ground motion magnitude and speed 1.5 mm per year, and the Sunda Fault with a magnitude 7.2 earthquake SR and velocity of ground motion of 5 mm per year.

Not to mention the rumors of an ancient fault named Fault Ciputat from Ciputat allegedly lying to the City area. Danny Hilman suspect the existence of this fault from the existence of hot springs in the vicinity of the National Archives Building. Although Jakarta is not an active fault is detected, said Danny, history has recorded a large earthquake which devastated Jakarta earthquake that occurred in 1699 and 1852.

However, not all agree with the presence of a fault in Jakarta. "Personally I say no fault Ciputat," said Engkon. Because, Jakarta has no shallow seismic source which is an indication of fault activity. However, Engkon agree with Danny about the events that had rocked the 1699 earthquake in Jakarta.

Earthquake in 1699, said Engkon centered in the south of Mount Gede, who caused the damage to buildings and severe damage around Hanjawar, Peak. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles was also noted in his History of Java, "1699 Earthquake mud spewing from the bowels of the earth. Lumpur was closed the river flow, causing an unhealthy environment, the more severe."

According to the book Encyclopedy of World Geography, this quake also caused Ciliwung closed by mud slides and trees falling, causing floods in many places. Not until a century later, an earthquake again hit Jakarta in 1780.

A book titled transits of Venus: New Views of the Solar System and Galaxy Mohr noted that the Observatory is located in Batavia, is a successful observatory reported several incidents Transit of Venus (the condition when the Sun Venus and Earth in one line.) However, the observatory was destroyed by an earthquake in 1780.

On August 27, 1883, Jakarta earthquake rocked a large return caused by the eruption of Krakatoa which triggered a tsunami 35 meters and killed 36 thousand people in western Java and south Sumatra. From the historical records before, Jakarta indeed had several times experienced a great earthquake.

What is clear, said Engkon, a threat to the population of Jakarta is a shallow earthquakes originating from South Java ie from the direction of subduction zones (megathrust), such as earthquakes Tasik. The vulnerability of Jakarta will be more severe if these areas densely populated and the buildings no or less attention to aspects of earthquake resistant buildings.

Therefore, Engkon suggested that Jakarta ready before disaster comes, especially in North Jakarta. The reason, in this region stand various critical infrastructure, from ports, import export activities, transportation, tourism areas, trading centers are also relics of history. "Because, however, the earthquake will not kill humans. But, the buildings collapsed was the one who can kill humans, "said Engkon.

Prince William Submit Application in Hut battered

In Prince William Hut battered Submit ApplicationHills enlivened by the sound of romance! Images are distributed recently revealed a place that seems impossible to apply for Prince William Kate Middleton on October 20. British prince reportedly applying for Kate in one Rutundu Log Cabin, Kenya, near Lake Rutundu the second highest mountain peak in Africa. Without electricity, the couple - both aged 28 years - celebrated their engagement in front of a glowing fire.

when they split the following day, each one signed the guest book.

"Thanks for 24 hours which is extraordinary! Unfortunately, no fish but we're trying to have fun. I like a warm fire and candlelight - very romantic! (I) hope to return again soon," she wrote prior to affix a signature " Catherine Middleton ".

William, who had come into the cabin, said, "Glad to be back really! Bring more clothes this time! Very addressed. Thank you all! Hoping for a chance to come, soon I hope."

As William explained in the official engagement announcement on Tuesday (16/11), they were on holiday with friends on Mount Kenya. "We spent time personally ... and I think that's the right time," said William.

Scenic beauty of the countryside also helped William to collect his courage. "It's beautiful, so I did a little plan to show the romantic side."

Making out on the beach, Pattinson - Stewart Expelled Police!

Making out on the beach, Pattinson - Stewart Expelled Police!Filming in Rio De Janeiro's apparently used by couples who are drunk love, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Surprisingly, both had reprimanded and forced to move by a policeman when caught making out on a beach.

As quoted by the Daily Star, the star of this TWILIGHT 'caught' was making out on Ipanema Beach in Rio De Janeiro in the middle of filming for this teen vampire movie sequel.

"The young couple are 'having fun' like other couples on the beach at night, but police drove them," said a source close to both these celebrities.

"For them, it is very difficult to go anywhere alone, so I guess they just want to have some romantic time together. Unfortunately, they immediately attract attention," he continued.

This source also stated that the police actually more worried about security of Robert and Christian in a public place, more than the 'beach scene' that do both.

"Afterwards, they were laughing remembering this incident, although they still looked embarrassed. Quite nice actually," added the same source.

Natalie Portman Talk About Lesbian Scene

Natalie Portman Talk About Lesbian SceneIn his latest film, 'Black Swan', Natalie Portman bed scene with co-star Mila Kunis. In a film made by Darren Aronovsky result, the Portman perform in a play as a ballerina performing a same-sex love lesbian alias. Many pros and cons that come after the completion of this film produced. One of them is related to the sex scene played by Portman and Kunis. Many people think that scene was too wild.

Received sharp criticism about it, Portman felt the need to clarify the allegations. In an interview with V Magazine, Portman a lot of talk about that during the sex scenes are often portrayed in the film. According to him, he never saw it as something Nudity and vulgar. Rather he wanted the scene can be seen in art and artistic.

"I already know what I want, about what I like and do not. Especially for a sex scene that I often experienced," he said in UsMagazine.

Because of this movie, Portman also had argued and fought with his father, who did not agree he acted in a sexual scene. (Pets) See also: Most Expensive Diamond Auction, Rp413 Billion

Researchers Dig Dead Sea Israel

Researchers Dig Dead Sea IsraelIsraeli researchers are conducting excavations under the Dead Sea. Sea of many told in history that stretched across three regions: Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The researchers were digging to trace the history of this earth during the last 500,000 years.

As reported by Telegraph.co.uk, these scientists have begun excavation by drilling far below the Dead Sea.

Penggeboran was conducted to examine the sediment layers millions of years old. Hopefully, the sediments that can give clues about many things, such as shifting weather patterns, seismic activity and climate change in his day.

"Sediment is to give the 'archive' geological environment in this area in the past," said researcher Academy of Sciences and Humanities Israel.

'Pieces thin' about Earth's history will be extracted through the drill hole as deep as 1,200 meters drilled by a special rig. The position of the drilling was in a small bay north of the Dead Sea.

Once extracted, the layer of soil samples will be examined with high-resolution technology. From this sediment, the researchers hoped to get clues about Earth's environmental changes at that time.

In fact, the sediment was estimated to be able to give detailed information about bad weather or a major seismic activity in his time. Could also provide insights about human migration within and outside the region.

"We believe that the outcome of this project will have broad implications in the fields of science and the environment. And will explain the new natural resources," Zvi Ben-Abraham, a professor at Tel Aviv University.

The project is sponsored by the International Continental Drilling Program, a group that 'hobby' to explore the earth's crust in other locations around the world. Hopefully, this project can run until the end of the year.

U.S.: Malaysian citizen Rip Federal Bank Network

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Malaysian citizen, who on Thursday accused of hacking U.S. computer networks of the Central Bank or the Federal Reserve and a defense contractor, was arrested several Secret Service agents when he sold the stolen credit card numbers with a price of 1,000 U.S. dollars at a restaurant dinner in New York.

Court documents released by U.S. prosecutors claimed the man, identified as Lin Mun Poo (32) was arrested on Oct. 21, hours after he arrived in New York. He was indicted by a board of judges on Thursday to four charges, including paved the U.S. central bank's branch system in Cleveland, Ohio.

"In the post-arrest statement, defendant admitted he was hacking into computer servers of companies and major financial institutions," wrote U.S. prosecutors in Brooklyn in a letter to District Judge Dora Irizarry, responsible for handling the case.

Lin, she said, admitting he took advantage of vulnerabilities that he found on the bank's computer system.

"Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio, has confirmed one FRB computer network hacked around June 2010, so that the bank suffered a loss of thousands of U.S. dollars, and the act is affecting 10 computers or more," according to the letter.

The process of examination by the judge will consider the delay request the government to continue holding Lin. No new date scheduled. Lawyer Lin, who appointed the court, was not willing to give comment.

Lin used to be Malaysians who do not have jobs or relatives in the United States, said the letter. He arrived at John F. Airport Kennedy, New York, from Europe to the tickets back and forth, and plans to return on November 22.

"Within a few hours after Lin arrived at JFK, the Secret Service agents watched the defendant sells a credit card with the price of 1,000 U.S. dollars at dinner in Brooklyn and arrested him shortly after that," the letter to the judge.

Office of U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch in Brooklyn said that all accusations against Lin involves hacking computer systems of the U.S. Defense Department contractors who help take care of military transport operations.

Another accusation against Lin includes ownership of more than 400,000 stolen credit cards and debit cards in a single portable computer that was confiscated by Secret Service agents.

"The defendant underwent a career break, among other things, the server computers of financial institutions, defense contractors, and large companies, and sell or trade the information stored there ...," Lynch said in a statement.

Lynch said the defendants allegedly planned to get more financial information from other hackers, who would she invite transaction.

If found guilty, Lin faced a maximum possible prison sentence between 6.5 and eight years.

Color Charm Flores Crater (Kelimutu)

This is a mountain that holds the mystery as well as charm. Kelimutu Pemo located in the Village, District Flores, Ende, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT). With a peak altitude of 1690 m above sea level, the mountain is unique because there are three differently colored crater lakes.

three differently colored crater lakes

The lake is known as the Lake of Three Colors because it has three different colors, namely red, blue, and white. Even so, the colors are always changing over time. No less was 12 times the color change occurred within 25 years. The first and second lake is located very close together, while the third lake is located about 1.5 km apart in the West. The color change is suspected due to the refraction of sunlight, the micro-biota, water, the dissolved chemical substances, and due to the reflection color of the walls and bottom of the lake.

Flores is a combination word of "keli" meaning mountain and the word "quality" which means to boil. According to local belief, the colors on the lake Flores has the meaning of each and have a very powerful natural forces.

Lake or Tiwu Flores is divided into three sections corresponding to the color - the color that is in the lake. Blue lake or "Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai" is a gathering place for young people who have died. Lake of the red or "Tiwu Ata Polo" is a gathering place for the souls of those who have died and during his life was always a crime / magick. While the lake is white or "Tiwu Mbupu Ata" is a gathering place for the souls of parents who have died.

The third area of the lake of about 1,051,000 square meters with a volume of 1292 million cubic meters of water. Boundary between the lake was a narrow stone walls prone to landslides. This wall is very steep with 70-degree angle. Lake wall height ranges from 50 to 150 meters.

Earlier this area was originally discovered by Van Such Telen, a Dutch citizen, in 1915. Its beauty is widely known after Y. Bouman describes in his writings in 1929. Since then the foreign tourists started to come enjoy the lake known as anchor for the local community. Those who came not only the lover of beauty, but also researchers who want to know the natural occurrence is very rare. For fans of hiking and love the beauty of nature in the tropical mountain village, a trip to this place is the best option. Regions Flores has established a National Natural Conservation Area since February 26, 1992.

To achieve Kelimutu that had erupted in 1886, the need to "struggle" of its own. From the City of Maumere, Sikka District, East Nusa Tenggara Province, it took about 3 hours with a rented car with road conditions are not too good, twisting, crossing the ravine and cliffs. We will meet with the village closest to the crater named Flores mountain village of Moni.

The village is situated in the village of Koanara, District Wolowaru, Ende, a distance of 13 kilometers from Lake Flores. From Moni only takes about 45 minutes to reach the mouth of Lake Flores.

Apart from Maumere, Flores also be reached from Ende using intercity bus or rental vehicle, with the price and travel time is relatively not much different. From the capital of East Nusa Tenggara Province, namely Kupang, visitors can use the plane to the town of Ende, Flores island, with travel time to 40 minutes. Flores is located about 66 kilometers from the town of Ende and 83 kilometers from the town of Maumere.

In the village of Moni being sold Lio woven fabric which is one of typical local products there and sold by locals to the tourists. In the village of Moni also have lodging that can be used by tourists to stay or rest.

There are around 20 homestays run by people with a tariff of Rp 25,000-Rp 50,000 per night while the government-owned cottages cost Rp 75,000-Rp 85,000. per night. Edelweiss, Pine and Pine is a plant that we can encounter when entering the area of Flores.

Well, please enjoy the crater lake region 3 colors of the exotic mountain Kelimutu it!

Jet Lag Can Make Stupid

Jet Lag Can Make Stupid

Do you travel a lot and fly through different time zones, continue to find it difficult to think normal? Or do you feel you or a friend who just returned from overseas rather disconnected if invited to chat? A research proves, can cause jet lag was not a good effect on intelligence and memory.

A study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience last Monday found that the hamster experiments that are jet-lag is extreme and chronic actually has the ability to learn a slump and low memory.

Not only on intelligence, according to Erin Gibson, a researcher from the University of California, Berkeley, jet-lag is also a serious threat to health. This study shows that people are the type of work requires her to frequently change his sleep pattern has the potential high risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Gibson and his colleagues make a specific schedule for this experiment hamsters by advancing the schedule for the animals day and night for six hours every three days in a period of almost a month. "Much like increased flights from New York to Paris every three days," he told Wired.com. The total number of sleep the hamster is actually unchanged, but the hours get up and sleep really changed.

So if you frequently travel far away on an airplane, do not forget too often read books to stay smart and not forgetful ...

Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Harry Potter

Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Harry PotterA funeral in Israel the arrival of a group of fans of Harry Potter, who came to visit the tomb of a man who was also named Harry Potter.

Pvt Harry Potter used to be a UK soldier killed in a battle in 1939. At that time he was 18 years old, but in his tomb was written 19 years because he confessed a year older when you signed up in the army.

Said a tour guide in the city of Ramle, there was no relationship between the soldiers of Harry Potter by JK Rowling figure. "But the name was sold," he said, as reported by Yahoo! Movies UK & Ireland.

Pilgrimage to the tomb of the fans since it began five years ago, and the increasingly popular after the tomb was listed in an online site (online) tourism. "If you do not say Harry Potter is buried here, there is a will here," said Tel Aviv resident, Josef Peretz.

First Americans Genes Found in Europe

Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer inventor of the American continent is not the first person to discover a new world. Because there is a U.S. citizen who already travel to Europe five centuries before Columbus was.

The conclusion was based on the results of research on a number of scientists from the University of Spain. The findings were reported by a number of mass media in Europe and America. VIVAnews menukilnya from Telegraph.co.uk, 16 November 2010.

The experts stressed that the exploration of the world was first claimed by Columbus from Europe to the east, and managed to find the American continent. But that's not the first finding because

Another exploration of the reverse direction - from America to Europe, long before Columbus discovered America.

The researchers tracked genetic traces of the original of a family in Iceland. Researchers believe that the first Americans arrived in Europe around the tenth century. About five hundred years before Columbus did explore and discover the American continent in 1492.

Research shows, a woman from North America most likely already in Iceland around the year 1000 AD. Iceland is an island country in Europe that is famous for the legend of seafarers ruthless pirates, Viking. Of the genes found, this woman has an estimated age of 80.

Researchers believe, genes found was a descendant of the ancestor of the citizens residing in North Iceland. Exact location not far in the vicinity of river ice glacier in Vatnaj Kull. It is estimated that they came to this region through Asia.

"As an isolated island in the tenth century, most likely happened is that gene came from female Amerindian (American Indian) who was brought from America by the hordes of Vikings around 1000 AD," said Carles Lalueza-Fox, from the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain.

The discovery of a Viking settlement was expected than ever before. Previous oldest Viking settlement found in eastern Canada, about Terranova. Named settlement L'Anse aux Meadows is expected inhabited in the eleventh century.

Researchers will endeavor to maintain the gene's first Amerindians who arrived in Iceland is, to find out his lineage relationship of Americans. The researchers then called the site a new world.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I - Not the Movie Kids

"Hard to believe that 9 years ago this series begins with a family that watched the film many children."

Anyone who has been eating out of seven Harry Potter books would know that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has a darker mood than most previous six books. This mood seems to director David Yates successfully defended in the movie adaptation. Throughout the film, dark and somber shades of deeply felt, from the color tone, dialogue, until the music scoring. Hard to believe that nine years ago this film series begins with a family that watched the film many children.

Of course the movie made more "dark" is not without reason. In the previous series (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), the film ends with the death of Albus Dombledore. And The Deathly Hallows begins by showing the chaos of the world of magic and Muggle world after the death of Dumbledore. Ministry of Magic was taken over the Death Eater (aka the Death Eaters), Muggle and wizard "bloody mud" was captured and killed, even for the sake of protecting his family, Hermione had to remove himself from the memories of both parents.

If that's still less "gloomy", in the first 30 minutes there is one figure who was killed, and another who was seriously injured. Even Bill Weasley's wedding to Fleur Delacour had not succeeded in creating an atmosphere of joy at the residence of the Weasley family.

From there, moving film focuses on the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione find and destroy the Horcrux. Horcrux is the amulet contains a piece of Lord Voldemort's soul - totaling seven - which, if successfully destroyed all of them, This is the end a history of the Prince of Darkness. Certainly looking Horcrux is not easy, because none of them knows what shape the Horcrux, Horcrux. And if you've managed to find anything, no one knows how to destroy it.

"Another marker of the three witches are already growing up is that the more daring kissing scene"

Problems also arise when Ron - who secretly fell in love with Hermione - felt jealous of the closeness of Harry and the girls adored. Ron burden on this trip was no light. Not just feel out of Harry and Hermione, who often spend time together, Ron also never let his hearing from guerrilla radio broadcast. Radio is not playing music, but anyone who gives information about the missing witch, and anyone who was killed.

"I listen to make sure the name of Ginny, Fred and George, or my mother was called," said Ron when Harry asked him to turn off the radio.

Heart-breaking, not it?
But do not worry, in the midst of sorrow and suspense movie, we're still going to be laughing with humor typical of Harry Potter. Most major amusement, of course, is Ron, who has always been known to catapult the claims ridiculous. Not to mention its enticing Hermione is not so romantic but instead invite laughter.

Then if you still think Harry et al as the cute boys of Hogwarts school students, eliminate that image from your mind. Daniel Radcliffe is now 21 years old, Rupert Grint - Ron actor - had never done sex scenes in the movie Cherry Bomb (2009), while Emma Watson ... Ah, still do I need a way to tell what kind of Emma Watson at the moment?

Another marker of the three witches are already growing up was the kissing scene is more "daring". It's no longer just a peck on the lips, but french kiss long and passionate, featuring Emma Watson topless.

So it is clear already, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is not a children's film. Logically hell, elementary school children who used to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 2001 had now been moved adolescents.

Oh yes, why no-frills "Part I" in the title of the movie? No other since the last book of the Harry Potter series is indeed taken up into two films. Maybe too much detail which should not be overlooked so that if everything is loaded into one film might be a five-hour duration. So ended the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I in a scene featuring Lord Voldemort. The audience was made geregetan and curious because they have to wait for the story line - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II - new to be released July 2011.

When I watched this movie in its first screenings in Jakarta, so the film ends, the whole audience applauded long.

Prince William Set as Ring of Princess Diana to Kate's Fiancé

Prince William Set as Ring of Princess Diana to Kate's FiancéWhen Prince William applying his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, unsparing historic ring he gave his mother, Princess Diana, to Kate.

Prince William (28 years) confirmed in a press conference event in London, Tuesday (15/11), on the granting of a platinum ring, oval blue sapphire-eyed, surrounded by 14 diamonds.

"It's very special to me," said William at the Palace St. James, on Tuesday.

"That's my way to ensure that my mama unforgettable today and kegimbaran that we will live together all our lives," said Prince William.

"The time is right now, we're both very very happy," he continued.

Prince Charles, Prince William's father, gave the same ring to Diana when he proposed to her in February 1981. It was worth $ 65,000, according to the catalog Garrad, now estimated to cost about $ 150,000.

158 Passengers Killed due to Sleep Pilot

Pilot in Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore, southern India, was blamed for the accident that killed 158 people in May 2010.

The Indian government investigation results prove, the pilot of the Serbian named Zlatko Glusica was disoriented because of falling asleep on a flight for 3-4 hours, the Hindustan Times reported on Wednesday (11/17/2010).

Indian Government officials who do not want to be named confirmed the reports Hindustan Times. However, these officials said, reports the results will be announced after the investigation was submitted to the parliament of India.

Investigation team said the pilot Glusica too late to react and not follow some standard operating procedure when landing. Meanwhile, the airlines do not provide feedback about these findings.

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel told reporters that the ministry admitted it had received reports about it on Tuesday (11/16/2010). He said the government would take action after studying the report.

Incidents in Mangalore is the worst plane crash in India since November 1996. At that time, 349 people died in a plane owned by Saudi Arabian airline collided in the air of New Delhi with a cargo plane from Kazakhstan.

This report adds to concerns around the world about the dangers of pilots that work fatigue due to heavy work schedule.

New Black Hole Discovered by Astronomy Experts

New Black Hole Discovered by Astronomy Experts

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An explosion at a star 30 years ago in nearby galaxies suspected of creating a new black hole, astronomers reported on Monday.

The observations made by infrared rays say supernova, dubbed SN 1979C is a black hole is formed, said a team of astronomers from the United States and Europe.

"If our assumptions are correct, it is the closest example for observation of the creation of a black hole," said an expert from the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center in Massachusetts, Daniel Patnaude, who led the study.

An amateur astronomer from Maryland, Gus Johnson, discovered a supernova in 1979 on the edge of a galaxy called M100, and other astronomers examine it after its discovery. Light and infrared rays from the fragments has taken over the past 50 million years to get to the earth with the light speed of 300,000 miles per second, or about 10 trillion miles per year.

Observation Center for NASA's Chandra Infra Rays, the European Space Agency XMM-Newton, and the Center of the German Rosat Observations have seen that it emits infrared rays stable source of light.

Infrared ray analysis supports the idea that the observed object is a black hole and it also will draw in the object that fell from a supernova or perhaps from a binary star, astronomers said.

The scientists believe that black holes can be created in several ways, in this case because a star which is about 20 times the mass of the Sun which will become a supernova and then explodes into some solid things that suck objects around them into the core of the black hole .

American Design Two 20 Petaflop Supercomputer

The engineers in America do not want to stay silent supercomputers from Uncle Sam's country defeated China. Two supercomputers are being built in America today claimed would result in performance far above the ability of the world's fastest supercomputer made in China today.

Two supercomputer being designed by engineers in the United States designed capable of doing 20 petaflop (20 trillion calculations / calculations per second). Speed would be far above the Tianhe-1, the name of China's supercomputer that perched on the top 500 list of fastest computers today with a performance of up to 2.57 petaflop.

One of the supercomputer built at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the same location as the Jaguar supercomputer which ranked as two of the world today. The second supercomputer built at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by IBM. However, both systems are estimated to be completed in 2012.

In the Top 500 list has just been released, China is not only recorded the fastest supercomputers, but also include 42 supercomputers in it beyond the developed countries like Japan, Germany, and England. America still dominates with 275 of the 500 supercomputers on the list.

The new Intel processor is still the choice of most supercomputers. From 500, 398 using a series of Intel processors. While AMD's only used 57 supercomputers. Most of the included Chinese-made and still use the chip American companies, including such artificial support Nvidia GPU.

Tiger Merapi Hovering in Village

Tiger Merapi

Tigers from the slopes of Mount Merapi seen wandering Karanganyar Hamlet, Village Ngargomulyo, Shaman District, Magelang regency, Central Java, since two nights ago.

"It's been two nights in a row we know there are signs of leopard presence in our village," said Chief Hamlet Karanganyar, Thursday (47) in Magelang, Monday.

He claimed to ensure animal sounds on Thursday (13/11) and Friday (14/11) night was a tiger.

In fact, he says, on Thursday (13/11) night he had shined the flashlight to a tiger in a corral near the local people when he was patrolling.

Most of the local villagers, about six miles west of the summit of Mount Merapi was until recently still in the various refugee camps to avoid casualties due to subsequent volcanic eruption on the border between Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Region.

He said the number of local residents as much as 45 heads of families or 130 souls. During an eruption of Merapi, since October 26, 2010 to the present, about 10 residents, especially men still persist at the local hamlet, while others, especially women, children, and elderly people are in refugee camps especially in Muntilan.

"I know exactly if it is a tiger, there tutulnya, about the size of a goat," he said.

When he highlighted the tiger it with a flashlight, he said, the beast and then walked slowly left the corral local residents. "We do not interfere with the important principle," he said.

He said that on Friday (14/11) night Mooo tiger was heard a number of local residents.

"But that Friday (14/11) evening, we were not close to that sound, only heard his voice, but we make sure it is a tiger," he said.

He claimed to be able to distinguish between "Mooo tiger with other animals.

Possibility, he said, in the region higher than the local hamlet, tiger was not getting food because the impact of the eruption of Merapi. "So the beast down to our village," he said.

About two months before the first eruption of Merapi (26/10) evening, he said, he also saw a leopard roaming the local agricultural area.

Other local residents, Surandi (70), admitted, heard groans tiger on Friday (14/11) night.

"That night, we were on guard in the village sengja not approach the sound source, but it is the voice of the tiger," he said.

Two and a Half Million Muslims Hajj 2010 Getting Started

At least 2.5 million Muslims began the annual hajj this year, on Sunday, heading to a campsite near the holy city of Mecca to follow the journey made by Prophet Muhammad 14 centuries ago.

Traveling by foot, by public transport and private cars, the congregation was flowing through a mountain leading to a valley of Mina, about three miles outside the city of Mecca. The trip was the same as the Prophet himself did during his last pilgrimage.

Hajj, one of the biggest parades of religious devotion in the world lasted for five days. In the past worship that have been compromised by fires, hotel collapses, police clashes with protesters and deadly crush.

Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz said Wednesday that the kingdom can not rule out an attack by a regional group of Al Qaeda, despite the kingdom's security forces were ready to fight against such an operation.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Sunday denied they intend to attack Muslim pilgrims during Hajj.

Islam is now embraced by a quarter of world population and the Hajj is one of the obligations for Muslims are healthy and able to do so. Many people wait for years to get a visa in order to hajj.

"I can not explain my feelings here," said Mahboob Bangosh, a Canadian from Toronto pilgrims from Afghanistan.

To minimize the risk of overcrowding and to reduce congestion on the roads, the government first began to operate trains made in China that will stop at places of pilgrimage.

Railway projects worth 1.8 billion dollars had been down the road 18 kilometers in length and will carry 180,000 passengers this year, obviously Habib Zein Al Abideen, assistant minister for municipal and rural affairs.

"We will have a capacity of 72,000 passengers per hour next year. This year we operated 35 percent of capacity. Next year we can have 500,000 to 600,000 passengers," said Abideen.

Due to limited capacity, the train this year will only bring the people of Saudi Arabia or other Gulf states, and next year will be open to other citizens, he said.

"That would be a big improvement. The price of tickets is only meant symbolically," said Walid al-Mushawer, a Saudi pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia has been working hard to improve facilities in order to facilitate the flow of pilgrims to the hajj. In 2006, a total of 362 pilgrims jostled to death.

Who Knows That Former Queen of India Living in Poverty

Living in poverty. It is now lived Appamma Kajjallappa, the third wife royal Venkateswara Ettappa, authorities in Virudhunagar, India. Together with his son, he would be willing to live in a hut and struggled hard to get a mouthful of rice.

Why, yes Nowhere relics of her husband's property "I have donated to the people," said Appama, recently. Actually, too Relics Palace has been transformed into a school to meet the demand of the people.

"Members of our family is very generous. We won everything for the welfare of the village. That is what should be done by a leader," added Appama.

Appama added: "Maybe when I was a queen, but now I'm not one any longer. We were the resource persons very bad."

Some Villagers feel pity for the fate of their queen. Actually Appamma work at the temple during a celebration or a gift. But every time people want to give something Appama always rejected. He is believed to serve the holy Shrine is an honor for him

2011: Year of Tablet Computer

Lately, tablet computers began to enter Indonesia. With easy to find adverts on billboards, newspapers and magazines. Mobile devices with this extraordinary ability started to become a phenomenon when Apple released the iPad tablet product.

Since then a number of people, especially in Jakarta, expressed his desire to have the iPad. Shortly after launch in America, IPAD-began to appear in several places in Jakarta.

And now, I more often see people using IPAD in Jakarta than in Singapore and most of them buy iPad in Singapore because it has not been officially released in Indonesia.

After the phenomenon of the iPad, a variety of other manufacturers began to slowly enter the battle arena tablet computers with a variety of excellent features. Even a few weeks ago, in 1000 tablet computer units sold out within 3 hours in a number of malls in the area the Senayan.

The enthusiasm of gadget lovers in Jakarta seemed extraordinary in welcoming the presence of these mobile computing devices. Truly a vibrant market. And of course, the vendors began to glance at Indonesia as a very potential market for gadgets, especially a tablet computer products.

Indonesia does have a special relationship with mobile devices, ranging from the popularity of laptops in 2006 or older, smart phone devices in 2009 to over and now there is the possibility of year 2011 into a tablet computer in Indonesia.

Static devices such as desktop computers themselves are not so popular among end-users in Indonesia, it is always prefer a mobile device rather than a static.

And other than Apple's devices, are now a variety of vendors will begin to look Android as one alternative that continues to catch up with the IOS of the features, speed and effectiveness and efficiency of the device.

And, since Android is an Open Source project, it could help vendors to push the price to license the OS and focus on building better hardware. The price can vary depending on the hardware in it, a strategy similar to Android-based phone device.

One thing is for sure, Apple iPad next year will face tough competition from other vendors such as Samsung, Sony, HP and many more who intend to jump into the arena of competition tablet computer. A world-class business competition got hotter and will certainly deserve to be noticed.

There Online Suicide in Japan

Suicide while recording and distributing it on the internet the more worrying in Japan. Now there are recent cases that make the Japanese government and society more worried. Suicide 'online'.

Police found the body of a 24-year-old man, whose name was withheld, in her apartment in the city of Sendai, northern Japan on Tuesday (9 / 11) then. Police went to his apartment after a number of residents make a report.

As reported by the daily Yomiuri Shimbun on Thursday (11/11), several neighbors called and said that he was desperate to try to hang himself and eventually died.

"At 3:45 o'clock morning he tried to hang himself. But the effort failed because her apartment ceiling collapsed and he fell," said a policeman.

There wits' end, the man then headed to another part of her apartment. He hung the rope, climbed onto the bench and then linking his neck in the rope. And he also lost his life.

All the horrible scene recorded with the perpetrators clearly in the camera. Actors that are deliberately put his camera in a recorded condition and connected to the Internet network. He did it all by himself.

Videos male suicide can be seen in 'live' on site UStream. However, the site manager to remove the recording suicide after receiving protests from some users.

On the YouTube site also had circulated the tape. But deleted shortly after uploaded.

Sankei Shimbun newspaper reports that he was no longer working since August 2010 due to be fired from work in a bank. The man was then experiencing economic difficulties and had expressed his intention to commit suicide through a community on UStream site.

Welcome Bra To enliven the Japanese Tourism

welcome bra

A Japanese lingerie manufacturer has found a way of "intimate" to welcome travelers with a "bra Welcome to Japan" complete with a speech in three languages.

Buffer breast blue artificial "Triumph" that aims to promote tourism as well as Japan and featured a picture frame for that is the object of the main objectives of the tourists such as Mount Fuji.

Underwear was also equipped with a rope buffer containing a map of Japan that can be rolled up.

Button located in the middle of underwear that can be pressed and play the message "Welcome to Japan" in English, Korean, or Mandarin.

"An international terminal at the airport has just opened in Tokyo and a number of foreign tourists who visit to Japan has increased in recent time," said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda.

"We launched the" bra "is the hope of helping with the increase in tourism and the economy in Japan," he said.

Unique bra was introduced on Wednesday just moments before the meeting of 20 leaders of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) landed in Japan and is a new design concept from Triumph, but has not been marketed at this time.

Previously there has been "bra" solar-powered and "bra" for planting rice, which is designed with two potted plants, soil, and seedlings.

Ranbir Kapoor - Imran Khan Kissing in Front of Karan Johar!

Wow! Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan seems unable to stop what they show affection to each other. This they did while attending a talk show KOFFEE WITH Karan where they even could not stop touching each other.

Two men sit down with relaxing on the couch and even lip kissing each other on Karan Johar to show that they can act as a perfect lover for the sequel to the film Dostana.

Karan itself is very surprised to see both of them did not feel awkward showing affection in the film on his show. And finally, he was asked Ranbir and Imran to repeat their gay kiss it. With pleasure, they went back to kissing tenderly!

It's no secret the couple Ranbir and Imran are good friends. However, who would have thought when I had to play as two men who love each other, their behavior looks very natural and previously unimaginable. Whatever it is, the duo Ranbir and Imran successful entertaining at events such K-Jo. They're rock! (GER / NPY)

Complete Obama Speech

"Returning home, here." Short sentences were pronounced U.S. President Barack Obama, was greeted noisily at the University of Indonesia, Depok, Wednesday (10/11).

Obama also said a number of other words in the Indonesian language. Well, you have not had time to hear the full speech, can listen here.

Mind Reading Women We Love

Peek at what was in the mind when a woman is having sex satisfaction might be considered impossible for many people. However, thanks to a scan which was developed by American scientists, slipped into the minds of women who were enjoying the sensation of climax now is not impossible.

Rutgers University researchers have found that sexual arousal can affect the nervous system such that when a woman had an orgasm cause tremendous pleasure.

As quoted from page Times of India, the researchers said, affecting climax to 30 different parts of the brain, including parts of the brain responsible for regulating emotion, touch, satisfaction, joy, and memory.

The researchers asked eight women to stimulate themselves while lying under a blanket inside a magnetic resonance imaging scanner (MRI), tunnel machines, as is often used to detect brain tumors.

Most women take less than five minutes to achieve orgasm, although some women often takes more time, about 20 minutes. During that time, an MRI scanner to take images of their brain every two seconds to show what parts are to be active during orgasm.

As a result, two minutes before orgasm, the center of the brain become active. Part of the brain is usually activated when a person food and beverage consumption. Orgasm enable the brain to stimulate the emotions. Part of the activated brain is the hypothalamus, the control part of the brain, which regulate the temperature, hunger, thirst and fatigue.

At the same time other regions are responsible for pleasure is activated, including parts of the brain responsible for memory switch.

"In women, orgasm produces a very broad response in the brain and body. Some women raised her hand several times each session perceived enjoyment, often occurred only a few seconds," said Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University said.

This research also found that women tend to have an orgasm last longer and to experience pleasure sex more than once. Satisfaction of a woman making love last an average of 10-15 seconds, while a man is expected to last for only six seconds.

Want to Have Babies Male, Breakfast Disorders

Are you including the couple who longed for a baby boy? To make it happen, there is an easy way for you to try. Not hard, just do the breakfast routine in the morning plus fat diet during early pregnancy.

According to the research of University of Missouri, women who eat healthy foods in the early stages of pregnancy can affect the formation of gender and infant health during the womb.

As quoted from the pages of The Telegraph, women who eat a healthy breakfast and a complete and high-fat diet, at the time of conception tend to have a candidate for a baby boy.

Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld, of the University of Missouri, and colleagues said: "A diet high in calories generally supported the birth of a baby boy than women, whereas low-calorie diets tend to produce baby girls than boys,".

Fierce Abu Merapi

Merapi continued to erupt. As the ground shook, the mountain spewed volcanic material into the air. Smoke soar, then fall to where the wind brings.

In Yogyakarta on Friday (5 / 11) this morning, residents welcomed the morning dark and gray. City, as well as various areas around Merapi, shrouded in gray. Residents must move with the mask, for the silica material is not inhaled into the lungs which can be disturbed by it.

All Adi Sutjipto schedule at the airport were canceled for the safety of flight. In Bandung, a number of residents reported ash falls associated with Merapi.

Volunteers continue to arrive to help refugees of Merapi. In various corners country, people reached out. In many networks, concern was formed ...

Mount Merapi spewed volcanic material, visible from Klaten, Thursday (4 / 11). (AP Photo / Irwin Fedriansyah)

Residents fled to the motor after Mount Merapi erupted again on Friday (5 / 11). The government expanded the danger zone to 20 miles from the center of the crater of Merapi. (AP Photo / Achmad Ibrahim)

Rescuers search for victims in Argomulyo Merapi, Yogyakarta, Friday (5 / 11). (AP Photo / Trisnadi)

The team of volunteers and soldiers in Argomulyo flee after Merapi erupted again on Friday (5 / 11). (AP Photo / Trisnadi)

A plane, covered in volcanic ash, parked at the international airport Adi Sutjipto, Yogyakarta, Friday (5 / 11). Airport runway closed white ash which must be closed. (AP Photo / Irwin Fedriansyah)

Community activity using a mask when crossing at Jalan Diponegoro, Yogyakarta, Friday (5 / 11). Mount Merapi eruption occurred again on Thursday (5 / 11) issued a volcanic ash that blanketed the city of Yogyakarta, so people are suggested to use a mask when doing outdoor activities in anticipation of health problems due to volcanic dust. (Photo ANTARAWahyu Putro A)

A child walking among the trees that fell on the ring road Muntilan, Central Java, on Friday (5 / 11). Many fallen trees in some areas due to rain Muntilan volcanic ash from Mount Merapi. (Foto ANTARA / Wihdan Hidayat)

Dodi IR

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Costume Too Minim, difficulties have

Paris Hilton apparently failed in a Halloween costume party this year.

He styled "terrible" with her Halloween costume.

At a party in Hollywood some time ago, he put together a sexy Indian princess-style.

However, the costumes that are too low it slipped and almost showing her breasts.

Her sister, Nicky is more fortunate because of dress is more polite with her Supergirl costume.

Children Age 10 Years and Infant Birth in Southern Spain

Girls Age 10 Years and Infant Birth in Southern Spain. The baby was born last week in the town of Jerez de la Frontera. Social workers decided to let the mother and her family keep custody of the child. Micaela Navarro, Minister of Social Affairs of the Andalusia region, said the father of the baby is still a minor.

Navarro declined to give further details about the baby's gender or health. Local newspaper, Diario de Jerez, said that the baby's mother came from Romania. Based on the medical information to the newspaper, the birth at a young age is common in the country of origin of the baby's mother.

Ghosts Hunted Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga uneasy staked out by a spirit named Ryan.

Whether this is only a hallucination or real, who clearly felt he had Buzzworthy followed curious spirit named Ryan. It felt had more than one week.

During the concert 'Monster's Ball Tour' in Ireland, Gaga always feel under surveillance and followed by a supernatural being who believed as a ghost. Chanter 'Bad Romance' is worried if the ghost will manifest themselves and follow it continuously.

These concerns also affected the entire crew who follow a tour of Lady Gaga. "He is constantly telling himself chased by a ghost. He said the ghost named Ryan and followed him along the tour," said one of the crew who revealed in the Daily Star.

Although Gaga is one who believes in spiritual things, but he was scared half to death. Gaga wish for the ghost Ryan quickly away from him.

"Gaga would like to request the help of a psychic to communicate with these spirits. He wanted to ask why the spirits that followed him and Gaga also want Ryan to leave," said the crew was, as quoted by Contact Music.

Mbah Maridjan's Children Prepare Letter To President

Asih Maridjan child caretaker of Mount Merapi Ki Surakso Hargo or Mbah Maridjan had prepared a letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyo scheduled for Wednesday (3 / 11) will visit refugee eruption of Mount Merapi.

"I will give this letter to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during a visit to the barracks," said Asih Maridjan while showing reporters covering letter to the Minister of Social Affairs in the barracks Wukirsari, Sleman, Tuesday.

Maridjan Asih letter written in Refugee Barracks in the village of Wukirsari of them contained for displaced residents whose homes were destroyed and livelihoods lost like that afflicts most of the residents in Kinahrejo, Pelemsari, and surrounding assisted in order to get home and livelihood.

Moreover, in his letter Asih asked President for the children who had been unable to schools from the disaster of losing books, clothing, and damaged school facilities for school.

He hoped that the President gave an award and aid rope decent compassion for the volunteers who died in the rescue of residents during a disaster slopes of Merapi, including members of PMI Bantul origin Said Dr. Priya and journalists Vivanews.com Yuniawan Wahyu Nugroho.

"They are both very worthy to be president because the award is active in helping us during the evacuation," he said.

Asih said the refugees hope that the President is pleased to provide assistance for those who lost property such as motor vehicles and their animals at this time because residents have not had anything else and the house.

"We believe, the President can give us the wisdom of this request. I hope the President's family were given health and strength to lead the country and this nation for the better," he said.

Calculate Length Sex Life Satisfaction

Feel the climax during sexual intercourse is the hope of every couple. Although women are often difficult to feel the climax during intercourse, but a man can feel the accumulated average of three hours during his lifetime.

Orgasm or physical sensations and emotions experienced at the peak of sexual arousal can only be enjoyed by those active partner sexual.

Gynecologist Dr. Fang Zhuang Wei of Singapore's Gleneagles Hospital, said the count was based on the assumption that a man has an orgasm on average about 2.5 seconds when having sex with their partner.

If the average sexual intercourse twice a week during the sexually active, aged 18-58 years, it will be acquired the number two hour, 53 minutes, 20 seconds.

As quoted from page China Press, if a man could live to 78 years and have an orgasm on average 2.02 seconds each time having sex, the accumulated time reaches 16 hours.

Duration of Intimate Relationships

Sexual relations has become a biological necessity of all married couples. A British study was also promoted to the calculation of the cumulative average time spent on each couple to have sex during her life.

As quoted from the page the Mirror, the majority of couples in the UK is estimated to spend 49 days, 13 hours and 41 minutes to have intercourse all their lives.

The figure was obtained through a study of 1,800 sexually active age in the UK. Research carried out by calculating the average duration of sex every couple. As many as 80 percent of respondents said took 19.5 minutes every time you have intercourse.

While as many as 10 percent of respondents say spending more than 30 minutes in each lovemaking session. While 10 percent had run out of energy within the first five minutes.

Cloud Mbah Petruk, Still there Major Eruption

Merapi this time out of habit. Never Merapi eruption with a pattern like this.

Since erupting Tuesday, October 26, 2010, there were no signs of Merapi would be normal. What happened yesterday at 10:03 pm, just re-eruption of Merapi for the fourth time.

Already 39 lives taken away, the hamlets were destroyed, hundreds of dead livestock - mainly displaced people despondent, wondering when the threat of Merapi will end.

Amidst all the turmoil, appears a photograph that makes people feel more ketar-ketir: Mbah Petruk cloud sightings on Merapi.

The figure of similar character clown-servants, Petruk is above the cameras caught the Merapi. The photo was taken Suswanto, residents Srumbung Magelang Monday 1 November 2010 - before the eruption occurred.

The photo was then spread quickly and scandalize the virtual world. Some believe, it is signified, Merapi will muntab with greater force.

Petruk nose pointing direction South is considered a sign, that the South will suffer the most severe damage.

However, Head of Investigation and Technology Development Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Subandrio not agree with that notion. And consider that the cloud was not a marker of anything, let alone a sign of eruption. "Certainly not," he said when contacted VIVAnews Subandrio, Monday evening, November 1, 2010.

However, Subandrio admitted understand. "We understand their beliefs, not blame. It has not been lost on the community, including South communities, northern communities with different versions," he added.

According to him, this is a challenge for disaster mitigation of the social aspect - how to change the views of communities to be more scientific.

Potential major eruption of Merapi

The eruption that occurred this year recognized Subandrio not the largest. He said, so far the power of the eruption this time only half of which occurred in 1872.

Although this time, ash covered the area around Merapi in Yogyakarta and Central Java, even to the Ciamis and Tasikmalaya in West Java.

"In 1872, the eruption of thunderous sounds of more than 8 kilometers. Ashes to the east reached Madura, while to the west to Falkirk," he explained. Meanwhile, heat clouds then rolled up as far as 15 kilometers.

The current strength of the Merapi eruption also still below the 1930 eruption and the 1960's. So this time the eruption was not the biggest.

So, when Merapi will fade to normal?

Subandrio claimed not to know. He said, his side are currently trying to understand the patterns of the Merapi eruption. Because, "the eruption that is now different from the eruption of which we know directly," he said.

Admittedly, never Merapi erupt like today. "Merapi is still erupting. What is the biggest eruption of the first, whether the next eruption tends to shrink, whether stopped or are still waiting for major eruption, we do not know."

Subandrio said, according sekrenario indeed there is a potential major eruption. Most large magmatic eruption. But again, that the new estimates.

However, anticipatory steps have been made. One of them, evacuated the people living in the area 10 kilometers from the mountain top. It's further away from vulnerable areas before determining the radius of 4 kilometers.

And, Merapi has not been shifted from the status of Caution. A team of experts are waiting and watching the mountain.

Although I can not exactly predict when Merapi erupted, Subandrio confirmed, the prediction is not only a matter of time Merapi erupts, but also the type of eruption.

He said, had from the beginning, BPPTK and the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation predicted, Merapi eruption will be explosive.

"It is far more important. Imagine if we predicted the eruption of Merapi usual, the people there [the slopes of Merapi] will run out."

Existing Tsunami Since 8000 Years Ago

SR 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Monday, October 25, 2010, causing a wave of deadly attacks, the tsunami. All the settlements are located on the west coast islands were hit by a tsunami that killed more than 400 people.

Indonesia is no longer familiar with the disaster. In December 2004, the great tsunami occurred in Aceh. Then the next three months occurred in Nias. One more year, exactly 17 July 2006, the tsunami also occurred in Pangandaran, West Java.

Tunami track record was already in place since 6000 BC. Scientific media page Livescience.com records list all-powerful tsunamis that have occurred on Earth.

6,000 BC

Large cluster in Sicily snow avalanches and falls into the sea. Landslide that occurred at 8 thousand years ago has sparked the tsunami spread across the Mediterranean Sea. There is no historical record of this disaster. Only the scientists estimate tsunami geology at 320 kilometers per hour has reached a height of 10 floors building.

1 November 1755

After the earthquake that destroyed Lisbon, Portugal, and shook much of Europe. Many people who take refuge in the boat. However, the tsunami would occur. No doubt this disaster killed more than 60 thousand people.

August 27, 1883

The eruption of Mount Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, triggering a tsunami that drowned coast of Sumatra, northern Java, and the Thousand Islands. Wave strength can drag coral weighing 600 tons to the beach. 36 thousand people have died in vain.

June 15, 1896

Waves as high as 30 feet emerged shortly after the earthquake in Japan. All of the tsunami that swept the east coast. 27 thousand people died.

1 April 1946

Large earthquake in Alaska cause big waves in Hawaii. Disasters are often referred to as the "mystery" April Fools tsunami "that killed 159 people.

July 9, 1958

8.3 Richter magnitude earthquake in Alaska sends out a wave of up to 576 meters in Lituya Bay, Alaska. It is the largest tsunami recorded in modern times.

Fortunately, the tsunami occurred in isolated places, so it does not cause many casualties. Tsunamis are only left two fishermen died, because the ship sank, hit by the waves.

May 22, 1960

The largest earthquake ever recorded of 8.6 magnitude in Chile. This earthquake created a tsunami that struck Chile Beaches within 15 minutes. High waves occur up to 25 meters. The tsunami killed 1,500 people in Chile and Hawaii.

March 27, 1964

Alaska Earthquake "Good Friday" measuring 8.4 magnitude, caused waves of 67 meters at Valdez Inlet region, Alaska. Wave at 640 kilometers per hour, killing more than 120 people. Ten of them were from the Crescent City, California, who also got sent waves as high as 6.3 meters.

August 23, 1976

Tsunami in the southwest Philippines killed at 8 thousand people. This great wave also triggered earthquakes in the vicinity of the beach.

July 17, 1998

An earthquake with magnitude 7.1 force generate a tsunami in Papua New Guinea. BESA wave quickly kill 2,200 people.

December 26, 2004

All-powerful earthquake with a strength of 9.3 magnitude rocked the Indian Ocean, off the west coast of Aceh. Largest earthquake during the last 40 years has led to high waves in North Sumatra, West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, the East Coast of India, Sri Lanka, even to the East Coast of Africa.

At least 320 thousand people from eight countries died. This disaster is the biggest death throughout history.

March 28, 2005

Three months later, tsunami also occurred in Sumatera. Off the coast of Nias Earthquake measuring 8.7 Richter which sparked a major tsunami that killed 1,300 people on Nias Island, West Sumatra.