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American Design Two 20 Petaflop Supercomputer

The engineers in America do not want to stay silent supercomputers from Uncle Sam's country defeated China. Two supercomputers are being built in America today claimed would result in performance far above the ability of the world's fastest supercomputer made in China today.

Two supercomputer being designed by engineers in the United States designed capable of doing 20 petaflop (20 trillion calculations / calculations per second). Speed would be far above the Tianhe-1, the name of China's supercomputer that perched on the top 500 list of fastest computers today with a performance of up to 2.57 petaflop.

One of the supercomputer built at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the same location as the Jaguar supercomputer which ranked as two of the world today. The second supercomputer built at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by IBM. However, both systems are estimated to be completed in 2012.

In the Top 500 list has just been released, China is not only recorded the fastest supercomputers, but also include 42 supercomputers in it beyond the developed countries like Japan, Germany, and England. America still dominates with 275 of the 500 supercomputers on the list.

The new Intel processor is still the choice of most supercomputers. From 500, 398 using a series of Intel processors. While AMD's only used 57 supercomputers. Most of the included Chinese-made and still use the chip American companies, including such artificial support Nvidia GPU.


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