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Hide A lot suspected Mars Ice

Hide A lot suspected Mars IcePoles of Mars are not the only possible place where water ice hiding in the planet. From the latest discovery, astronomers predict that the ice is also present in the craters around the equator of Mars.

This finding is touted to provide a significant impact on the planet Mars exploration in the future. Later, the ice is likely to be used as a connector to life when humans began to have an assigned there.

Using images taken by Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, David Shean, Planetary Geologist of Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego, United States said, it seems there are plenty of ice-rich material buried at the base of at least 38 craters in the region Sinus Sabaeus, which is near the equator of Mars.

"It is surprising that things like this do not realize before, though there are already hundreds of thousands of high resolution photographs taken during the last 15 years," said Shean, as quoted from Space, February 2, 2011. "This is evidence that the planet Mars is full of surprises."

From previous studies, estimated to save the Martian polar ice. However, the planet's climate was too harsh for the survival of water. The air there is very thin so that if there is ice on the surface of the planet will soon evaporate.

"Since long time we've seen the pictures that showed that visible ice-rich material at the bottom of the crater at both poles of Mars," said Shean. "Surprisingly, it turns out the same material was also found in the planet's equator," he said.

Shean says, if there is a buried ice at the equator, it seems important to keep records of past climate conditions of Mars who were eager to be analyzed by scientists.

Furthermore, Shean said, the equatorial region is much more interesting to be a destination for exploration in the future than the poles because it get more sunlight and warmer temperatures.

"Equator suitable for solar-powered cruise vehicle," said Shean. "However, future exploration also requires water as a source of life support," he said.

Findings of ice in the Martian equatorial region are presented in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. (Hs)

Israel Send Package to Mubarak, to Liquidate Its contents Gas Mass

Israel Send Package to Mubarak, to Liquidate Its contents Gas MassCAIRO - Israel secretly help the government of President Hosni Mubarak to quell anti-government movement. Israeli planes known to carry tons of cargo containing gas to disperse the mass.

Israeli cargo plane is known from one of the Press TV correspondent. The correspondent saw three planes from Israel landed at Mina International Airport last Saturday.

"The contents of the three aircraft it is a gas to disperse crowds, " reported Press TV, quoted from Al Manar, on Thursday. Correspondent describes, bagaimanaf Mina airport security officers to receive and bring in gas cargo into the airport.

Israel is concerned with the related Egyptian political and economic situation in the Middle East. Apart from Egypt are known to have 'good relations' with Israel, Egypt is also provider of 40 percent gas to Israel to move the economy.