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Queen Elizabeth II Riding Hood to the Mosque

Queen Elizabeth II Riding Hood to the MosqueAfter the United States first lady, Michele Obama, hooded at the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta, is now Queen Elizabeth II's turn to do the same.

He even wore long robes the color of golden, golden veil too, but still with his hat as he entered the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Queen along with King Philip and his entourage.

British queen's entourage is so out of British Airways from London direct to the largest mosque in the UAE, relics of the founder of the Kingdom of the UAE Sheikh Zayed, on Wednesday (24 / 11 / 2010), in his first visit since last 31 years.

Before entering the main hall was magnificent mosque, the Queen also took to the tomb of Sheikh Zayed, the founder of the United Arab Emirates.

Queen underlined that the UAE is a friendly country that are important to Britain. UK couples were also accompanied by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the third son of Queen Elizabeth II.

During the visit they also discussed the related plan of marriage between Prince William with Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011.

When the Queen wore headscarves and long robes to the attention of the world's media. Especially when the Queen enters the main room carpet mosque with 35 tons of the largest in the world, which is said to be done by the 1200 Iranian women.

The Queen was walking on the soft carpet by using skin color stockings and white gloves thin.

The other women of the group was wearing a long black abaya as Arabs. Long robe or dress the Queen to toe, embroidered with gold and crystal sparkled. Shawl or scarf tied to his head, closed the box hat and hair.

Once in Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom delegation that the couple will visit Oman, UAE neighbors, within the framework of business relations and investment. Work entourage entered the British plan for a five-day trip in the Middle East.

Own Mother pieces, Actors 'Ugly Betty' Arrested!

Own Mother pieces, Actors 'Ugly Betty' Arrested!Quite terrible news came from the Hollywood film industry. Ugly Betty actor and STEP UP 3-D, Michael Brea arrested for alleged murder did to his own mother. The killing was carried out by decapitating his mother with a 3 foot long samurai.

Because of this criminal action, the 31-year-old actor was arrested in Brooklyn on Tuesday (23/11) yesterday morning.

There is one thing that is strange about this bloody tragedy. When decapitate his mother, Michael had mumbled some religious sentences in their home in Brooklyn. When police arrived on scene at 2:20 AM, Brea was seen clutching a Bible. Scene is described as 'an area full of blood' by police.

After capturing Michael, the police took him to a nearby hospital for tests madness. Michael himself will be brought to the police station after the test is completed.

"I heard him chasing her into the house and he mumbled a few sentences in the Gospel. I heard him catch hold and I heard a very loud cry, so I told my father contacted the police, 911," explained one of his neighbor Michael.

A neighbor others claimed that they had heard a feeble call for Michael's mother who asks for help when the police tried to get into the house. Reportedly, it took about an hour to get through.

NASA Research Life in Space

NASA Research Life in SpaceA nanosatelit no bigger than a pack of white bread and has a similar name with your favorite pastry children launched into space. By NASA, a mini satellite is tasked to study how the source of life took place in the universe.

O / Oreos, which launched the satellite name, an abbreviation of the Organism / Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses. The satellite weighs at 5.4 pounds is the first nanosatellite which has two experimental tasks.

Experiments "Space Environment survivability of Live Organisms" will study the growth, health, and adaptability of microorganisms that live in a foreign environment and dry land. After O / Oreos reaches orbit, the experiment will give feedback and develop a group of microbes, and gauge their response to radiation and zero-gravity conditions.

In experiments, researchers will monitor whether those microbes continue to eat the right way. The nutrients that are provided have been given a color, so that, if they are healthy, they will change color.

A second experiment, titled "Space Environment viability of Organics" will monitor what happens to the four classes of organic molecules after they are exposed to outer space conditions. This experiment was designed to be able to survive for 6 months, and O / Oreos will be able to send data research for about a year.

With the launch of the above, NASA hopes to prove that the satellite will conduct experiments in space astrobiology can be done without the need to hold a research mission on the space station.

"We are trying to show that nanosatelit such as O / Oreos to meet the needs of researchers who have big ideas and important target," said Bruce Yost, O / Oreos Mission Manager Ames Research Center, NASA, as quoted by PopSci, 22 November 2010.

For orbits, O / Oreos boarded Air Force Minotaur IV rocket from Kodiak, Alaska. He began to transmit radio signals after reaching orbit about 640 kilometers from the Earth's surface. Once the mission is complete, O / Oreos also will become the first satellite that uses a mechanism without propellant to return to Earth.