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Welcome Bra To enliven the Japanese Tourism

welcome bra

A Japanese lingerie manufacturer has found a way of "intimate" to welcome travelers with a "bra Welcome to Japan" complete with a speech in three languages.

Buffer breast blue artificial "Triumph" that aims to promote tourism as well as Japan and featured a picture frame for that is the object of the main objectives of the tourists such as Mount Fuji.

Underwear was also equipped with a rope buffer containing a map of Japan that can be rolled up.

Button located in the middle of underwear that can be pressed and play the message "Welcome to Japan" in English, Korean, or Mandarin.

"An international terminal at the airport has just opened in Tokyo and a number of foreign tourists who visit to Japan has increased in recent time," said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda.

"We launched the" bra "is the hope of helping with the increase in tourism and the economy in Japan," he said.

Unique bra was introduced on Wednesday just moments before the meeting of 20 leaders of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) landed in Japan and is a new design concept from Triumph, but has not been marketed at this time.

Previously there has been "bra" solar-powered and "bra" for planting rice, which is designed with two potted plants, soil, and seedlings.

Ranbir Kapoor - Imran Khan Kissing in Front of Karan Johar!

Wow! Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan seems unable to stop what they show affection to each other. This they did while attending a talk show KOFFEE WITH Karan where they even could not stop touching each other.

Two men sit down with relaxing on the couch and even lip kissing each other on Karan Johar to show that they can act as a perfect lover for the sequel to the film Dostana.

Karan itself is very surprised to see both of them did not feel awkward showing affection in the film on his show. And finally, he was asked Ranbir and Imran to repeat their gay kiss it. With pleasure, they went back to kissing tenderly!

It's no secret the couple Ranbir and Imran are good friends. However, who would have thought when I had to play as two men who love each other, their behavior looks very natural and previously unimaginable. Whatever it is, the duo Ranbir and Imran successful entertaining at events such K-Jo. They're rock! (GER / NPY)

Complete Obama Speech

"Returning home, here." Short sentences were pronounced U.S. President Barack Obama, was greeted noisily at the University of Indonesia, Depok, Wednesday (10/11).

Obama also said a number of other words in the Indonesian language. Well, you have not had time to hear the full speech, can listen here.