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Ranbir Kapoor - Imran Khan Kissing in Front of Karan Johar!

Wow! Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan seems unable to stop what they show affection to each other. This they did while attending a talk show KOFFEE WITH Karan where they even could not stop touching each other.

Two men sit down with relaxing on the couch and even lip kissing each other on Karan Johar to show that they can act as a perfect lover for the sequel to the film Dostana.

Karan itself is very surprised to see both of them did not feel awkward showing affection in the film on his show. And finally, he was asked Ranbir and Imran to repeat their gay kiss it. With pleasure, they went back to kissing tenderly!

It's no secret the couple Ranbir and Imran are good friends. However, who would have thought when I had to play as two men who love each other, their behavior looks very natural and previously unimaginable. Whatever it is, the duo Ranbir and Imran successful entertaining at events such K-Jo. They're rock! (GER / NPY)


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