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Fierce Abu Merapi

Merapi continued to erupt. As the ground shook, the mountain spewed volcanic material into the air. Smoke soar, then fall to where the wind brings.

In Yogyakarta on Friday (5 / 11) this morning, residents welcomed the morning dark and gray. City, as well as various areas around Merapi, shrouded in gray. Residents must move with the mask, for the silica material is not inhaled into the lungs which can be disturbed by it.

All Adi Sutjipto schedule at the airport were canceled for the safety of flight. In Bandung, a number of residents reported ash falls associated with Merapi.

Volunteers continue to arrive to help refugees of Merapi. In various corners country, people reached out. In many networks, concern was formed ...

Mount Merapi spewed volcanic material, visible from Klaten, Thursday (4 / 11). (AP Photo / Irwin Fedriansyah)

Residents fled to the motor after Mount Merapi erupted again on Friday (5 / 11). The government expanded the danger zone to 20 miles from the center of the crater of Merapi. (AP Photo / Achmad Ibrahim)

Rescuers search for victims in Argomulyo Merapi, Yogyakarta, Friday (5 / 11). (AP Photo / Trisnadi)

The team of volunteers and soldiers in Argomulyo flee after Merapi erupted again on Friday (5 / 11). (AP Photo / Trisnadi)

A plane, covered in volcanic ash, parked at the international airport Adi Sutjipto, Yogyakarta, Friday (5 / 11). Airport runway closed white ash which must be closed. (AP Photo / Irwin Fedriansyah)

Community activity using a mask when crossing at Jalan Diponegoro, Yogyakarta, Friday (5 / 11). Mount Merapi eruption occurred again on Thursday (5 / 11) issued a volcanic ash that blanketed the city of Yogyakarta, so people are suggested to use a mask when doing outdoor activities in anticipation of health problems due to volcanic dust. (Photo ANTARAWahyu Putro A)

A child walking among the trees that fell on the ring road Muntilan, Central Java, on Friday (5 / 11). Many fallen trees in some areas due to rain Muntilan volcanic ash from Mount Merapi. (Foto ANTARA / Wihdan Hidayat)

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