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First Americans Genes Found in Europe

Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer inventor of the American continent is not the first person to discover a new world. Because there is a U.S. citizen who already travel to Europe five centuries before Columbus was.

The conclusion was based on the results of research on a number of scientists from the University of Spain. The findings were reported by a number of mass media in Europe and America. VIVAnews menukilnya from Telegraph.co.uk, 16 November 2010.

The experts stressed that the exploration of the world was first claimed by Columbus from Europe to the east, and managed to find the American continent. But that's not the first finding because

Another exploration of the reverse direction - from America to Europe, long before Columbus discovered America.

The researchers tracked genetic traces of the original of a family in Iceland. Researchers believe that the first Americans arrived in Europe around the tenth century. About five hundred years before Columbus did explore and discover the American continent in 1492.

Research shows, a woman from North America most likely already in Iceland around the year 1000 AD. Iceland is an island country in Europe that is famous for the legend of seafarers ruthless pirates, Viking. Of the genes found, this woman has an estimated age of 80.

Researchers believe, genes found was a descendant of the ancestor of the citizens residing in North Iceland. Exact location not far in the vicinity of river ice glacier in Vatnaj Kull. It is estimated that they came to this region through Asia.

"As an isolated island in the tenth century, most likely happened is that gene came from female Amerindian (American Indian) who was brought from America by the hordes of Vikings around 1000 AD," said Carles Lalueza-Fox, from the Pompeu Fabra University in Spain.

The discovery of a Viking settlement was expected than ever before. Previous oldest Viking settlement found in eastern Canada, about Terranova. Named settlement L'Anse aux Meadows is expected inhabited in the eleventh century.

Researchers will endeavor to maintain the gene's first Amerindians who arrived in Iceland is, to find out his lineage relationship of Americans. The researchers then called the site a new world.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I - Not the Movie Kids

"Hard to believe that 9 years ago this series begins with a family that watched the film many children."

Anyone who has been eating out of seven Harry Potter books would know that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has a darker mood than most previous six books. This mood seems to director David Yates successfully defended in the movie adaptation. Throughout the film, dark and somber shades of deeply felt, from the color tone, dialogue, until the music scoring. Hard to believe that nine years ago this film series begins with a family that watched the film many children.

Of course the movie made more "dark" is not without reason. In the previous series (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), the film ends with the death of Albus Dombledore. And The Deathly Hallows begins by showing the chaos of the world of magic and Muggle world after the death of Dumbledore. Ministry of Magic was taken over the Death Eater (aka the Death Eaters), Muggle and wizard "bloody mud" was captured and killed, even for the sake of protecting his family, Hermione had to remove himself from the memories of both parents.

If that's still less "gloomy", in the first 30 minutes there is one figure who was killed, and another who was seriously injured. Even Bill Weasley's wedding to Fleur Delacour had not succeeded in creating an atmosphere of joy at the residence of the Weasley family.

From there, moving film focuses on the adventures of Harry, Ron, and Hermione find and destroy the Horcrux. Horcrux is the amulet contains a piece of Lord Voldemort's soul - totaling seven - which, if successfully destroyed all of them, This is the end a history of the Prince of Darkness. Certainly looking Horcrux is not easy, because none of them knows what shape the Horcrux, Horcrux. And if you've managed to find anything, no one knows how to destroy it.

"Another marker of the three witches are already growing up is that the more daring kissing scene"

Problems also arise when Ron - who secretly fell in love with Hermione - felt jealous of the closeness of Harry and the girls adored. Ron burden on this trip was no light. Not just feel out of Harry and Hermione, who often spend time together, Ron also never let his hearing from guerrilla radio broadcast. Radio is not playing music, but anyone who gives information about the missing witch, and anyone who was killed.

"I listen to make sure the name of Ginny, Fred and George, or my mother was called," said Ron when Harry asked him to turn off the radio.

Heart-breaking, not it?
But do not worry, in the midst of sorrow and suspense movie, we're still going to be laughing with humor typical of Harry Potter. Most major amusement, of course, is Ron, who has always been known to catapult the claims ridiculous. Not to mention its enticing Hermione is not so romantic but instead invite laughter.

Then if you still think Harry et al as the cute boys of Hogwarts school students, eliminate that image from your mind. Daniel Radcliffe is now 21 years old, Rupert Grint - Ron actor - had never done sex scenes in the movie Cherry Bomb (2009), while Emma Watson ... Ah, still do I need a way to tell what kind of Emma Watson at the moment?

Another marker of the three witches are already growing up was the kissing scene is more "daring". It's no longer just a peck on the lips, but french kiss long and passionate, featuring Emma Watson topless.

So it is clear already, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I is not a children's film. Logically hell, elementary school children who used to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in 2001 had now been moved adolescents.

Oh yes, why no-frills "Part I" in the title of the movie? No other since the last book of the Harry Potter series is indeed taken up into two films. Maybe too much detail which should not be overlooked so that if everything is loaded into one film might be a five-hour duration. So ended the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I in a scene featuring Lord Voldemort. The audience was made geregetan and curious because they have to wait for the story line - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II - new to be released July 2011.

When I watched this movie in its first screenings in Jakarta, so the film ends, the whole audience applauded long.

Prince William Set as Ring of Princess Diana to Kate's Fiancé

Prince William Set as Ring of Princess Diana to Kate's FiancéWhen Prince William applying his girlfriend, Kate Middleton, unsparing historic ring he gave his mother, Princess Diana, to Kate.

Prince William (28 years) confirmed in a press conference event in London, Tuesday (15/11), on the granting of a platinum ring, oval blue sapphire-eyed, surrounded by 14 diamonds.

"It's very special to me," said William at the Palace St. James, on Tuesday.

"That's my way to ensure that my mama unforgettable today and kegimbaran that we will live together all our lives," said Prince William.

"The time is right now, we're both very very happy," he continued.

Prince Charles, Prince William's father, gave the same ring to Diana when he proposed to her in February 1981. It was worth $ 65,000, according to the catalog Garrad, now estimated to cost about $ 150,000.

158 Passengers Killed due to Sleep Pilot

Pilot in Air India Express flight from Dubai to Mangalore, southern India, was blamed for the accident that killed 158 people in May 2010.

The Indian government investigation results prove, the pilot of the Serbian named Zlatko Glusica was disoriented because of falling asleep on a flight for 3-4 hours, the Hindustan Times reported on Wednesday (11/17/2010).

Indian Government officials who do not want to be named confirmed the reports Hindustan Times. However, these officials said, reports the results will be announced after the investigation was submitted to the parliament of India.

Investigation team said the pilot Glusica too late to react and not follow some standard operating procedure when landing. Meanwhile, the airlines do not provide feedback about these findings.

Indian Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel told reporters that the ministry admitted it had received reports about it on Tuesday (11/16/2010). He said the government would take action after studying the report.

Incidents in Mangalore is the worst plane crash in India since November 1996. At that time, 349 people died in a plane owned by Saudi Arabian airline collided in the air of New Delhi with a cargo plane from Kazakhstan.

This report adds to concerns around the world about the dangers of pilots that work fatigue due to heavy work schedule.