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Outstanding Issues facebook Is Closing

California: Issues regarding closure plans social networking site Facebook lively discussion in cyberspace. Reportedly sites worldwide that will be closed by Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of the site. Similarly, the site mentioned Weekly World News quoted Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, California, United States, on Saturday (8 / 1).

In a press conference, according to the site, Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook had been managing the stress out of control so that disrupt his life. On this basis, he would close the site that has hundreds of millions of members that on March 15, 2011. Still, Zuckerberg assess its decision to close up very heavy.

However, the website of The Huffington Post does not believe these rumors. One of the biggest news sites in the United States was calling the issue behind it is a joke. However, it recognizes the rumors spread so quickly through social networking site Twitter to Google Trends without knowing the origin of the source.

Becoming increasingly Many British Muslim Women

London - More than 100,000 white British women, average age 27 years have chosen to become Muslim, that number doubled in 10 years with an average age of 27 years because they were fed up with consumerism and immorality.

Britain's leading newspaper the Daily in a report this week, written Jack Doyle said there waves on a young white woman adopted the religion of Islam, last year recorded about 5200 people in the UK to choose Islam among sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Last year Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, attracted wide attention when he announced that he had converted to Islam.

Observer Islam in Britain, Hakimul Brett, S. Sos., MA to the correspondent Between London, on Monday said the phenomenon of increasing number of Muslims in Britain, mainly White British to Islam can not be separated from the high intensity and the massive publicity about Islam.

According to a lecturer at Gadjah Mada University who are taking PhD at Essex University, said the Muslim community since the last few decades and has increased significantly in the last decade.

Brett said Hakimul interesting to see why some women who convert because Islam is "liberate" them from consumerism and immorality with the use burqah, scarf, shawl and dress like Muslim women.

Again based on the spirit of democracy and individuality, dressed Muslim women mostly found in various cities in the UK. The immigrant Muslim women can freely dress.

This condition presents the "mirror" for British women address problems of consumerism and habits among the young England party, said sociologist UGM Yogyakarta.

Precisely enthused

Hakimul reveal the question arises, why is Islam that tends to appear with a negative face (radical destructive) actually desirable or attractive "White British to Convert to Islam" This phenomenon could be caused by several things.

According Hakimul Brett, who was doing his research S3 Islamifikasi in England and the West, first, Western principles that emphasize individual creativity and freedom of thought enables individuals in the UK to learn (study) more about Islam.

The information is very knowledgeable about Islam can be obtained via the Internet, says sociology professor UGM, adding moreover, discourse on Islam and Muslim communities became a topic of study and research is increasingly interested in college.

When Islam reviewed by individuals within the framework of academic / intellectual, then in accordance with the principles of science (scientific Western) have access to diverse sources of thought (school of thoughts) and the schools are diverse (pros and cons).

This interpretation allows the appearance of wealth, wisdom (wisdom), and humanity in Islam. Nonradikal Islam, peace (peaceful), moderate and pluralist increasingly attract the attention of Western society, said one of the founders of ICMI MASIKA Yogyakarta, and chairman of the Indonesian Moslem Association in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, UK.

The tendency of interest in nonviolence and moderate Islam that can be seen for example in the discourse of dialogue multi (multi-faiths dialogue) as well as efforts to "mainstream" (mainstreaming) of non-Islamic Middle East.

He said in this context, Indonesia to be excellent.

"Face of Indonesian Islam is moderate, tolerant and conscious of gender, for example, be a" topic "principal appointed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President Barack Obama in their visit to Indonesia," said Hakimul Brett, who won the Masters in Politics and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham, England.

As part of the Indonesian Muslim community, has a great opportunity to make extraordinary expression of Indonesian Islam as a "mainstream" or alternative to the expression of the Middle East Islam that Islam is the one in connection with Al-Qur `an, but its expression varies in the Middle East , India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

In addition to the publicity and the Islamic discourse is strengthened at the global level, other factors also determine the increase in conversion to Islam among White British is the increasing number of Muslim immigrants in the UK as from Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Middle East, and Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

The number of Muslim immigrants are making symbols of Islam is widespread and can be found in various parts of the city. For example, Butcher Halal or kosher meat, kosher pizza, and others such as the number of women on the street wearing a hijab.

The term "kosher" has become "iconic" a very effective publicity about Islam. Sales of kosher meat in supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, and Sainsburry, for example, make the British Agriculture Minister should explain to the public on the definition of meat halal or kosher meat.

In its development, halal meat is not simply a matter of Islam, but also about a healthy diet Healthy meat / food, according to Judge.

This group predicted Doomsday on May 21, 2011

Message "Apocalypse Soon Again" deployed in several U.S. cities, even to Africa.

Forget the speculation that the end of the world will occur on December 12, 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar. An independent Christian groups in the U.S. even predicted the end will come more quickly: 21 May 2011.

Is Marie Exley, a U.S. Army veteran who campaigned heavily this doomsday warning. Exley is a member of the U.S. independent churches that preach through radio broadcasts and the Internet. This church group claiming to base his prediction on the Bible.

They are aggressively spreading the message of doom through billboards, benches at bus stops, the caravan, and mobilize volunteers distribute pamphlets in various corners of the city, from Bridgeport to Little Rock, Arkansas. To spread the message outside the U.S., they even have a group of volunteers who would go around Africa and Latin America.

"Many people might think: the end will come, let's celebrate. But our Lord commanded to give a warning," said Exley. "I could be like everyone else, but it is better to know when the apocalypse comes, you know, you will be safe."

In August, Exley left his home in Colorado Springs, to work at a community radio in Oakland, California. Radio is radio Christian ministry headed by Harold Camping - the person most responsible for this version of end times prophecy.

"If you still want to say we're crazy, please. But it never hurts to see this message," said Exley.

Harold Camping (89) believe the Bible basically functions as a cosmic calendar that describes exactly the things that can be foreseen.

Retired engineer claims that his calculations are based on the Bible. Various external events, such as Israel's founding in 1948, according to him are signs that confirm the accuracy of calculations. "Without a doubt, I believe May 21 is the day of appointment and judgments," he said.

Camping believe, in October 2011, the people who believe will take them to heaven and the sinners remain in the Earth to the punishment.

What if May 21 passed without any?
"If May 21 passed and I'm still here, then I'm not saved. Does that mean the word of God is not accurate? Not at all," he argued.

Prediction Camping diamini not many other churches. They said, no one can be sure the day or hour of the universe will end.
Camping a la prediction is not new. A Baptist group leader, William Miller had predicted the world ending October 22, 1844 ago, yet the sun still shines brightly to this day.

Victoria Beckham Remove Breast Implants More

Victoria Beckham Remove Breast Implants MoreLOS ANGELES - After years of a mystery, Victoria Beckham has finally admitted she had undergone breast surgery.

As his statement to British media Vogue, Victoria says, "No more torpedoes bazookas.'ve lost." With that statement, the wife of footballer David Beckham confirms no longer have DD breast size.

But do not mention more details about the operation. In the Mirror quoted an interview on Friday (01/07/2011), Victoria much about her marriage to David Beckham. The former Spice Girls was telling how he and her husband dismissed the negative issues surrounding their family.

"I am a person who always think positively. I always saw myself, why I was sad. Why can I not smile? Since I'm a happy, always smile, but if I see a photo journalist, I just froze," said celebrity nicknamed Is Posh Spice.