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Victoria Beckham Remove Breast Implants More

Victoria Beckham Remove Breast Implants MoreLOS ANGELES - After years of a mystery, Victoria Beckham has finally admitted she had undergone breast surgery.

As his statement to British media Vogue, Victoria says, "No more torpedoes bazookas.'ve lost." With that statement, the wife of footballer David Beckham confirms no longer have DD breast size.

But do not mention more details about the operation. In the Mirror quoted an interview on Friday (01/07/2011), Victoria much about her marriage to David Beckham. The former Spice Girls was telling how he and her husband dismissed the negative issues surrounding their family.

"I am a person who always think positively. I always saw myself, why I was sad. Why can I not smile? Since I'm a happy, always smile, but if I see a photo journalist, I just froze," said celebrity nicknamed Is Posh Spice.


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