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Expert tips from Harvard Problem Online Dating

Expert tips from Harvard Problem Online Dating

Boston - Harvard alumni Mathematicians analyze data in order to reveal the secrets of online dating. In addition, they also give tips through an online dating from the data.

One of the tips for men is, 'showcase' your stomach muscles if any. While tips for women, berposelah little tease on the photo profiles on dating sites. These tips are found based on the analysis of data dating site OkCupid.

Later, mathematicians write the analysis in graphical form. According to these experts, posing seductive women will receive an additional average of 1.5 messages per month. Smiling woman interpreted as signals of sexual interest in men.

Conversely, men are advised appeared indifferent to the photo profiles. When he did, the success rate of receiving an email from a woman reaches 90%.

"The evidence shows, the smile he sometimes interpreted as a sense of submission," explained team of scientists. In addition, he will look like a teaser when he smiled.

Furthermore, experts recommend that young man showed little stomach muscle. However, this technique is not effective for women aged in their 30s.

The reason, women tend to seek men's well-established for a family. Dr Peter Jonason from the University of South Alabama claims, women would underestimate the man who photographed the body open.

"Photos like that just signifies narcissistic and selfish. The photograph was not attractive to women," he explained.

Husband Arnold Schwarzenegger Speak

Husband Arnold Schwarzenegger SpeakIn the scandal Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, not just his wife, Maria Shriver are betrayed. Inevitably, Baena Mildred's husband, Arnold, also became one of the victims. And after a silence long enough, this man finally spoke up, too.

Rogelia Baena is Mildred's husband, the woman who had become a housemaid in the home Arnold and his wife, who also gave birth to a son results terlarangnya relationship with the employer. In his statement to Entertainment Tonight, Mildred's husband stated that he thought that his son is really her son.

Rogelia, who is mentioned as the father of the child in the birth certificate, also revealed that he was very angry when parents know the identity of indigenous children from his sister.

"Do not believe it, but he is my son," said Rogelia in English which is still a word-break. Although Rogelia been about a year did not meet with 'son', but he is convinced that her son did not know anything about this.

Not only Rogelia, but most people do not know the existence of Mildred now, since filed for divorce in 2008 and mentioned that she and her husband had no children.

"For me, Arnold Schwarzenegger is my hero, first. Now, I feel betrayed," continued Rogelia.

In this event, a picture of him and Arnold, who was hugging his son's baptism at the time. Looking at this picture, Rogelia stated, "I'm happy at that time. If I could meet my son, I'd say 'I am your father'. That's it," close this poor guy.