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Jolie & Pitt show off Kissing on Shooting Location

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt once said they could not be making out at home, because it is difficult to separate from the sixth son. No wonder, when there is time together, they do not miss the opportunity, even though on the set.

While Jolie is busy preparing for her film debut as a director in Hungary, Pitt, who accompanied the couple devoted their lives to accompany Jolie filming. When both were, Jolie and Pitt took the opportunity to romance. They hugged and kissed each other tenderly. It is quoted from dailymail, Tuesday, October 19, 2010.

Pitt's presence in the country is to provide support to Jolie for her career as a director. He took to visit a woman who had given him three children to get close and spend time together with these sexy lipped woman.

Moreover, Jolie just got a rejection from the Bosnian government. Jolie has not given permission to do the filming in the country.

Regarding the film, directed by Jolie was told about the love story of a Bosnian Muslim woman who falls in love with the Serbs. The story was one of opposition from women's organizations in Bosnia. They consider it misleading screenplay.