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Christina Aguilera Photos Circulating Shur

Christina Aguilera Photos Circulating ShurChristina Aguilera exciting photos circulating in the media. Blonde singer was shocked to see it. Therefore, the photo was a private collection.

In the photograph, seen Christina with short hair naked. His body was covered only by accessories such as chains that dangle from neck to thigh. Breast Fighter singer was clearly visible. Christina just covering her nipples with a round accessory.

Photos circulating since Wednesday, December 8, making Christina shocked. The reason, it is a personal collection of photos that are not demonstrated to the public.

"The photos Christina Aguilera who illegally leaked to the press, obtained by a hacker who entered through a personal stylist Christina account," said a spokeswoman Christina who launched Showbizspy, Thursday (12/09/2010).

The photographs, said the spokesman, is owned by Christina given to the stylist style. And there is no intention Christina bring the picture to the public.

"The actions of hackers and the press who bought the photo was very irresponsible and we will follow up. We try to discover the identity of the hacker and will pursue them. Their behavior is disgraceful," he continued.

Photos made one boy's mother before announcing separation from her husband, Jordan Bratman.

From Gossip to "No Secrets"

From Gossip to Still think the United States is a free country that upholds freedom of the press, freedom of information, and can separate the affairs of state with the private sphere? If still, think again ....

Agencies of the U.S. federal government has issued a warning, every civil servant in the country who read the leaked document on the WikiLeaks secret diplomatic wire can be fired from his job.

One government agency is the Office of Management and Budget of the White House. The office sent a memo containing the prohibition to any employee who did not have authorization and all partners to read secret documents on WikiLeaks site or any site, whether in government-owned computers as well as their personal computers.

Later, electronic mail circulating that contains a warning, school and university students caught reading confidential documents on WikiLeaks, merely put a link to the document or comment on its contents on social networking sites could be threatened will not be accepted as a civil servant working in the U.S..

The U.S. government argues, the documents are still a secret though it was circulated widely on the Internet and published in the mass media. "So, read, distribute, or just comment on the documents could be considered a violation of Executive Order 13526 on Secret National Security Information," said Maura Kelly, assistant dean of career development at Boston University.

In fact, the contents of classified secret documents, which leaked on WikiLeaks, it contains a lot of gossip that just kind of gathering of mothers, such as commenting on the personality and habits of people to kind of dish that is served in the wedding.

One of the cable, for example, Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi comment which is always accompanied by the nurse "sexy" from Ukraine. President of Turkmenistan called "not very intelligent" and "trained liar", who reportedly never require that every person who entered the room wearing a starched pants slippery.

In other wire quoted the Economist magazine, a diplomat who attended the wedding described Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov in the North Caucasus region, Russia. Dish at the party described as "pieces of cow and goat" which boiled together in a large skillet.

Another culinary report came as U.S. Ambassador Ronald McMullen to Eritrea invited to a picnic lunch by a senior official in the African country. "Mr. Ambassador and mother were treated to grilled sheep innards that were given honey and hot sauce (but served without cutlery) and covered with a semi-traditional beverage fermented and sour taste, called 'rent'," the diplomatic wires.

Many also contain information that is already publicly known or even taken over from newspapers or magazines. One of the documents labeled confidential (only allowed to be published in 2019) only contains the information that Canada is a loyal friend that the U.S. and the UK Conservative Party politicians do not get along with politicians from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Something that is commonly known to everyone.

There is also a wire from the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, the entire first paragraph marked "no secret", but the document itself is intact labeled "secret". Weird is not it? (CNN / AP / DHF)

Saudi Prince hooked Drugs and Party

Saudi Prince hooked Drugs and PartyJeddah - The U.S. diplomat, in a leaked diplomatic wire WikiLeaks, described the world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll behind Saudi Arabia's adherence to formal empire.

The U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, officials described a Halloween party underground, which was held last year by a member of the royal family, who hit all the taboo in the Islamic state. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaks that, behind the gate of the heavily guarded villa.

The party was organized by a wealthy prince from a large family of Al-Thunayan. The diplomats said the identity must be kept secret.

"Alcohol, although it is forbidden by Saudi law and customs, are very abundant in the party bar with a complete collection. Bartender serving cocktails hired Philippines sadiqi, a locally-made liquor," said the wire, as reported by The Guardian. "Also known by word of mouth that a number of guests (the party) in fact is a 'call girl', something which is unusual for such a party.

Shipment information from U.S. diplomats, signed by the U.S. consul in Jeddah, Martin Quinn, who added, "Although not directly witnessed the incident, cocaine and hashishsh (marijuana) is used in general in such social environment."

Underground party is "growing and throbbing" in Saudi Arabia thanks to the protection of the Saudi kingdom, said the wire. But such a party is only available behind closed doors and for the very wealthy. There are at least 10,000 princes in the kingdom. Some still a direct descendant of King Abdul Aziz, while others come from families that do not branch directly.

The diplomats who attended the party were reported, more than 150 Saudi men and women, mostly in their 20s and 30s, attended the party. Protection of the kingdom means anxiety will seduce the religious police become impossible. People who enter controlled through a strict guest list. "Scene like a night club anywhere outside of the kingdom: a lot of alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ on turntables and everyone dressed up."

Leak that said the shelf in the bar where the party shows the kinds of famous liquor.

The diplomats were also trying to explain why the host was so sticky with bodyguards Nigeria, some of which are on guard at the door. "Most of the security forces of the prince is a young man of Nigeria. It is a common practice among the Saudi princes to grow with the guards hired from Nigeria or other African countries that young age, (the same age as the prince) and will remain together with the prince until adulthood. together a long time to create an intense bond of loyalty "

A Saudi young man told the diplomats that the big party is the new trend. Until a few years ago, he said, weekend activities only in the form of "dating" in small groups that meet in the homes of the rich. According to leaks, several luxury homes in Jeddah has a basement bar, discos and clubs.