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What's New from The New Twitter

The new version of Twitter, which was named New Twitter has been announced to be launched. The change this time really is a big change. Twitter itself estimates that the new appearance of this new Twitter will be published a few weeks. The following new features leaked from New Twitter.

What's Happening box becomes narrower. Even by default there are no buttons Tweet. But it is good because it makes room for tweets become more liberal. Next to Nickname in the tweet of people will show his real name with the color gray.

You can share links photos from Flickr. Will appear on the right panel that displays thumbnails of the photos on Flickr album. Later when the image is opened, the slideshow will appear automatically. This feature is most attractive.

"." To do Refresh tweets. Currently, if there are new tweets will usually appear 14 new posts Home tweets below that must be clicked to open a new tweet. But this is made easier by simply pressing the ".". Twitter has also added another shortcut feature that the box can be opened with the "?".

New Twitter will change drastically in appearance. For general appearance can be seen on his own website NewTwitter. Or video can be seen here.

Sexy Photos Circulating on the Internet, Tika Putri is Stress

JAKARTA - Movie Star Tika Putri stress of her sexy photo circulating on the internet. In addition, Princess Tika had terrorized with death. Two events make her (as a movie star of Perempuan Berkalung Sorban) getting whirl Turbans.

"Tika already stressed terrorized more than a year. What terror sometimes say, was at his house, was in his house, "said Fafa, Tika manager when contacted.

Due to the circulation of sexy photos on the internet make a good name Tika polluted. Although Tika was tell the police, but until now there is no development. "We still wait alone, then so be it. But Tika had time to talk. We show it with our behavior, when Tika was not like that, "said Fafa.

Acts of terror committed by irresponsible people make Tika close two social accounts. Both accounts are closed it is Twitter and Facebook.

Coming to Chelsea vs. Marseille, Deschamps Glad to Return to the Bridge

LONDON (AFP) - Didier Deschamps was just defending Chelsea's season, but his Stamford Bridge Stadium remains memorable. Thus, the 'return' to the middle Bridge this week he remains enthusiastic welcome.

Deschamps will visit the Bridge on Wednesday (29 / 9) pm dawn to lead Marseille to face Chelsea in Champions League Matchday 2. There, Deschamps never played a year, from 1999-2000.

"Go back to Stamford Bridge is very pleasant for me. Although the stadium is now renovated and enlarged, the atmosphere remains the same fun as I've ever experienced, "said Deschamps to UEFA.

"Football stadium in England always looks full and the Bridge are always a lot of family and the atmosphere incredible game," said Deschamps who during play is a midfielder that.

But the problem is not the only memories in the minds of Deschamps. He looked at Chelsea now is a very strong team which includes first-class individuals.

"Chelsea now have a very competitive team in European competition, with a 20-person international players. A good squad when there are injured or suspended, "said Deschamps.

Marseille itself will visit the Bridge with the situation was not too good. Defending champion France was defeated in the League Matchday 1 at the hands of Spartak Moscow, while at home they've won three times in seven games and is now stuck at number five Ligue 1.

While Chelsea's run although it was tight in their last Premier League Manchester City were beaten 0-1. Five victories in the Premier League plus a 4-1 victory over Žilina on Matchday 1 talk a lot about the power of 'The Blue'