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Coalition strikes Extended, Will Military Action Weeks!

Coalition strikes Extended, Will Military Action Weeks!France declared the military action in Libya still will last for weeks. Meanwhile NATO continues to try to reach an agreement for a command structure of the Libyan mission under NATO.

Fierce fighting raged between troops continued to pro-Libyan ruler Muammar al Qaddafi against Western coalition forces. Launched air strikes in addition to the targets in the capital Tripoli, for the first time expanded to the south. Libyan military report, the Western coalition bombed a military base in the town of Sebha and Al Djufra about 800 km south of the capital Tripoli. Also the battle ground between pro-Qaddafi troops against insurgents continue to flare, especially around town and Misrata Ajdabiya in western Libya.

Ruler of Libya, Muammar al-Qaddafi in his speech on Tuesday (22/03) night continued to inflame the spirit of its supporters, "All over the world held demonstrations for the problem of Libya, in Asia, in Africa, in America, in Europe. The people on our side. What we oppose, is a minority. "

On the other hand, the British military reported, the Libyan air force has been successfully destroyed. Also Libyan air defense system attacks suffered enormous damage.

Young Marshal Greg Bagwell of the British royal air force at the time of visiting a military base in southern Italy, said "We now continue to increase pressure on the Libyan armed forces. Force no longer exist air and air defense systems attack heavily damaged, so can the Western coalition warplanes fly to the intended target almost without a hitch. "

Meanwhile, NATO began to implement an arms embargo against Libya, according to UN resolutions. This defense alliance announced in Brussels, Belgium, war ships are now patrolling in the coastal region of Libya. However, internal disputes involving cross in the future NATO role in guarding the UN resolution for military action against Libya, has not yet been completed. Especially against the Turkish military operation against Libya.

In this regard, NATO commander for Europe, U.S. Admiral James Stavridis visited Ankara, Turkey, for talks special. It is estimated, the visit was an attempt to forge an agreement for the command structure of military mission in Libya under the leadership of NATO.

In a meeting in Brussels earlier, NATO's 28 members failed to reach an agreement regarding the question, in what form and extent of the political role of the defense alliance in the future, the implementation of UN resolutions against Libya. So far, France and Britain took the initiative to take over political leadership of the military mission in Libya, in relation to the attitude of the United States more restraint.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe on Thursday (24/03) to the radio station RTL confirmed, the Western coalition forces will continue attacking military targets in Libya from the air, as long as it is needed. French Foreign Minister was also attractive balance sheet, continuous air attacks launched since Saturday (19/03) and then as a success.

Instead China continues to criticize the military action in Libya and demanded immediate ceasefire were established. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu in Beijing in a routine press conference pointed out, the fighting in Libya to shake the stability of the entire region.

U.S. F-15 plane crash in Libya

U.S. F-15 plane crash in LibyaBERLIN - A U.S. fighter jet F-15 crashed in Libya, on Monday night and the crew melompot using ejection seat with a member is found safe and another is being sought, said a spokesman for the U.S. Africa Command, told AFP Tuesday.

"The two crew members jumped," said the spokesman, Karin Burzynski from the command headquarters in the city of Stuttgart, western Germany. "A crew was found and the operation to search for another is being done."

Western forces pounding the bases of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi for the third night in accordance with a UN Security Council resolutions which allow the necessary action to stop the Gaddafi troops killed and wounded civilians while they fight the rebellion.

Gaddafi talisman Represent Virgin?

Gaddafi talisman Represent Virgin?
Tripoli - a joint military action Libyan tanks bombarding the looming death in the eyes of Muammar Gaddafi. But he always survived. Is it true that dozens of virgins to be the source of spiritual power?

In the midst of bells and gempitanya West bombardment, has been ascertained by active Gaddafi sought refuge in his country. However, it seems that the Libyan leader is no need to worry, because he has a team of specially trained bodyguards for several decades.

It is an open secret, Gaddafi's bodyguards were female. However, in addition to handsome and macho, not many know that his bodyguards were in fact still a virgin! Yes, as many as 40 virgins bergincu with cocked weapons is always ready to be around Gaddafi.

Lady's maid was wearing glasses guard output renowned designer, wearing military boots high heels and do not forget to wear a camouflage uniform. But do not be gullible. Still look pretty and sexy, all these women are trained killers.

Direct our minds fixed on the Women's Military Academy, founded Gaddafi in Tripoli in 1979 ago. The Academy formed as a symbol of female emancipation.

"I promised the mother to improve the condition of women in Libya," Gaddafi said when establishing the academy. His mother is an ordinary woman is illiterate of Arab Bedouins. As he was born in the middle of the Italian occupation of his country.

Some foreign visitors who had given a peek access academy gave his testimony. In the block-style academy Sparta, there are about 100 women who were trained technical elite troops killed ala, day and night, for three years. They were woken up at 4:30 every morning, then warm up by jogging for a half hour.

After that, they go to classes. Some are trained to fly MIG fighter jet. Others studying the martial arts, even firing rocket-propelled grenades. "The exercises involving all military capabilities. Starting from the weaponry, fighting with bare hands, to telecommunications, "said Jane Kokan, Canadian journalist who has documented these activities in 1995.

While Doug Sanders, another Canadian journalist who had received a similar permit in 2004, wrote down his experiences on the blog. He believed, women's elite bodyguard, also known as the 'Protectors of the VIP' is a symbol.

"This picture of the idiosyncratic thoughts and enigma of the revolution in a Muslim country, where women in daily life is still far to get equal rights and obligations," he wrote.

The best student of the college-student was dubbed "revolutionary nuns'. They never married and dedicated his life entirely on the idea of ​​revolution by Gaddafi in 1969. Dilarangan They have sex and swear to protect Khadafi, if take up to death.

It has been proven, in 1998. A a bodyguard named Aisha Gaddafi throws himself into the direction when Islamic militants attacked a convoy of Gaddafi. A series of bullet killed Aisha and two other colleagues. But Gaddafi survived, without the slightest scratch. So do not doubt the ability of these women in providing protection.

Western intelligence agencies have repeatedly tried to shake Gaddafi kesetian inner circle. Although there are several who betrayed the Libyan leader for 41 years, no single female bodyguard who registered the case. Even there, Gaddafi's regime would do anything for the sake of maintaining the image of elite bodyguards.

"Without the leader, Libyan women do not mean anything. He gave us life and I am ready to die for him. He is a father, brother and friend who can you trust. You would not believe how low his heart Gaddafi, "said 27-year-old girl who was trained at the academy, Fatia.

Many believe Gaddafi is currently lurking outside of Tripoli. However, he appeared on the balcony of Bab al Aziziya, complex missile hit his home a few days ago. Private jets are also believed to have been destroyed, he mitigates fled abroad. There was no other choice for Gaddafi, in addition to give his life to the virgins that. However, until when?