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Mind Reading Women We Love

Peek at what was in the mind when a woman is having sex satisfaction might be considered impossible for many people. However, thanks to a scan which was developed by American scientists, slipped into the minds of women who were enjoying the sensation of climax now is not impossible.

Rutgers University researchers have found that sexual arousal can affect the nervous system such that when a woman had an orgasm cause tremendous pleasure.

As quoted from page Times of India, the researchers said, affecting climax to 30 different parts of the brain, including parts of the brain responsible for regulating emotion, touch, satisfaction, joy, and memory.

The researchers asked eight women to stimulate themselves while lying under a blanket inside a magnetic resonance imaging scanner (MRI), tunnel machines, as is often used to detect brain tumors.

Most women take less than five minutes to achieve orgasm, although some women often takes more time, about 20 minutes. During that time, an MRI scanner to take images of their brain every two seconds to show what parts are to be active during orgasm.

As a result, two minutes before orgasm, the center of the brain become active. Part of the brain is usually activated when a person food and beverage consumption. Orgasm enable the brain to stimulate the emotions. Part of the activated brain is the hypothalamus, the control part of the brain, which regulate the temperature, hunger, thirst and fatigue.

At the same time other regions are responsible for pleasure is activated, including parts of the brain responsible for memory switch.

"In women, orgasm produces a very broad response in the brain and body. Some women raised her hand several times each session perceived enjoyment, often occurred only a few seconds," said Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University said.

This research also found that women tend to have an orgasm last longer and to experience pleasure sex more than once. Satisfaction of a woman making love last an average of 10-15 seconds, while a man is expected to last for only six seconds.