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"Pac-Man" Can Pay Rp 178 Billion

NEW YORK - Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao will earn a fantastic while against Shane "Sugar" Mosley on 7 May in Las Vegas, United States. Though no official statement, but the pride of Filipino boxers are expected to be paid 20 million U.S. dollars (approximately USD 178.200 billion). The amount is much higher than what would be accepted Mosley, who only gets paid $ 5 million U.S. dollars (about USD 44.550 billion).

Indeed, Pacquiao camp did not reveal specifics about the amount paid. But the leadership staff of Pacquiao, Franklin Gacal, said that the payment received 32-year-old boxer was not less than 15 million U.S. dollars (approximately USD 133.650 billion). Of course this does not include payments PPV (pay-per-view), which makes it will receive approximately 20 million U.S. dollars or more, depending on the number of people who access.

This may be the highest paid Pacquiao in his career as a boxer. Even so, winning the world title from eight different classes is sometimes not received significant opposition from the opponents from the United States.

According to Ryan Songalia, the only member of the Filipino-American who joined the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), Mosley did not seeksplosif 10 years ago. Therefore, Pacquiao may easily face this duel.

"I think the reason why Pacquiao facing Mosley is beautiful because it involves the fight. He knows that Mayweather tried to hold the ball and wait for Pacquiao to old and might get hurt in this fight, and after that he would challenge him. Pacquiao will not get hurt, he's still busy, remain in the ring, continue to make money, while Mayweather sitting on the edge waiting for the old Pacquiao, "said Songalia.

Pacquiao himself admitted was still waiting for Floyd Mayweather. But he hopes his opponent quickly provide a challenge, before he decided to retire (as desired Pacquiao's mother).

"Not nothing, but almost (retired). It's hard to say now, but surely," said Pacquiao.