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Faithful Men Really More Longevity

Faithful Men Really More LongevityActive sex life, and faithful to one woman's partner can make men more longevity. Thus the results of the latest medical research done in Italy.

Having a healthy sex life, according to research quoted by the Times Of India, a man spared from cardiovascular disease.

"The results showed men have an active sex life and faithful to your partner, cardiovascular complaints became less and live longer," says Emmanuele Jannini, coordinator of research.

Jannini explains, "The increase in sexual activity to produce more testosterone, then reduce depression and better cardiovascular performance. Thus metabolism was improved."

Meanwhile, Jannini said, men who have a healthy sex life is or is not faithful to one partner, tend to be susceptible to cardiovascular disease, such as heart and blood vessel disorders. This is because they face increased stress caused by infidelity. "

Jannini adding increasing amount of testosterone produced during sex, very good for a man. Therefore, this process will help burn excess sugar in the body. In addition, reducing the risk of heart disease.

"The benefits of sex life healthy and active sex life also helps avoid prostate problems for men," said Jannini, quoted from the Telegraph.