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Mail Box For Your Beautiful House

Although there is internet connection and people usually send an letter by email, but sometimes we need something more romantic and more old style, that is send letter by post. It has different feel when you get letter from email and from post man. When you heard somebody knocked your door or somebody come in front of your home, you will feel the heartbeat.

Now days, we don't want foreign people enter to our home as easy as possible. Because there's a lot of robbery. To make it save, we build a fence around our house. So, what we gonna do to get a letter from post man? Yes, sure we need a mail box. If you click that link, you will see a lot of beautiful mail boxes for your house.

For example, you will see Single-Unit Mailbox & Post Packages for your house with a buffer, Wall Mount Mailboxes is suitable for you who likes mail box without buffer, Commercial Mailboxes is suitable for your office because there are lockers. And you will find many more there. You choose what suitable for you.

How much it price? I think the price is worth. Because it made of the best wood with the best quality, so don't worry about the price. For example, for Single-Unit Mailbox & Post Package, it's only Starting at $201.94, there are 248 Products. And for Wall Mount Mailboxes, you only need $52.90. There are 604 Products. Does it looks expensive? I think it's not. It's match with the quality.

So just hurry up to buy one or more, before it's taken by the others..

Direct TV is Still the Best Ever

Several weeks ago, I wrote about Direct TV. I've been searching the same product, but Directtv is still the best. With a lot of amazing offer. Such as, save 26 $ per month for one year and then the 99,9% signal reliability. Not only that, but also you can get another amazing offer, like 100% digital sound and picture.

There are a lot of High Definition channels that you can access. It about 130 channels! So, you can choose what ever TV program you want. I like to watch music concert. It's available too. Just choose MTV channel. There are 2 kinds of MTV: MTV2 and MTV in high definition. You can get MTV HD only if you subscribe to the Choice Xtra Package or above.

I see a lot of TV program from A to Y. So, it's impossible if you get bored with Direct TV Packages with a lot of channel that you can access. In the morning, you need something to eat, just go to Food network channel. Your little son is crying in the afternoon, you can choose Starz Kids & Family Channels. SO, you can watch movie with your son.

If you visit direct TV link that I give above and click to direct TV programming. After it appears the link below it, click the view all channel link. You will see a lot of TV program that you can access. Sure, for you who wanna see all channel, you can offer the premier one. It depend on your needs.

Do You Wanna Have Email Marketing?

I have a friend. He likes to make a money my using his blog. His blog is contained by tips and trick business online or make money from blog. He always share what he knows in his blog. I always read his post. His post is interesting and funny. He talking about business online but in his own language. For your information, my friend is only has 16 years old. So, according to his age, he write business online with childish style. And it's far away from boring.

Day after day, his blog is become famous. And he has huge friend, including me. He is happy right now. Having a lot of friend make his life always smile and if he has a problem, he just call one of them.

But, right now he is thinking about how to sell his article to another. So, maybe he needs an email marketing. By using email marketing, he can sell easily to his fans by sending email to all of his friend. What he has to do is just write the content of his article. If it's interesting, his fans can buy one and he will got money for that!

I know that my friend is a kind one. He always share what he knows for free. We don't have to pay it. It's like a private teacher online. If you wanna ask, just leave a comment or reply the email and he will answer every different question.

By using email marketing services, now he can use autoresponder tool. So, when he don't need somebody to reply his email if he still busy, he can use this tool.

Sometimes, he wanna know which one of his article is liked by his fans, so he uses survey tool. I like the survey that he held. He always give the respondent a gift. A few days ago, I just get T-Shirt from him because I won the survey.

If you wanna know inside icontact.com, you can download the information pdf here.

Your Guide To Buy Kitchen Utility

I have a new hobbies. That is Cooking! Yeah, I like cooking when I'm looking my mom cook in a kitchen. She feels happy when she cook. Specially when she find her food is nice and delicious. Sometimes I join with my mom to try the taste.

To make my hobbies come true, I have to prepare many kinds of equipment for cooking. I just have a little room for cooking. So, I need something fit to my Kitchen and Dining. But the ability is same with the big one. Yeah, I'm talking about Toaster Ovens. Finally after an hour browsing, I find the best Toaster Ovens in shopwiki. You can check it buy click the link that I give to you before.

The next equipment that I need is Blenders. I like something healthy. So, I like to eat fruit. But I don't wanna use the fruit just like ordinary fruit. I have to make it special. So, I mixed it with sugar, water and chocolate milk. Yeah, I'm talking about juice. I think I have to use benders that suitable for my needs. And the link that I mentioned before is the answer.

Honestly, I'm not gonna drink a beer or wine. But maybe my friend does it. So, I have to prepare the Wine Glasses. When I search it to search engine, finally I found that link and I find a beautiful wine glasses. If you click the link, you will find several types of wine glasses. I like the first one. With the red wine. I think it simple and beauty.

When I wake up in the morning, I always need something warm and enter it to my stomach. Yeah, I'm talking about Coffee. A lot of people like coffee, so do I. But, I feel boring when I make a coffee and take a long time to finish it. I have to boil the water first and it takes a long time right? But finally I find Coffee Makers. I have to buy it, because just plug the cable and just wait a minutes and the coffee is ready to drink. You don't need oil, so, it's cheaper.

When I prepare something to boil like vegetables, i have to make it smaller. So, I have to cut it with the best kitchen knives. If you click that link, you will find a lot of knives styles. If you wanna use knives just to cut vegetables, maybe you can try and buy Utility Knives. Because it's simple and not heavy. You can do it faster. But if you wanna cut the meat, you have to use Cleavers and Choppers. Because it bigger and stronger than Utility Knives.

When wanna eat a food and I don't wanna waste a lot of time, I always cook an instant noodle. The best Pots and Pans to make it is Saucepan. Because it has handle and made by plastic and it makes you hand save from heat. But if you wanna cook the water, sure you have to use another equipment like Stockpot. Because its deep and available for large amount of water.

Gold is The Best Investment For You

My sister right now has a husband. Not like that I told you before, my sister don't use gold only for jewelry, but also for investment. She right now has a 5 years old son, and he is studying in a play group. She has to save her money to support her children school.

Several years later, her son will be in a primary school. Sure that it spent more money to support it. My sister works as a teacher. And her salary is very quite to finance her family, for your information, her husband is freelance and his salary is unpredictable. So, my sister must have an investment for that. To support all of them.

Then, I try to help my sister. I search in google and finally I found gold coin. I tell my sister to buy gold coins to support her family financial. My sister is doubtful to what I say. Then I make her sure that by buying gold coin, we will have the best investment to our live.

I invite her to go to internet rental and visit www.goldcoinsgain.com to make her clear what I told. Then she explore herself and find gold bullion. And then she learn about gold bullion. And then I find that she is happy and make order.

Ten years later, her son is in high school without any financial uninterrupted. My sister is managed to overcome its financial problems. So, maybe you are the reader wanna be like my sister? just go ahead and solve your financial problem.

Your Beautiful Address Plaques

If I have a home later, I will make my home as my home sweet home. I wanna make my home like heaven. So, I have to make my home comfortable and of course, Artistic and has a high art value. So, right now, I start to think what is my home gonna be. I think simple one is OK. With the simple interior too. I don't like something complicated. Simple is the best for me.

Not only for interior, I have to think what is exterior design gonna be. So, I have to think the garden. What kind of plant that I have to prepare, is there need a fish pool and the another one that important is address plaque.

It's Easy To Get Sport and Recreation Products

Long time I'm not doing sport and recreation because of my business. All day long, I'm just spend my whole time to work and work. But the good news is a few days later, I can go back to my normally day life with sport and recreation. Before that, I have to prepare what kind of sport and recreation products that I have to buy.

I think I don't like swimming, so I don't wanna buy a swimming equipment. I like to ride a bike. Yeah I like to go to mountain by bike. You know that if we ride a bike to a mountain with a high road, it's very dangerous if we not prepare properly the bike equipment. And for our safety, we must wear a helmet. You can find a bike helmet in www.shopwiki.com/wiki/Sports+and+Recreation.

Beautiful Mailbox for Your Home

Although there is an email to send a message to somebody. And although there is a cellular phone to send short message to your friend, but letter still give the different taste. It's hard to explain why, but when we get a letter from post man, we usually feel more happy that only get an electronic one. The feeling can be eternal and not for a short time.

If you feel like what I feel, maybe you have to have a mailbox in your home. For you who love conventional style, maybe having a mailbox is a must for you. But, right now, the technology make conventional letter forgotten by someone to produce it.

Yesterday, I found a link that provide a mailboxes to buy. Wow, it's an amazing site. We can find a lot of mail boxes style. I like the first one, Single-Unit Mailbox & Post Packages. It's simple and not spend a lot of space.

If you agree with me, you can buy it. It's available for 235 Products. Maybe you can tell your friend to buy one.

But, the second one, it's better, it's called wall mount mailbox. It's the simplest one. With black color too like the first before. But, there's no buffer there. So, maybe you have to provide a wall first and the put mailboxes on it (stuck). It's available for 581 Products. All the design is classic style. I like it. Because the modern one is not suitable with the letter era.

What about the price? For the wall mount mailbox, today's Sale Price its only $135.00. It's worth for a beautiful mailbox right? So, what you wanna waiting for? Just get order it before it's sold out!

Learning Math Online Is Fun

Ten years ago, when I wanna learn about math, I always buy the book first. If the price is expensive, I borrow my friends book and make a copy. But When I read and learn mathematics from the copy one, I feel boring and just lay in my head and sleep on it like a pillow! You do too right? No? You lying! I feel confuse how to learn math. You know that mathematics is the most important lesson. All of lesson need mathematics even English. So, what we have to do to learn mathematics but lack of money?

Now, the technology help us. We can learn about math online. With tutor who can help you solve the math problem. You feel difficult to learn algebra? or you confuse to answer calculus question? You've got head ache when you think about geometry? You feel like roll eyes when learn about which one is the hypotenuse of trigonometry? Or statistics lesson is killing you? Don't worry baby, it's all there. The answer is TutorVista's Online math help.

What is that? TutorVista's Online math help which is designed to help you solve the mathematics problem. If you need an assistant for tomorrow exam, we provide online Math tutors. Online math tutor is the person who teach you about mathematics online of course you have to have internet connection in your home. Don't worry about the tutor. We have an expert tutor who are experts in the subject.

How much it's price? it's cheap and adorable. You just spent $99.99 a month for all subjects. Whenever you need Online math tutoring, you can use our service available for 24/7.

Maybe many of you doubtful with our service. OK it's fine, we have Free math help for first time. It's a free demo for first time user where they can try the service for free.

Why we provide Free online math tutoring? Because we know that we must proof to all of you that we have an expert tutor, so if you doubtful with that, we will give you experience the benefits of our tutoring yourself for free.

Ahet are you waiting for? join our online Math tutoring program today and you will be the champion in class!

Protect Your Home With ADT Monitored Home Security System

Right now, I'm still struggling to collect money for my future home. I don't want to buy a home just like ordinary home. But I need something different. Not only for interior and exterior design, but also for security system. But I feel confuse right now. Because as we know that a lot of home has a security, but sometimes it can be damage by thieves. I don't want to be like that.

So, I try to googling it. And after an hour browsing, finally I found the best home security ever. That is ADT Security System. Advanced Direct Security is the only one Home Security Systems that makes you comfortable to stay home. There are 24 hours 7 days customer monitoring restlessness. It means that for 24 hours in 7 days, there are network that always there to check and monitoring your home for maybe protect to someone that you don't know.

Don't worry about the quality, over 6 million homes are secured by ADT. ADT also the America's number one for home alarm company. It has 4 interconnected monitoring center. even in crisis time, ADT provides us with uniterrupted service. So, maybe you'll think that it's gonna be in expensive price, right? But, the good news is you only spend your 1$ a day to have it. Maybe 1$ is like you buy a cup of tea, right? a cup of tea to protect your home is an amazing offer for home security!

Now You Can Buy Ticket Online easier

A several months ago, I upset when I'm not saw the bjork concert in Jakarta. Not only because of I don't have enough money to buy it, but also I confuse where the ticket sold. I look for it in internet, and I find that the ticket is sold in Jakarta. You know that I'm not in Jakarta right now, I leave in a small city far away from Jakarta. It takes a day to go there. So, I have no idea to come to the bjork concert.

But right now, I have a solution. I found acheapseat.com from google and wow, I've got a lot of information about buying ticket easier online. When you visit that website, you will find fresh color template which is has a witched header image with flash. So, it changes in a second by another image. I think it means that we can also buy ticket for magical show, not only for music concert.

If you explore inside, you will find many of ticket type. There are sport ticket, music ticket, comedy show ticket and many more in a right sidebar. But there's no bjork concert, because in fact there's no bjork concert right now, sorry, I'm just joking.

For you who loves Baltimore Ravens, you can buy it right now. So, just hurry before the Baltimore Ravens Tickets is sold out.

For you who addict in Dallas Cowboys, it's available too right now. But as I said before, you have to hurry up, because many people also addicted like you. Just visit to acheapseat.com and buy Dallas Cowboys Tickets

And last but not least, if you like Green Bay Packers so much, don't be afraid, acheapseat.com also has too. If you buy Green Bay Packers tickets right now, maybe there is a special offer. So, just hurry!

Playing Poker Online

Although there are many games 3D, poker still has a lot of loyal fans. Because its strategy to win and without having computer, we can play poker by real card. I like playing poker, honestly. When my friend visit my home, I always offer him to play a card. And you know, poker is our favorite.

Day by day, having a card make somebody has to keep all of sheets. One sheet lost, we can't play poker. So, we need to keep properly to a save place. But, technology make easier way to play poker in a other way. We don't need to think about how many cards in our card box, is it complete? by using computer, we can play poker easily. Just open the application installed, and we can play versus computer or versus your friend.

But, when we playing poker in a personal computer, for a long time, we feel bored. Because, we just play with one rival, that is computer. We need another rival, like us, that is human being. But, it's impossible to always call our friend and make him visit our home to play poker together. So, what we have to do?

I have a solution for you. It is flopturnriver.com. If you visit that website, you will find an orange brown color that makes you wanna explore inside more. When you explore that website, you will get PokerStars Marketing Code. With that code, you can create a new account there and play poker online. In the text 'please specify which internet discussion board', enter text: FlopTurnRiver.com and for form 'Enter marketing code if available. Please do not use this field for any other code', you can type: flopturnriver. then click ok, and you will have a new account.

Same with paragraph above, if you wanna get Poker Stars Bonus Code, you just enter the code I've told above. By join on that website, we can earn money if you win the competition. You will find enemy from people all around the world. So, you don't need to call your friend to play with you in your home.

Not only can earn money by playing poker online and win, but you also can get a huge PokerStars Bonus. All you have to do to earn that bonus is just easy way, you have to spend up to $50 for your initial deposit and you will be given access to $1000! you can learn how to get that bonus by visit the link and read carefully step by step.

Your Dog Stuff Online

Do you have a dog? A lot of poeple have a dog. I don't have a dog, but I'll tell you something useful for you dog. Before that I will ask to you. Do you love your dog so much? I think you do, right? Because, as we know, dog is one kind of cute animal. Dog also has a smart brain. It can make our life easier because dog also help us keep our house from thief.

So, right now, you have to make your dog healthy and happy. You have to take care of your dog. What kind of take care? It's quite easy. Just visit that link and you will get a lot of stuff to take care of your dog. For example: You can buy your dog food online. Your dog need a house? Don't worry, it's available too. With a lot of style.

You like to take you dog walk around the city? Oh, of course you like, you can buy the dog transport stuff online. There are a lot of style of dog transportation. You can try Soft Crates if you wanna bring your dog in a train. If you like to ride a bike, you can bring your dog too by choosing Bike Carrier for its transport stuff.

Just like a human, a dog also need a toys for playing. You already know that dog has a smaer brain, so, it need something to play tio optimize its brain. Now, you can buy dog toys online. If you visit that link, you will find a lot of dog toys. For example, your dog can play a kong toy, kind of toys that like a wheel. I don't know how to play it, maybe dog know better than me!

You don't need your dog make your floor dirty, right? So, you have to provide a dog bowl and feeder. If you visit that link, you will find two kinds of bowl. I like the yellow one. It's cute. Your dog must be like it! For feeder stuff, you have a several option, there are Elevated Feeders, Double diners and many more. There is a water bowls too.

To make our dog healthy, we must provide a good food for it. This days, you can buy dog food online too. By clicking that link, it is simplify to order. There are nmany kinds of dog food. For your dog that up to 1 year old, you can try puppy food. The amazing is, there is a food for your dog that has a lifestyle diet. It's contain an organic food. Suitable for your vegetarian dog.

In the night, your dog also feel sleepy. You don't want your dog sleep below the stairs or on your chair or sofa, right? Try to check Dog bedding on internet.
If you visit that link, you will find a lot of cute bed for your dog. There is a square pattern bed cover, that is called throw pillow, also you can check Donut Cushion bed, I guarantee your dog will sleep well.

Your Physics Digital Library

Are you college student and like phisics so much? I think you are the right person to write this article. I will tell you something secret. Before that, I will ask you something. How much you spent your money to buy a physics book? I think it's a lot. Because, nowdays, book price is become expensive and expensive. You know that the material to make a paper is lack. That's why we have to move from paper era to digital era!

I'm talk about digital library for you. Specially for Physics Lecture Note. Just visit that link, you will find a lot of advantage. Now, you not necessary to spent a lot of money to buy a phisics book. You will find a lot of Popular Documents for Physics online. There are page 1 until 177! And it will be growth day by day. In page 1, there are hundreds article about phisics. You can check what you want and just feel free. Because it all free for you!

If you have a problem with Physics Homework, now, you shouldn't hardly go to your friend to ask. Because it's disturbing, you know that? What is your friend feel when he concentrate and you suddenly coming to his home and ask something. I think it's annoying him and you will get mad from him. So, forget about that. Just visit that link I give to you, you will find a lot of physics problem with the best solution!

I guarantee you that if you visit coursehero.com, your score will be increase and better. Trust me!

Gold is The Best Investment Ever

My sister has a hobbies collecting a gold. She always show off her jewelry to her friends. She is beautiful with the earrings and necklace. She doesn't need to do full make up for her beauty. Because, by just wearing a gold jewelry, she looks beautiful. But, my sister doesn't want to buy gold with the imitation one. She has to has a original one. Because, imitation gold has a bad color, not shiny and not durable. She would not be ashamed in front of her friends using imitation gold.

Not only for jewelry, my sister buy gold is for investment. You already know that gold is hedge or safe haven against any economic, political, social, or currency-based crises. Yes, I think she do the right thing! For me, it's a good news, because, as her little brother, I often ask for money to her. And she always gives me a lot. Thanks sister!

I have a good news for you. It's about websites that give you information about buy gold coins. If you visit that website, you will see a good template design with blue color. It's match combining with a yellow gold. You will see how easy this website to navigate. In the main post, you will see the gold coins with a lot of styles and price. If you interest it, you just click "buy now!" button and follow the next requirements.

On goldcoinsgain.com, there are not only provide information about buy gold coins, but also buy gold bullion. Do you ever know about gold ira transfer? If you still confuse about that, like me, just visit goldcoinsgain.com to know the information inside.

Your Favorite Car Reviews Online

Do you like a car? I don't like it. But I will show you which website that suitable for you who like car so much. That is thecarconnection.com. On that website, you will find a very good review about your favorite car. In the left side, you will find a screen shot of a car with a estimate price from lower to higher. For example, series_2009 ford fusion, the price is about $19,035 - $25,605.

In the center of page, you will find a review of current car. The review is talking about design interior and exterior, performance, multimedia, and many more. You not only just read and understand, but also you can leave a comment below it. So, we can interact with administrator if there's something to ask or something wrong.

Do you want to read other reviews?

OK, I will give you a several link review of cars that you maybe like it.

bmw x6
, you can visit http://www.thecarconnection.com/modelintro/bmw_x6-series_2010 for detail review.

For you who admire porsche, you can feel free to visit http://www.thecarconnection.com/make/porsche for the detail review. For porsche, you will find a lot of style according the year published from 1997 to 2011 and according the price you've decided. There are thumbnail screen shot too that makes you easier to know which one you like.

For you who admire pontiac, You just visit http://www.thecarconnection.com/make/pontiac to know the detail review. I like pontiac too. Because it's large and elegant. I like the color too. Like other link that I've gift to you, you can click full review link to know more about, or you can click photo gallery to know the other styles.

A Trusted Direct TV Websites For You

I like to watch the TV. In the morning, watching TV is a must. We can get a lot information happen today by only watching a television. For our children, they can watch a favorite cartoon station. So, for mum, she can feel free to cook something delicious for her children without any interference. For dad, he can watch a daily news. So, he shall has a topic to start talking with his friend at office.

When we watch a TV in a same time, we usually hard to find a TV station that provide all of we want. It can maybe happen in the afternoon, children difficult to find a cartoon program on television. Because, in the afternoon, it's time to watch a talk show for an adult man. Maybe it's not the right time to watch TV for children. Children should sleep at that time, right? But, usually children only can sleep after they watch television. So, what will we gonna do?

I have a solution for you. That is direct TV. On that websites, we can get The Best in High-Definition TV. With Directv, we will always have a good signal. What ever a weather happen, we always get a clean and best picture. There's no noises in sound and picture.

If you offer now, there are special offers, with only spent 559$, you will get free choice extra package and above, 7 channels HBO, 9 channels Showtime, 12 channels starz. Not only those, you'll get free HD, DVR or HD DVR receiver upgrade and many more.

If you are live in New York, there is a Direct TV in NY. If you visit that link, you will find a lot of tv channels depend on your place in new york. You will get a best picture if it match with where do you live.

The Best Lighting For Your Home

I like to read a book. When I read a book, I need a good situation or condition that makes me relax and feel in a good mood. Because, honestly, I can't easy to understand the text on the book when I feel not comfortable. The important thing is lighting. A good lighting makes me easier to read a book. The footnotes is always written by a small font, so it needs a good lighting.

For that reason, I try to search the best website that provide a good lighting for my hobbies: reading. Then I found http://www.farreys.com. If you visit that websites, you will find a lot of light fixtures suitable for you. It's easy to navigate this website. With the vintage color style, you will feel fresh on eye. Farreys.com not only contain a lighting fixtures, but also ceiling fans, bath products, door wear products, and more.

But, for my reason, that is searching a good lighting for my hobbies, I try to explore on the lighting products. First, I visit lighting fixtures page. I found a lot of lighting fixtures. You can see the image below.

lighting fixtures

from left to right: Adjustable Fixtures, Bathroom Fixtures, Ceiling Mounted for home lighting, chandeliers, Dinettes, Mini Chandeliers, Mini Pendants, Hall or Foyer Pendants, Candle Holders.

After I visit and explore that websites, finally I choose Ceiling Mounted. The reason is because ceiling mounted gives me a good enough light and I feel comfortable with the white and soft light. Thank you farreys.com. You helped me.

Jasa Gambar Vector (edit foto menjadi kartun)

Mau punya gambar vektor? tapi, apa sih gambar vektor itu?
begini sodara-sodaraku sebangsa dan setanah air, secara gampang-gampangannya, gambar vektor itu adalah kalo dibesarkan gambar tersebut, tidak pecah sodara-sodara. Nah, untuk membuat gambar semacam itu, biyasanya kita-kita nih ye, para design grafis (sombongnya lu ndop?? :pukul: ), mbuatnya tuh pakek softwer Corel Draw, Adobe Ilustrator, Freehand, Inkscape atau software vektor lainnya. Hnah, karena saya ini susah untuk pindah ke lain hati, maka saya ya bisanya pakek Corel saja.

Hnah, gambar vektor yang saya buat dari software Corel Draw yang berekstensi .cdr tersebut bisa discale up (biyuh-biyuh, panganan opo kuwi?) atau diperbesar sebesar-besarnya. Biasanya gambar yang sering dibuat vektor adalah loggo perusahaan. Yang mana perusahaan ndak mau dong kalo loggonya pas mau dibuat spanduk sepuluh meter misalnya, pecah.

ini saya beri contoh:
Image bitmap (bukan vektor)

Depag bitmap

dari kiri ke kanan:
  1. loggo tidak terlihat pecah

  2. loggo setelah dibesarkan lima kali (pecah di sana-sini, terlihat kotak-kotak)

Image vektor (bukan bitmap, yaiyaalaah...)

Depag Vektor

dari kiri ke kanan:
  1. loggo tidak terlihat pecah

  2. loggo setelah dibesarkan lima kali kali tetap kinclong, mulus, ndak pecah sama sekali

Hnah, kalo loggo divektorkan, itu mah biasa. Namun yang saya tawarkan selain memvektorkan loggo adalah memvektorkan wajah anda!! Wow, siapa yang ndak tertarik melihat foto wajah anda terpampang di friendster, facebook, blog atau website dengan versi vektor atau biasa disebut dengan versi kartun? pasti lebih gaul kan?!

yang kayak gini loo, gambar vektor itu...

ndop vektor

dari kiri ke kanan:
  1. photo sebelum divektorkan

  2. foto sesudah divektorkan

Untuk membuat versi vektor seperti gambar nomor dua di atas memerlukan waktu kurang lebih tiga jam. Yang mana memerlukan ketelatenan dan kesabaran yang tinggi untuk membuatnya. Tertarik?!

Nah, mumpung masih promosi, silakan pada mesen. Murah kok. Cuma 50 ribu saja perwajah. Kalau pesen banyak kepala, kita obrolkan lebih lanjut. Oke... :dance:

Jadi sampeyan nanti akan mendapatkan:
  • File .JPG

    File ini untuk sampeyan apload di Friendster, facebook, atau bernarsis ria di blog sampeyan.. :dance:

  • File .CDR

    Yang ini mohon disimpan baik-baik, karena ini file master dari vektor sampeyan. File inilah yang bisa di-scalable (diolor-olor ukurannya, red.). Bisa dibuka menggunakan Corel Draw (versi 11, 12, atau di atasnya)

File-file di atas akan saya kirimkan ke email sodara tentunya.. Yiyyalaah... hohoho...

Nah, caranya mesen gampang, sampeyan tinggal siapkan foto. Photo harus jelas dan tidak kecil. Minimal ukuran 640 x 480 piksel. Semakin besar dan jelas photo sampeyan hasilnya juga akan lebih bagus. Jangan lupa mencantunkan nomer HP yang masih aktif. Biar saya bisa meng-sms sampeyan. Langsung aja kirim foto sampeyan ke email: ndop@dzofar.com
Jangan lupa mencantumkan nomer HP biyar saya bisa menghubungi...

Oh, iya, ngirim uangnya ke mana?

ke sini:

No rekening: 0049641880
a.n. Muhammad Ali Mudzofar
Bank BNI Cabang Urip Sumoharjo
Kampus ITS Sukolilo Surabaya

kalo sudah ngirim foto atau uwang, konfirmasi ya dengan sms ke nomor hape: 085648338167. Insya Alloh akan saya balas secepatnya!!

Kalo ndak mau tergesa-gesa, silakan melihat-lihat galeri saya, atau photobucket saya, atau download gratis majalah vektor saya juga ndak papa...

Wokeee... Ditunggu pesenannyaaa.... :ayoh:

Oh, iya, kalo mau ngobrol-ngobrol dulu juga ndak papa. Melalui YM ID: krupuk_sambel

Woke... selamat menikmati hari-hari anda...