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Determining the true Face of Career Opportunities

Determining the true Face of Career OpportunitiesWhen applying for work, not just your experience and background into consideration the company. The face in the photo also play an important role to determine your fate.

The conclusion was based on research by a team from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The team sent 5312 resumes to more than 2,600 companies that open up the jobs.

The team sent two applications with identical resumes to each company. One application with photos, and another one without a photo. The team placed a couple of random images, from her beautiful face, handsome man, to those with ordinary faces.

Researchers at least collect photos of 300 students. They then form a panel to categorize men and women based on their appeal. To eliminate racial bias, the researchers chose individuals who seem to have an ambiguous ethnic background.

The result, 19.9 percent of prospective employees handsome man who sent the photo to get interview calls. A total of 13.7 man with normal facial image that got the interview call. Only 9.2 percent of men who did not send an image that gets the call.

Based on analysis of research, interesting-looking men have to send an average of five resume with photo to get an interview call. Meanwhile, ordinary-looking men have to send 11 resumes with photo to get a similar call.

While the women showed the opposite results. As many as 16.6 percent of women who send your resume without a photo gets a job interview. This shows the highest response rates from companies hiring.

Women who send resume with photo normal, 13.6 percent who got interview calls. While the women who send a resume with interesting photographs, only 12.8 percent called for interviews.

Researchers found a similar response rates for all categories of female faces. Women who send a resume with attractive faces have only 50 percent likely to get interview calls. Opportunity was the same woman who sent a resume with photos or without photos casual.

The researchers also conclude that the response of companies to resume sex is affected candidates. When men send resume with photo, companies consider it a picture of confidence. But when women send resume with photo, tend to be 'licked' by appearance.

"Our study actually shows, beauty and good looks preclude the opportunity to get a job. Men and women who meet the qualifications and interesting-looking can be omitted since the beginning of the selection process, "said one researcher, as quoted by NY Times.