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Pattern "Crop Circle" Magelang Similar with Yogyakarta

Pattern MAGELANG, The pattern of crop circles found in Magelang glance similar to the shape of two crop circles found in Yogyakarta. Previously a number of community activists observers Unidentified flying objects assess the pattern is similar symbol muladhara chakra, metaphysical center of the body in Hindu teachings.

Strange pattern in Magelang in the form of five spheres lined. One of them was in the middle is bigger than the other four. Four small spheres with diameter of about 2.5 meters, while the middle circle diameter of about 5 meters. In the largest sphere looks like a ring of jagged edges. The five spheres are lined with a length of about 20 meters.

Mysterious circle were found in fields owned by KH Yasin, nanny Hidayatul Mubtain boarding school in the hamlet Kumbangan, Banyusari Village, Tegalrejo District, Magelang District. Mysterious form was first known by one of santrinya named Irfan (17) since Saturday (1/29/2011) ago.

Irfan said, previously did not know any strange signs. However, based on information from a friend of students, Muhaimin, said Irfan, the night before at the location it happened tornado. "Residents also confirmed the existence of Hamlet Wonosari tornado on Friday (20/01/2011) night, around 23:00 pm," he said.

The phenomenon that some people regard as this UFO trail makes people flock around to see it come to the location. To secure location, police officers from the Police Sector Tegalrejo put police line surrounds the land. Adjunct Chief Commissioner of Police Tegalrejo Sudiarta I Wayan said still would conduct an investigation relating to the discovery of crop circles.

After Tunisia and Egypt, Yemen's Turn Now that "rocked"

After Tunisia and Egypt, Yemen's Turn Now that SANAA - After Tunisia and Egypt, the anger against the regime now also spread to Yemen. About 15 thousand protesters took to the streets in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh down from office. "People want a change of regime and the president down," said one activist.

They use a uniform pink headband, a symbol of freedom. Most of the demonstrators were students, opposition party members and supporters, as well as workers and unemployment. They are divided in four locations and led an opposition party.

The issue was widely raised in the protest that is the problem of poverty and high unemployment.

"We demand that the president and his government to improve living conditions, combating corruption, and political reform. We want a brighter future for our children," said the Islamist Islah Party activist.

"We do not need to be violent, we do not allow anything to happen, which is detrimental to residents and insulting democracy," said the Yemeni Interior Minister, Rashad al-Masri Mutaher, told reporters.

LAPAN: "Crop Circle" Not Track Sleman UFO

Institute of Aviation and Space Agency confirms "crop circles" found in Hamlet Rejosari, Jogotirto Village, Berbah District, Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region, not trail "unidentification flying objects" or UFOs.

"From our observation and investigation at the site, we do not agree or disagree if the 'crop circle' is a trace of the UFO, because it is purely man-made," said Head Utilization Center for Space Science National Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN) Sri Kaloka, at locations Jogotirto Village on Tuesday afternoon.

According to him, the patterns of "crop circles" of this kind previously found in several countries in Europe, and several other countries.

"The patterns of this kind are common in Europe, and a number of countries in other continents, this man-made, only if made abroad in the area of grain crops, sugar cane or maize, whereas here was made in the area of paddy crop," he said.

He said one proof that the "corp circle" that is man-made rice stalks lying that collapsed showed suppressed due to torn down to its roots, not the pattern overwritten.

"In addition, these patterns are also many that are not symmetrical with each other," he said.

Sri Kaloka said the instructions that most reinforces is the former finding of a stick or pipe ditancapkannya hole in the middle of the circle and on the other sides, a strong suspicion that used to move the tool axis in a rod-suppressing rice.

"In the middle, we also find that there are roads and tracks humans as indicated by the rice stalks lying set aside and laid back. This shows that the previous one into the circle," he said.

He said it also found around the circle pattern and the pattern was found in some rice straw that is not depressed until they collapsed.

"It also indicates that the pattern was made man, because there are parts which are not depressed," he said.

In addition, LAPAN team also found no traces of fire around the circle, including waste combustion engine and exhaust gas.

"Rice rods that collapse all the former pressure, and no ex-pieces with a sharp object," he said.

Who Builder Pattern in the Sleman Rice

If the first AMD stands for Armed Forces Entrance Village, now AMD is the Alien Entry Village. This is what is being much talked about following the emergence of patterns of circles in the middle of rice fields in District Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Until Tuesday (25 / 1) this morning, apparently there are no parties who claim to make the 'crop circle' is. Not to sound too there is an alien who claimed responsibility for damaging the seven fields of tilled plots were six farmers.

Local police have also asked the farmers. Information obtained from them: "There's no way that man-made." Of course, the police had to separate reliable where testimony about the facts, and which are opinions.

[Do not forget: Monitor news media about the patterns in the rice Sleman]

We've asked you, through Answers. Is it made in person, or not? There are more than 1400 answers incoming. We thank you who have participated opinion.

From a pile of answers to that, it looks a number of trends. There are sure it is not manmade. A number of arguments put forward. For example, about the impossibility of man's work as neat as it was made in a short time; that if local people are making, then it should be selected motifs of batik; lack of trace, and others.

Consider the answer to Surya, which was the measurement of the pattern will be difficult for a human. "It took a long time," said he, "must have its activity will be known by people in the area."

Some are convinced it made ordinary people. After all, how can be found on the internet (eg here). Originally done together, not hard to make a pattern like that.

S Aditiyo one who believes that an artificial person. He said, the audience Discovery Channel or National Geographic would know that crop circles can be made using simple tools like sticks of wood, in a matter of hours. "I think it is time the Indonesian people out of superstition," he said.

There is also a believer that natural phenomena. The rest ... submit to the Almighty.

An answering, Paul, said the pattern that looks smooth because it is only visible from a distance. "If you close, not as smooth as that," he said. Really? On YouTube, someone with id 'MrXkatrok2' uploaded videos appear-circle pattern in the rice fields near Sleman. Let's see:

Well, so who makes the patterns in Sleman it?

Ah, obviously, that's an interesting work of art!

Sleman Crop Circle UFO Bantul Probably Related

Sleman Crop Circle UFO Bantul Probably Related

An unique pattern of circles (crop circles) with diameter of about 50 to 70 feet printed on rice cultivation in the village of Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta, on Monday (1/24/2011). The emergence of patterns has attracted the attention of people from various regions to see it directly. Not yet known for certain causes of this phenomenon.

YOGYAKARTA, crop circle phenomenon that occurs in Sleman, Yogyakarta, sparked much speculation about its origins. One of the strongest is speculation that the phenomenon is caused by the arrival of UFOs.

In response, flight observer Dudi Sudibyo said, "Looking at the crop circles that this happened, I was reminded why my experience was in 2009 when he saw a UFO in Bantul."

At that time, Dudi middle plane Lion Air Boeing 737-900ER flight number JT552. He saw a similar light cloud 9 points in the plane. Solid shape as much as 3 points and 6 other point is the cloud.

Dudi when it was mengabadikannya with 40DX camera lens Nikkon 55 mm. Once analyzed, it is known that the object was a UFO. He denied the notion that the photo was just a shadow because the plane window clear.

After sending the photo images to specialists Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) Adi Sadewo Salatun, Dudi know that UFOs are going through morphing. His form changes from solid to gas and eventually disappear.

Remembering the experience and saw the news about the crop circle phenomenon in Sleman, Dudi said, "I wonder, whether the crop circle phenomenon that occurs in Sleman Bantul related to the UFO in that I see?"

"Maybe it had something to do. It's all happening right in Yogyakarta, one in Bantul, one in Sleman. We have to investigate it. So do not be too quick to conclude that it was manmade," said Dudi.

Furthermore Dudi said, "Maybe there is something interesting in Yogya so that UFOs come. The problem is, this happens in one area. And also in a narrow field. This is quite unusual because normally in a field of wheat," he said.

Dudi not agree if the crop circle is easily said to be manmade. If man-made, according to him, there must be a sign that is easily seen as traces and witnesses who heard the manufacturing process.

Dudi believe that UFOs in Bantul and Sleman crop circle in inter-related. He asked for some authorities, such as the Air Force and Lapan to investigate the phenomenon.

Crop Circle Message

Beware the bearers of false
gifts and their broken promises
Much pain but still time
There is good out there
We oppose deception
Conduit closing

This monument Paul 'the Octopus' Hugging Ball

Paul "Octopus." The animal was so famous during the 2010 World Cup, exceeded the statements of the players who competed or Shakira, the singer Waka-waka. Paul is dead but his fans can now remove the longing. At locations where Paul's house, a large aquarium, are now built a monument to remember.

As written FoxNews, Aquarium in Oberhausen has launched a plastic replica of a 6-foot-tall Paul on Thursday, January 20, 2011. At the replica that looks Paul was gripping the ball with eight tentacles.

A spokesman for the aquarium in Oberhousen it, Tanja Munzig, said that the monument was not just a warning, but also the final resting place of Paul.

In the ball-shaped leaves are golden urn that holds the ashes of cremation was famous octopus. This monument, he added, was established at the request of Paul's fans all over the world.

'Octopus magic' is dead at age 2 years, three months ago. He died allegedly due to illness.

Achievements Paul guess results of matches in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was monumental. He guessed right German Tin seven games. Includes predict Germany's defeat of Spain in the semifinals.

Paul also correctly predicts Spain's championship in the final after the Dutch conquered the mere puppet goal by Andres Iniesta.

Above predictions, the Government of Spain awarded Paul as an honorary citizen Carballino City, Spain.

"Love Bites" Makes Mild Stroke

Wellington: Be careful in venting passion. Part of the body of a female New Zealand citizens suffer temporary paralysis due to "love bite" on the nape of the couple in love. Thus expressed some doctors in New Zealand Medical Journal, recently.

In the journal, the doctors said, the 44-year-old woman who came out to the Emergency Department at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, last year. He lost movement in his left arm while watching television.

The doctors concluded that she suffered a mild stroke. However, the doctors could not find the cause until they find a small vertical bruises on the woman's neck near the large veins. Apparently, it was "love bite" or "Hickey" that he "received" a few days earlier.

"Because it is` love bite `, of course there are a lot of suction," said one doctor who treated patients, Teddy Wu, told the Christchurch Press, as quoted by AFP.

"As a result of physical trauma it caused, there was a slight bruise on the inside of blood vessels. There were blood clots in the veins under the` done `Hickey."

Wu said the blood clot is released and moves into the woman's heart, where blood clots that cause a mild stroke that made him lose the power of his arm motion.

"We are looking for medical records and examples of the result of` love `bite that resulted in something like that was never described before," he said. Medics said the woman was cured after being treated by using drugs antipembekuan blood.

Husband cheated androgynous woman

Already living in the same house since married a year ago, a woman from India, Interested Khatua, 26, found out the sex of her husband's native named Sitakant Routray. Apparently Sitakant also a woman.

Initially, Khatua and his family did not have any suspicion when married Sitakant. Moreover, dowry given lavish Sitakant classified according to Indian customs, which consists of an Indica car, gold ornaments, and money is more than £ 350 (about U.S. $ 575) cash.

"He made people in my family was impressed until they agree on marriage," said Khatua.

Usually husband and wife, once married, they lived in the same house. Their social life was normal. But there's one thing to be thought Khatua, namely Sitakant always avoid physical contact such as the marital relationship.

Initially, he tried to understand, let alone her husband's unreasonable undergoing religious vow to avoid the marital relationship. But, over time, Khatua become suspicious.

"I began to suspect him and I tried hard to find out and confirm the sex, but failed repeatedly. One day I managed to force open the bathroom door when she was in the shower. And my worst fears come true. She is a woman," said Khatua.

Once caught, the fake groom escaped. He escaped a car jeep purchased with borrowed money on behalf of Khatua.

Khatua was deeply shocked and disappointed. The case was later dealt with the police. Local police are currently investigating.

Thanks to sneeze, spit out bullets from the Head

An Italian man to make the team physician of a hospital in the city of Naples unnerved. Stray bullets shot in the head, he's still alive. In fact, he himself managed to remove the bullet from his head after being accidentally sneezed.

According to BBC television, he was named Darco Sangermano lucky. Darco was rushed to a local hospital after a stray bullet hit when dissolved in the celebration of New Year Eve party in Naples.

I do not know who shot, .22-caliber bullet struck the right side of the head of Darco and penetrate the rear of the right eye before it lodged in one nostril. In the state of the bloody head, Darco immediately taken to a nearby hospital.

Luckily, according to team doctors, the 28-year-old man was not to suffer serious injuries. In fact, while waiting for action from the doctor, Darco successfully remove the bullet that landed in the nostrils after he sneezed.

However, the Darco still undergo surgery because it causes the rate of bullet fragments smaller than the skull so that the debris must be removed from the patient's head. After that, Darco must also undergo laser surgery to heal the damaged retina right eye.

According to doctors, Darco escape death because the rate has slowed as the bullet that penetrated her skull. He had no idea when exposed to fire.

Told the newspaper the Daily Mail, physicians who treat Darco, Professor Sid Berrone, claimed that the case was very rare in Italian. Berrone admitted this is her first experience as a physician in treating patients such as Darco.

"He's a very lucky because it could be immediately killed," said Berrone.

Three Meanings Intimate Fantasy Men

Every man has a fantasy of intimacy respectively. Every fantasy turned out to have meaning. Want to know what the meaning of fantasy?

Consider the meaning of fantasy that, as written in Askmen:

1. Dominant female fantasy, alias dominatrix. This delusion is usually done by men who have a family background with a more female role. Not infrequently they also raised by a mother who became a single parent. It made him have a value that women can dominate, including in his sex life.

2. Fantasize with famous women. Men with a fantasy like this usually have a strong narcissistic side. In real life, they were always chasing the women beautiful and attractive. They just want to have a partner who is considered 'comparable' with him.

3. Fantasy with a blue movie star or erotic dancers. This is a sign that the men are still afraid of commitment and intimacy. Sexual intercourse is an intimate activity that is only done with a partner. That means men and women should have an official bond.

Meanwhile, hot movie actress and erotic dancer is usually considered to be only focused on sexual satisfaction alone, without the need for deep relationships. Therefore, the man who has doubts about the relationship, commitment and keintimanlah, which usually has a fantasy of this kind.

Kate Middleton Like Shopping Clothing Sale and Pizza

Kate Middleton Like Shopping Clothing Sale and PizzaPerhaps Kate Middleton will soon be a member of the royal family which is the richest in the world, but a source told UsMagazine.com that Prince William's bride had not yet left the custom of lay people.

"Believe it or not, her favorite stores in the UK is a TK-Max (TJ-Maxx UK version),"a source told Us. Sources also tell if she really liked the process of bargaining when buying clothes, she also likes mixing matching clothes he bought in ordinary shops and with the usual design as well, "he has a good eye for it."
Even the candidate's daughter is getting married on April 29, at Westminster Abbey was also likes fast food available in supermarkets, such as when he was seen buying pizza from Pizza Express Margherita at Waitrose supermarket located on the island of Anglesey.

"He's happy and doing his wish. Nothing bothered him," said an eyewitness kepad Us. Loose hair - she looks very pretty. And, yes, he uses his ring. large size! "
Although she still walks like a normal person, but he still was not treated like ordinary people, candidates for the kingdom have criticized this weekend, while attending the wedding of a friend with a dress that looks as it is.

Women champion is still a yearning Cook

What qualities should have the women to be the perfect wife? Researchers from Germany managed to find 'formula'nya.

The German psychologist interviewed the man who had married and aged 25-60 years. These men are asked to mention the quality of what it must be owned by a wife.

From the results of the study was obtained three basic qualities that should be owned by a woman to be the perfect wife. Here's the list as quoted in Genius Beauty.

First, women must be adept at cooking also cleaned the house. Because according to him, it is quite important to preserve the integrity of the household.

In addition, men also like women who can maintain his dignity in front of people, but be very sexy in front of her husband. Men want their wives to look nice just for her sake.

Finally, men also like women who adored him. Men love to be praised and admired by the woman he loves.

Do you agree?

The strength of The First Kiss

The strength of The First KissRemembering the good times when I was dating was giving spark passion in life. Especially when he gets recall first kiss from a lover. Is it true that first kiss memorable?

A study revealed that the majority of people able to remember 90 percent of the details of the experience his love. However, experience more memorable than the first kiss first sex experience.

Before writing the book 'The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us', Sheril Kirshenbaum conducted experiments measuring the magnetic currents in the brains of men and women in response to a number of pictures of people kissing.

As a result, more women than men appreciate kiss. Although often feel less satisfied with the kiss was doing, they tend to be difficult to forget because the forward sense.

While men see kissing as a way to achieve the 'goal', ie warm-up before entering a more intimate relationship. That is why kissing men often feel more aggressive.

Regardless of the grade that is built up, the kiss has a number of positive benefits. Confetti.co.uk survey conducted of 3,000 married couples in the UK revealed that couples who kiss four times a day have a closer emotional bond, which is the basis for harmonious relations.

Women Must Wear Bra At Work

Women Must Wear Bra At WorkA court in Germany on Wednesday (12/01/2011), resolved, the bosses have the right to order the female employees wear a bra at work.

In addition, long nails a woman can also be determined by their immediate supervisor and the hair should be clean and tidy. Men can be bearded, but the boss has the right to order the beard was neatly trimmed and should not be Robinson Crusoe stranded on the version.

Labour Court in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, decided that in cases related clothing and customs treatment of airport security personnel. However, that decision will apply to all workplaces in the country's most populous German.

"Asked wear a bra and keep your nails for a half an inch shorter does not conflict with personal rights," the court said in Cologne was quoted as saying Dailymail, Wednesday (01/12/2011). "That's not a disproportionate reduction of personal rights."

Bra can not be used, such court decisions that, if women wore a T-shirt inside.

This decision was applied to a security company who did the examination of passengers at airports countries, especially in busy places in Cologne-Bonn.

Employees said the rules were too harsh, but the court said the ruling was in accordance with company rules book. This is a victory of the workers is that companies do not have the right to ban a particular color for the hair or nail polish and fake hair.

After Yasser Arafat, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Next Target?

Jerusalem-Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is likely to be the next target after Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. The result of recent investigations conducted forensic expert toksiologi Britain said Arafat died of poisoning using thallium.

Toxins that are very difficult to be detected is affixed to foods or beverages received by Arafat during the Israeli siege on his headquarters in Ramallah. Arafat eventually died from a mysterious illness at a French hospital on 11 November 2004.

Former Special Adviser to Arafat, Bassam Abu Shareef, said that Zionist Israel was behind the action. He worried about Mahmoud Abbas may be the next target.

"I have warned Abbas to be very careful. There might be a similar plan from Israel to remove him (Abbas) and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Israel wants the Palestinian leadership positions vacant,''said Sharif was quoted as saying alarabiya.net site Tuesday.

Abu Sharif said he also warned Arafat a few months before Arafat was poisoned, that the poison is Israel's main weapon.

9 Habits Brain Refreshing

9 Habits Brain RefreshingFlavor saturated with the same activity each day can lead to depression. This Boredom can also make your brain feel 'less challenged'. If you often experience this, do not say anything. Perform the following exercises that can make you like having a brain 'new'.

Dorothea Brande, writer and editor from the United States is famous for his book "Wake Up and Live and Becoming a Writer", suggesting some mental exercises to keep your mind become sharper. The exercises are intended to pull you out of habit and routine, giving you a different perspective, and puts you in situations that require intellect and creativity in solving problems.

Brande believe, just by doing their own testing and stretching you develop mental strength. Here are nine exercises recommended by Brande that you can try, as quoted from Divine Caroline.

1. Spend one hour each day by not saying anything. Except, to answer the question directly, in the middle of the group, without creating the impression that you sulk or ill. Try to be as casually as possible.

2. Think for 30 minutes every day on one subject. Start by thinking within five minutes if 30 minutes too long.

3. Speak for 15 minutes per day without using the word "I", "I", and "I Belong."

4. Try to be quiet in a crowd

5. Make contact with new people and let him tell you many things about himself without realizing it.

6. Tell us exclusively about yourself and your pleasure without complaining, bragging or boring your friends.

7. Create a plan for two hours per day and do it with a consequent plan.

8. Make 12 the activities carried out at random and spontaneous. For example, after-visit places to eat that has never visited before and then go home rather than take a taxi but the motorcycle taxi. Or, usually in the morning you drink coffee, drink water or juice. Try these activities different from your routine.

9. From time to time, take each day to answer "Yes" to every demand of others, but of course that makes sense.

Outstanding Issues facebook Is Closing

California: Issues regarding closure plans social networking site Facebook lively discussion in cyberspace. Reportedly sites worldwide that will be closed by Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of the site. Similarly, the site mentioned Weekly World News quoted Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, California, United States, on Saturday (8 / 1).

In a press conference, according to the site, Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook had been managing the stress out of control so that disrupt his life. On this basis, he would close the site that has hundreds of millions of members that on March 15, 2011. Still, Zuckerberg assess its decision to close up very heavy.

However, the website of The Huffington Post does not believe these rumors. One of the biggest news sites in the United States was calling the issue behind it is a joke. However, it recognizes the rumors spread so quickly through social networking site Twitter to Google Trends without knowing the origin of the source.

Becoming increasingly Many British Muslim Women

London - More than 100,000 white British women, average age 27 years have chosen to become Muslim, that number doubled in 10 years with an average age of 27 years because they were fed up with consumerism and immorality.

Britain's leading newspaper the Daily in a report this week, written Jack Doyle said there waves on a young white woman adopted the religion of Islam, last year recorded about 5200 people in the UK to choose Islam among sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Last year Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of former Prime Minister Tony Blair, attracted wide attention when he announced that he had converted to Islam.

Observer Islam in Britain, Hakimul Brett, S. Sos., MA to the correspondent Between London, on Monday said the phenomenon of increasing number of Muslims in Britain, mainly White British to Islam can not be separated from the high intensity and the massive publicity about Islam.

According to a lecturer at Gadjah Mada University who are taking PhD at Essex University, said the Muslim community since the last few decades and has increased significantly in the last decade.

Brett said Hakimul interesting to see why some women who convert because Islam is "liberate" them from consumerism and immorality with the use burqah, scarf, shawl and dress like Muslim women.

Again based on the spirit of democracy and individuality, dressed Muslim women mostly found in various cities in the UK. The immigrant Muslim women can freely dress.

This condition presents the "mirror" for British women address problems of consumerism and habits among the young England party, said sociologist UGM Yogyakarta.

Precisely enthused

Hakimul reveal the question arises, why is Islam that tends to appear with a negative face (radical destructive) actually desirable or attractive "White British to Convert to Islam" This phenomenon could be caused by several things.

According Hakimul Brett, who was doing his research S3 Islamifikasi in England and the West, first, Western principles that emphasize individual creativity and freedom of thought enables individuals in the UK to learn (study) more about Islam.

The information is very knowledgeable about Islam can be obtained via the Internet, says sociology professor UGM, adding moreover, discourse on Islam and Muslim communities became a topic of study and research is increasingly interested in college.

When Islam reviewed by individuals within the framework of academic / intellectual, then in accordance with the principles of science (scientific Western) have access to diverse sources of thought (school of thoughts) and the schools are diverse (pros and cons).

This interpretation allows the appearance of wealth, wisdom (wisdom), and humanity in Islam. Nonradikal Islam, peace (peaceful), moderate and pluralist increasingly attract the attention of Western society, said one of the founders of ICMI MASIKA Yogyakarta, and chairman of the Indonesian Moslem Association in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, UK.

The tendency of interest in nonviolence and moderate Islam that can be seen for example in the discourse of dialogue multi (multi-faiths dialogue) as well as efforts to "mainstream" (mainstreaming) of non-Islamic Middle East.

He said in this context, Indonesia to be excellent.

"Face of Indonesian Islam is moderate, tolerant and conscious of gender, for example, be a" topic "principal appointed by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President Barack Obama in their visit to Indonesia," said Hakimul Brett, who won the Masters in Politics and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham, England.

As part of the Indonesian Muslim community, has a great opportunity to make extraordinary expression of Indonesian Islam as a "mainstream" or alternative to the expression of the Middle East Islam that Islam is the one in connection with Al-Qur `an, but its expression varies in the Middle East , India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

In addition to the publicity and the Islamic discourse is strengthened at the global level, other factors also determine the increase in conversion to Islam among White British is the increasing number of Muslim immigrants in the UK as from Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Middle East, and Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

The number of Muslim immigrants are making symbols of Islam is widespread and can be found in various parts of the city. For example, Butcher Halal or kosher meat, kosher pizza, and others such as the number of women on the street wearing a hijab.

The term "kosher" has become "iconic" a very effective publicity about Islam. Sales of kosher meat in supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, and Sainsburry, for example, make the British Agriculture Minister should explain to the public on the definition of meat halal or kosher meat.

In its development, halal meat is not simply a matter of Islam, but also about a healthy diet Healthy meat / food, according to Judge.

This group predicted Doomsday on May 21, 2011

Message "Apocalypse Soon Again" deployed in several U.S. cities, even to Africa.

Forget the speculation that the end of the world will occur on December 12, 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar. An independent Christian groups in the U.S. even predicted the end will come more quickly: 21 May 2011.

Is Marie Exley, a U.S. Army veteran who campaigned heavily this doomsday warning. Exley is a member of the U.S. independent churches that preach through radio broadcasts and the Internet. This church group claiming to base his prediction on the Bible.

They are aggressively spreading the message of doom through billboards, benches at bus stops, the caravan, and mobilize volunteers distribute pamphlets in various corners of the city, from Bridgeport to Little Rock, Arkansas. To spread the message outside the U.S., they even have a group of volunteers who would go around Africa and Latin America.

"Many people might think: the end will come, let's celebrate. But our Lord commanded to give a warning," said Exley. "I could be like everyone else, but it is better to know when the apocalypse comes, you know, you will be safe."

In August, Exley left his home in Colorado Springs, to work at a community radio in Oakland, California. Radio is radio Christian ministry headed by Harold Camping - the person most responsible for this version of end times prophecy.

"If you still want to say we're crazy, please. But it never hurts to see this message," said Exley.

Harold Camping (89) believe the Bible basically functions as a cosmic calendar that describes exactly the things that can be foreseen.

Retired engineer claims that his calculations are based on the Bible. Various external events, such as Israel's founding in 1948, according to him are signs that confirm the accuracy of calculations. "Without a doubt, I believe May 21 is the day of appointment and judgments," he said.

Camping believe, in October 2011, the people who believe will take them to heaven and the sinners remain in the Earth to the punishment.

What if May 21 passed without any?
"If May 21 passed and I'm still here, then I'm not saved. Does that mean the word of God is not accurate? Not at all," he argued.

Prediction Camping diamini not many other churches. They said, no one can be sure the day or hour of the universe will end.
Camping a la prediction is not new. A Baptist group leader, William Miller had predicted the world ending October 22, 1844 ago, yet the sun still shines brightly to this day.

Victoria Beckham Remove Breast Implants More

Victoria Beckham Remove Breast Implants MoreLOS ANGELES - After years of a mystery, Victoria Beckham has finally admitted she had undergone breast surgery.

As his statement to British media Vogue, Victoria says, "No more torpedoes bazookas.'ve lost." With that statement, the wife of footballer David Beckham confirms no longer have DD breast size.

But do not mention more details about the operation. In the Mirror quoted an interview on Friday (01/07/2011), Victoria much about her marriage to David Beckham. The former Spice Girls was telling how he and her husband dismissed the negative issues surrounding their family.

"I am a person who always think positively. I always saw myself, why I was sad. Why can I not smile? Since I'm a happy, always smile, but if I see a photo journalist, I just froze," said celebrity nicknamed Is Posh Spice.

Guide and Preparation for Successful Consultant Interview

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After Bird, Tens of Thousands Dead Crab

After the death of thousands of birds recently, now a pile of crab carcasses are found to meet the coast at Thanet Coast.

As quoted by the website LiveScience, scientists have been puzzled by the phenomenon of the death of thousands of crabs that occur in this area. It is estimated there are about 25 thousand crab species Necora puberty who died on this beach, this year.

"This has been an unsolved phenomenon since three years in a row," said Tony Child, Thanet Coast Project Manager, told LiveScience website.

Last year, even the crabs that die in this place even more, reaching about 40 thousand crabs. Thanet Coast is a long coast which has a limestone rock, in the Kent area of England.

But this year, which is not only dead on the shore crab, but also the starfish. Crab Necora puberty or also known as velvet swimming crab, a crab that has red eyes, with fine hairs that grow on his body, so that it looked like the texture of velvet.

Environmental experts had conducted a series of studies related to this incident, but pemelitian did not find any conclusion. However, the Child had forecast about the cause of death had crabs.

According to him, every year the death occurred during shore crab covered with snow. Child explained that the snow melt will make the temperature around the coast fell to death crab is estimated to have anything to do with hipothermia. "However, I do not know for sure, whether this is really the cause," said Child.

Before the mass mortality of this crab, about 500 birds found dead in Louisiana, and other birds found dead in Sweden. While in some other countries also found the carcasses of fish that have died.

7 Things That Women Hate to a Men

Women admire men for various reasons. Either that, attention, body tegapnya, or intelligence. However, there are a number of typical behavior of a man who does not like women.

Want to know what are they? Check out the interview a group of women who stated the most hated of men, as quoted from page Idiva:

1. High Ego

Many women expect the man a little lower ego. Many women believe, men do not always want to compete with women, not willing, if women have more Traffic from him.

2. Consider women only as sex objects

"One thing I hate about most men is that they often regard women as inferior and only objects of sexual gratification. Whereas women in religion and culture is the figure who must be respected, but women are still often treated badly," says Miss India 2008, Parvathi Omanakuttan when responding to the attitude of the most hated man.

3. Breast Obsessed

Female breast has become the most interesting part concerns many men. So no wonder at the sight of large breasts, as though his eyes did not blink. In fact, they often see women every day, but still only the first glance that makes many men stare is the woman's chest. This makes most women feel uncomfortable.

4. Long-haired

Some men may fit-looking long hair. However, if not according to face shape, some women do not like the style of a man with longish hair. And will be even worse, if the long-haired man using a hair tie colorful, hair gel and hair coloring with blonde hair dye. This can be a disgusting thing for women.

5. Men are obsessed appearance

Men always complain when women take longer to get dressed. But it turns out, he also takes time to freshen up, ranging from choosing clothes and even not infrequently of them also use makeup if only a little powder.

6. Sex, sex, sex

The man is obsessed with sexual activity over time. Like a stove, male sex drive like a gas stove. Men just enough to warm up a little to excited. Lots of humor was created for people to show how important sex for a man. Most women think, they only hear what they want.

7. Hairy men

Most men are not willing, if the fine hairs on his body cut off. In fact, most women feel disgusted at the sight of a man with many feathers, especially in the chest.

Bankrupt, Toni Braxton Ready to Nude

Bankrupt, Toni Braxton Ready to NudeThe end of 2010 it was rather bleak for Toni Braxton. In fact, the news circulated Toni mentions that declared bankruptcy and still owes between $ 10 million to $ 50 million. Could be because Toni was also despair as to intend to nude for Playboy magazine, whereas before she had refused when he was given the same bid.

"New year, new opportunities. I'm considering to accept Playboy's offer to put my photo on their cover this year," wrote Toni Braxton via Twitter. Actually this is not the first time Toni Braxton got an offer from Playboy. Until now he has three times received the offer to be photographed naked for men's magazines today.

Although apparently not be realized but Toni Braxton was hoping to pose with Hugh Hefner who recently proposed to Crystal Harris proper night last Christmas. "I want to pose with Hugh Hefner. He is a man above 30 years of the most sexy as I know,"added Toni Braxton again.

Pamor Toni Braxton really had a bit faded. He almost had no activity in between 2005 to 2010 yesterday. In the year 2010 and then Toni had released an album titled PULSE and starred in a movie called The Balloon OOGIELOVES IN THE BIG ADVENTURE.

Beautiful Lake of Disaster

Incomplete feel if you visited the North Sumatra did not stop for a moment to Lake Toba, volcanic lake which is the largest lake in Indonesia, and even Southeast Asia. Exotic charm vast expanse of the lake like a sea with shady trees and hills, charming. The lake, measuring 1700 square meters with a depth of approximately 450 meters and lies 906 meters above sea level, in the middle of the lake there is Samosir Island became the object of not less interesting excursions.

Beautiful Lake of Disaster

During his visit in 1996, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands even expressed his admiration for the beautiful panorama of the lake. "Sell me name to this lake. I can not describe how beautiful Lake Toba, "he says enthusiastically.

There are seven districts around the lake, namely Simalungun, Toba Samosir, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Dairi, Karo, and Naidoo who has a wonderful natural panorama and a tourist destination location. Generally, tourists enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba Parapat in Simalungun and Tuktuk Siadong on Samosir Island.

It is estimated that Lake Toba explosion occurred at about 73 thousand-75 thousand years ago and is a super volcano eruption (super volcano) the most recent. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner from Michigan Technological University estimate that volcanic materials spewed out of the mountain as much as 2800 km ³, with 800 km ³ of rock Ignimbrite and 2,000 km ³ of volcanic ash which is expected in the wind to west for two weeks.

Volcanic dust in the wind has spread to half the earth, from China to South Africa. Explosion occurred during the week and throw the dust up to 10 km above sea level.

This incident caused mass death and, in some species, also followed by extinction. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also reducednumber of of people to about 60 % of the total human population of the earth at that time , which is about 60 million people . The eruption was also contributed to the occurrence of ice ages, although the experts still debate.

After the eruption, the caldera formed which is then filled with water and became what is now known as Lake Toba. Pressure upward by magma that has not come out cause the emergence of Samosir Island. While enjoying the beauty of this lake, you might not imagine that the charm of the place comes from the catastrophic volcanic eruptions that brought fear and horror at the time.
Travel overland to Lake Toba, precisely to Parapat, takes four to five hours from Medan. Available bus or travel directly to Parapat. The route through the Lubuk Pakam, Cliff High, and turn toward Siantar. Alongthe trip , wewere treated to a panorama of palm oil and rubber plantations .

When using the train, from Medan select a route to Siantar. From here the journey continues by bus to Parapat. Left sails through one hour.

Beautiful Lake of Disaster

For a place to stay and stay longer to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, there are many hotels and inns. In Parapat, there are at least 900 hotel rooms of all types, ranging from four star to homestay, in Tuktuk also not different. Both in Parapat and Tuktuk, tourists can instantly enjoy the lake from the rim. Rates for hotels in Parapat Tuktuk and varied, according to typical tourists who come. Starting from Rp 30 thousand to USD 500 thousand per night depending on the type of hotel.

A travel companies even offer to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the air, ie use paragliding. Every tourists are given the opportunity to fly using the paragliding from the mountains Tongging, Karo District, North Sumatra. For tourists who want to try paragliding will be accompanied by an experienced instructor, but of course determination can fly or not depends on weather conditions and wind.

Not only that, enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset you can enjoy from the coastal lakes. From the Karo highlands on the north, the lake looks elongated beauty viewed from Sikodonkodon. However, there is only one resort here. On the west side, views of the lake and the island of Samosir can be perfectly seen from the Tele. There is a viewing post at an altitude of about 1,000 meters from sea level to enjoy the sunset on Lake Toba.

Medical: Woman kills Palestinian Tear Gas

Ramallah, Palestine - A Palestinian woman who inhaled tear gas fired at Israeli soldiers during protests over the separation wall in the West Bank died in the evening, Palestinian medical officials said on Saturday.

The woman named Jawaher Abu Rahma, aged 36 years.

Army said on Friday that they are using tools that are not specified "to disperse demonstrations" to some 250 protesters who took part in weekly protests against the barrier near the village of Bilin, West Bank.

Some pictures showed smoke billowing around the tear gas protesters who threw stones.

Hospital in the town of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank did not say if the woman was suffering from asthma or other illnesses that can exacerbate the effects of the gas.

Some relatives say that older men from the women, Bassem Abu Rahma was also killed in the same place when his head hit by tear gas canisters fired at close range during a rally in April 2009.

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad also attended the rally Bilin on Friday but he was not injured.

A number of Palestinians joined the Israelis and foreign activists protesting against the barrier built on West Bank Israeli troops have clashed with some almost on every Friday outside the Bilin and surrounding areas for many years.

Israel says the steel and concrete walls and barbed wire fences and planned along the 723 miles required for security. Palestinians see it as their land, which is considered as part of their country.

International Court of Justice (ICJ) announced non-binding resolution in 2004 which urged a number of sections of the barrier in the West Bank to be torn down and stop the other buildings in the area.

But Israel does not care about these rules.

Weekly demonstrations announced by non-violent but often turn into clashes between stone-throwing Palestinian youths (Intifadha) with Israeli soldiers who fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

According to figures from the United Nations, Israel has so far completed 413 kilometers of the planned barrier.

When construction is achieved, by 85 percent barrier wall that would stand in the West Bank who took the land from villages such as Bilin and Nilin.

In February Israel began work to re-route planning barrier near Bilin for more than two years because demand for the High Court, so that the Israeli move as far as hundreds of meters to the west.

The High Court issued a ruling in September 2007 that the barrier in Bilin region is "very harmful" to the villagers and asked the government to create an alternative route "during the specified period."

In the rules, the court said the residents had been discriminated against because their land was occupied and agricultural land is cut by the barrier.

Palestinians also said that in some places, the barrier that separates the road to school and treatment center and separating a number of families.

The residents of Bilin is the first to stage the rally scheduled in opposing wall so as to develop a campaign that has spread to other villages in the West Bank.

10 Killed On New Year's Party at the Bar of South Africa

Johannesburg - A total of 10 people were killed during a party to welcome the New Year in South Africa due to jostling in a crowded bar in Ipelegeng township, police said Saturday.

Investigations have been made about the cause of the tragedy, which occurred near the dance floor bar in Ipelegeng, about 200 kilometers west of Johannesburg in the North West Province.

"When police were deployed to the location, they found that the crush happened in the bar and 10 people have died," said Adele Myburgh police spokeswoman told AFP.

'Cause surely crush it at this stage would be assured by the police investigation and we do not give a special identity of the victim at this stage, because the families of the victims have not been told and some not yet officially identified, "he said.

Myburgh adds a lot of people in the bar that is one factor that is being investigated by police.

Local officials called for a complete and thorough investigation.

"Someone must be held accountable for the incident which robbed precious lives of many families and communities," said Desbo Mohono, elected officials to carry out housing.

"We're puzzled and saddened by the death, "he added.

Statues of Stalin were blown up in Ukraine

Kiev (AFP) - extremists blow up the monument of the Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin that controversial on New Year's Eve in southeastern Ukraine and is considered as an act of terrorism, according to the local Communist Party on Saturday.

Statue in the town of Zaporizhia, issued in May, led to heated controversy in Ukraine is still divided between the nationalist west and the east fraction which tended to support Russia, because of historical connection with the Soviets.

"A criminal broke into the regional headquarters of the Communist Party, and attach a time bomb that exploded after a few minutes mounted," the Communist Party's real.

"Stalin statue was destroyed by the explosion," continued the statement of the party.

They also said that the explosion caused serious damage to buildings but no casualties.

"We consider this as an act of terrorism and a challenge from right-wing extremist groups," he added.

The explosion occurred on New Year's Eve at 22:40 local time (January 1 at 3:40 pm), he explained.

The same statue was badly damaged last week by the blast that claimed by nationalist groups Tryzub (Spear-eyed three) who accused Stalin as a "butcher the people of Ukraine and international terrorists."

At that time, there are those who doubt the original state of the statue because the communists covered with white cloth so that no visible damage.

However, it is not a mystery anymore because the photo sculpture has been scattered by the blast, which only shows the base pole only.

Stalin is a figure who was hated by most Ukrainians, who blames himself deliberately let the death of millions of citizens of Ukraine in the 1930s due to famine known as "Holodomor".

The nationalists regard the incident as an incident of genocide.