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The strength of The First Kiss

The strength of The First KissRemembering the good times when I was dating was giving spark passion in life. Especially when he gets recall first kiss from a lover. Is it true that first kiss memorable?

A study revealed that the majority of people able to remember 90 percent of the details of the experience his love. However, experience more memorable than the first kiss first sex experience.

Before writing the book 'The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us', Sheril Kirshenbaum conducted experiments measuring the magnetic currents in the brains of men and women in response to a number of pictures of people kissing.

As a result, more women than men appreciate kiss. Although often feel less satisfied with the kiss was doing, they tend to be difficult to forget because the forward sense.

While men see kissing as a way to achieve the 'goal', ie warm-up before entering a more intimate relationship. That is why kissing men often feel more aggressive.

Regardless of the grade that is built up, the kiss has a number of positive benefits. Confetti.co.uk survey conducted of 3,000 married couples in the UK revealed that couples who kiss four times a day have a closer emotional bond, which is the basis for harmonious relations.


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