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Qaddafi Not Mubarak, Also Not Saddam

Qaddafi Not Mubarak, Also Not SaddamMoammar Qaddafi is not Hosni Mubarak who chose to resign after facing pressure to resign his subjects.

Mubarak chose to get away to the resort town of Sharm el Sheikh and even now subject to travel bans. He was not allowed to leave Egypt, for treatment though.

Qaddafi would also not be like Saddam Hussein, former Iraqi leader. Saddam, who once dropped the US-led coalition forces, escaped, hid in the bunker, arrested, imprisoned, tried and eventually hanged. Truly tragic fate of former Iraqi strongman. Her children, especially boys, was also killed.

At the time, Saddam Hussein, Moammar Qaddafi, and Hafez al-Assad is the Middle East lions who roar shook the Western world. The three leaders are actually fighting over influence in the Middle East. That's the story of the past.

Until now still rule over Libya's Qaddafi. He was still the supreme ruler of the country in North Africa. Business opposition forces who had the support of Western military power, plus two Middle Eastern countries and is now under NATO command, has not been entirely successful. Is the end result of the resistance who helped NATO opposition? The fall of Qaddafi's regime, a cease-fire, or split into two Libya: Libya's eastern and western Libya, or what?

There is no unity of opinion among coalition forces. President Barack Obama is clearly said, the goal ultimately is the removal Qaddafi. However, he also said the military offensive could not have completed the removal of Qaddafi by itself.

So how do I get rid of Qaddafi? Is when the war was over and Qaddafi remains in power, does not mean that the NATO mission, which continues the mission of the coalition as its support of the UN Security Council mandate, fail?

Meanwhile, the opposition was up to now has not been so solid, not one single leader who could be a handle and a role model. On 22 March, indeed, the so-called national council opposition announced the formation of transitional government under Mahmoud Jibril, a U.S. educated economist who once was an ally of Saif Islam, the son of Qaddafi (Time, April 4, 2011).

However, the board had previously announced that Mustafa Abdel Jalil, former Minister of Justice, who headed the institute "temporary transition." It is unclear, how the relationship and division of tasks and responsibilities between the two men.

In addition, it is unclear who is also the supreme commander of the opposition in the battle against government troops. There is mention of war under the command of General Abdel Fatah leader Younis, former Minister of the Interior. Others call his commander was General Omar Hariri, who had led the failed coup against Qaddafi in 1975. And, still others call Heftir General Khalifa, the new opposition leader returned from exile.

Tripoli is still in the hands of Qaddafi. He will fight tooth and nail to the death. At least that's what he had to say. Reading the history of his life, he was not a quitter loser. So, the story has not ended up here. Qaddafi, once again, not Ben Ali, not Mubarak, and Saddam Hussein nor the tragic end of his life.

Prince William's Degree Bachelor Party

Prince William's Degree Bachelor PartyPrince William escaped the attention of the media and have establish a hen party in a closed session, court officials said on Monday.

The 28-year-old prince, who will marry her long time partner, Kate Middleton, at the church Westminster Abbey on 29 April, reportedly marking the end of their life as a single man by holding a closed party at the cottage in the countryside on weekends.

"The party is over. We will not say when or where,"the spokesman said the prince told AFP.

When Williams announced that his younger brother, Prince Harry, will be a companion for her wedding and also set the hen party, analysts expect William will prepare ourselves for a big night in some of Harry's favorite places in London.

However, due to concerns over the media frenzy, William creates a closed party with about 20 close friends at a country house outside London, said the newspaper "Daily Telegraph". However, the newspaper did not specify where the bachelor party.

William and Kate's wedding is the biggest of the British royal wedding since her parents, Prince Charles and Diana, in 1981 and sparked great excitement throughout the world.

The oldest fossils on Earth It's just Crystals Minerals

The oldest fossils on Earth It's just Crystals Minerals
Twenty years ago, scientists praised the important discovery of Earth's oldest fossils found in rocks of Australia. Now, the study was indisputable masterpiece. Why?

Based on recent analysis of microscopic structure, the rocks are considered to contain microbes 3.5 billion years old it was just a series of rock containing the mineral crystals.

The findings suggest that the experts do astrobiologi careful labeling of alien life on a rock on Mars. The proof, scientists still have trouble finding evidence of early life on Earth.

Experts from the University of Kansas, United States, initially did not believe inthe existence of carbon , the materialearly in life , on therocks in the Apex Chert , Plbara ,western Australia.

They then cut the rocks with 300 micron thick, about three times the diameter of human hair, and then studied under a microscope.

Apparently, not the carbon that was found but quartz rock and mineral haematite.

"This is a funny incident in the world of science pengetahuaan when you do something that could change something 180 degrees. We turned to find something more complicated than previously thought," said study co-author, Craig Marshall.

Coalition strikes Extended, Will Military Action Weeks!

Coalition strikes Extended, Will Military Action Weeks!France declared the military action in Libya still will last for weeks. Meanwhile NATO continues to try to reach an agreement for a command structure of the Libyan mission under NATO.

Fierce fighting raged between troops continued to pro-Libyan ruler Muammar al Qaddafi against Western coalition forces. Launched air strikes in addition to the targets in the capital Tripoli, for the first time expanded to the south. Libyan military report, the Western coalition bombed a military base in the town of Sebha and Al Djufra about 800 km south of the capital Tripoli. Also the battle ground between pro-Qaddafi troops against insurgents continue to flare, especially around town and Misrata Ajdabiya in western Libya.

Ruler of Libya, Muammar al-Qaddafi in his speech on Tuesday (22/03) night continued to inflame the spirit of its supporters, "All over the world held demonstrations for the problem of Libya, in Asia, in Africa, in America, in Europe. The people on our side. What we oppose, is a minority. "

On the other hand, the British military reported, the Libyan air force has been successfully destroyed. Also Libyan air defense system attacks suffered enormous damage.

Young Marshal Greg Bagwell of the British royal air force at the time of visiting a military base in southern Italy, said "We now continue to increase pressure on the Libyan armed forces. Force no longer exist air and air defense systems attack heavily damaged, so can the Western coalition warplanes fly to the intended target almost without a hitch. "

Meanwhile, NATO began to implement an arms embargo against Libya, according to UN resolutions. This defense alliance announced in Brussels, Belgium, war ships are now patrolling in the coastal region of Libya. However, internal disputes involving cross in the future NATO role in guarding the UN resolution for military action against Libya, has not yet been completed. Especially against the Turkish military operation against Libya.

In this regard, NATO commander for Europe, U.S. Admiral James Stavridis visited Ankara, Turkey, for talks special. It is estimated, the visit was an attempt to forge an agreement for the command structure of military mission in Libya under the leadership of NATO.

In a meeting in Brussels earlier, NATO's 28 members failed to reach an agreement regarding the question, in what form and extent of the political role of the defense alliance in the future, the implementation of UN resolutions against Libya. So far, France and Britain took the initiative to take over political leadership of the military mission in Libya, in relation to the attitude of the United States more restraint.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe on Thursday (24/03) to the radio station RTL confirmed, the Western coalition forces will continue attacking military targets in Libya from the air, as long as it is needed. French Foreign Minister was also attractive balance sheet, continuous air attacks launched since Saturday (19/03) and then as a success.

Instead China continues to criticize the military action in Libya and demanded immediate ceasefire were established. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu in Beijing in a routine press conference pointed out, the fighting in Libya to shake the stability of the entire region.

U.S. F-15 plane crash in Libya

U.S. F-15 plane crash in LibyaBERLIN - A U.S. fighter jet F-15 crashed in Libya, on Monday night and the crew melompot using ejection seat with a member is found safe and another is being sought, said a spokesman for the U.S. Africa Command, told AFP Tuesday.

"The two crew members jumped," said the spokesman, Karin Burzynski from the command headquarters in the city of Stuttgart, western Germany. "A crew was found and the operation to search for another is being done."

Western forces pounding the bases of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi for the third night in accordance with a UN Security Council resolutions which allow the necessary action to stop the Gaddafi troops killed and wounded civilians while they fight the rebellion.

Gaddafi talisman Represent Virgin?

Gaddafi talisman Represent Virgin?
Tripoli - a joint military action Libyan tanks bombarding the looming death in the eyes of Muammar Gaddafi. But he always survived. Is it true that dozens of virgins to be the source of spiritual power?

In the midst of bells and gempitanya West bombardment, has been ascertained by active Gaddafi sought refuge in his country. However, it seems that the Libyan leader is no need to worry, because he has a team of specially trained bodyguards for several decades.

It is an open secret, Gaddafi's bodyguards were female. However, in addition to handsome and macho, not many know that his bodyguards were in fact still a virgin! Yes, as many as 40 virgins bergincu with cocked weapons is always ready to be around Gaddafi.

Lady's maid was wearing glasses guard output renowned designer, wearing military boots high heels and do not forget to wear a camouflage uniform. But do not be gullible. Still look pretty and sexy, all these women are trained killers.

Direct our minds fixed on the Women's Military Academy, founded Gaddafi in Tripoli in 1979 ago. The Academy formed as a symbol of female emancipation.

"I promised the mother to improve the condition of women in Libya," Gaddafi said when establishing the academy. His mother is an ordinary woman is illiterate of Arab Bedouins. As he was born in the middle of the Italian occupation of his country.

Some foreign visitors who had given a peek access academy gave his testimony. In the block-style academy Sparta, there are about 100 women who were trained technical elite troops killed ala, day and night, for three years. They were woken up at 4:30 every morning, then warm up by jogging for a half hour.

After that, they go to classes. Some are trained to fly MIG fighter jet. Others studying the martial arts, even firing rocket-propelled grenades. "The exercises involving all military capabilities. Starting from the weaponry, fighting with bare hands, to telecommunications, "said Jane Kokan, Canadian journalist who has documented these activities in 1995.

While Doug Sanders, another Canadian journalist who had received a similar permit in 2004, wrote down his experiences on the blog. He believed, women's elite bodyguard, also known as the 'Protectors of the VIP' is a symbol.

"This picture of the idiosyncratic thoughts and enigma of the revolution in a Muslim country, where women in daily life is still far to get equal rights and obligations," he wrote.

The best student of the college-student was dubbed "revolutionary nuns'. They never married and dedicated his life entirely on the idea of ​​revolution by Gaddafi in 1969. Dilarangan They have sex and swear to protect Khadafi, if take up to death.

It has been proven, in 1998. A a bodyguard named Aisha Gaddafi throws himself into the direction when Islamic militants attacked a convoy of Gaddafi. A series of bullet killed Aisha and two other colleagues. But Gaddafi survived, without the slightest scratch. So do not doubt the ability of these women in providing protection.

Western intelligence agencies have repeatedly tried to shake Gaddafi kesetian inner circle. Although there are several who betrayed the Libyan leader for 41 years, no single female bodyguard who registered the case. Even there, Gaddafi's regime would do anything for the sake of maintaining the image of elite bodyguards.

"Without the leader, Libyan women do not mean anything. He gave us life and I am ready to die for him. He is a father, brother and friend who can you trust. You would not believe how low his heart Gaddafi, "said 27-year-old girl who was trained at the academy, Fatia.

Many believe Gaddafi is currently lurking outside of Tripoli. However, he appeared on the balcony of Bab al Aziziya, complex missile hit his home a few days ago. Private jets are also believed to have been destroyed, he mitigates fled abroad. There was no other choice for Gaddafi, in addition to give his life to the virgins that. However, until when?

Asked Questions Rihanna, Chris Brown rampage

Asked Questions Rihanna, Chris Brown rampageLOS ANGELES - Chris Brown destroy the glass window using a chair and hurried out of the New York TV studio after being asked about the persecution he has done to Rihanna in February 2009.

The singer was sentenced to 21 years of the experiment five years and six months community service after assaulting a former girlfriend, Rihanna, in February 2009 and then it throws the chair to the window in the dressing room before tearing his shirt Robin Roberts, then left the studio.

Chris behave wildly when Robin asked on the show 'Good Morning America "about the incident persecution by Chris on Rihanna. TMZ Thus was launched on Wednesday (23/03/2011).

In an interview, Robin asked, "What happens now? orders detention of you who have decided to make Rihanna can relax now. Did you two have met each other again?".

"That's really not a big deal. I think it is a past event which should I go through in my life, and now I do not want to talk about anything else other than my album,"Chris said.

"I focus on the album 'FAME (Forgiving All My Enemies') this. The public must be talking about this album, not even talk about what happened to me and Rihanna's two years ago," continued Chris.

Four Signs Men Ready to Commit

Who said men would never commit in a relationship? Recognize the four marks of the men ready to step into a more serious relationship:

1. Want to meet parents and families
As quoted from Geniusbeauty.com, one sign of commitment-ready guy is the emergence of a desire to meet her partner's parents. It shows that the man did not just want to involve themselves in their partner, but also the entire family.

2. Talking about the future
When a man does not just talk about things that took place at this time but also plan for the future with her partner, it is a sign he is ready to build the relationship further. He began to plan a family and things around him. He began to arrange his life to greet the future with a partner.

3. Prioritize the interests of partner
When men no longer forward the ego and its interests, and in fact more concerned with the interests and needs of their partners, it was a sign he was ready to commit. He began acting like a responsible head of the family.

4. It never bored when dating
The relationship has lasted a long time, and weekend activities are also not much changed. But this man was still excited when I met her partner, like a first date. There was nothing that made ​​him tired. It was a sign he was ready to spend the rest of his life with the woman.

Are you ready to commit?

Ricky Martin awarded the Gay Community Award

Ricky Martin awarded the Gay Community AwardLOS ANGELES - After admitting to being gay, Ricky Martin received one of the highest awards in the event for the gay, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards were held on Saturday, March 19.

Rick was awarded one of the highest penghragaan, the Vito Russo. Vito is the most vocal gay activists in the United States and Europe, as well as film historians.

In his speech, Living La Vida Loca 'singer revealed the process in its path until finally dared to admit in public about his sexual orientation disorder.

"I've been through a spiritual process of intensive during the last five years, especially the last two years. Finally, I decided I needed to share with the world," said Ricky Showbizspy that was launched on Monday (3/21/2011).

In fact, since making confessions himself gay, Ricky follower on Twitter jumped dramatically from 500 thousand to 1.8 million. He called on the public to share love to the world.

"Let us share the love. Let us go to Mexico. Let us go to Colombia. Let us go to Argentina. Let us go to Chile. Let us go to Brazil. We need you. I can help, I can do it. I want be part of it, "concludes Rick.

This Singer (Ke$ha) Drinking Blood in Concert

This Singer Drinking Blood in Concert Ke$ha become a pop star's most bloodthirsty in the stage. According PopDust, recent performances Ke $ ha in Brisbane Music Festival truly tinged action 'bleed. "

In the middle of the concert, the singer of 'Tik Tok' pictorial wearing a U.S. flag that was torn suddenly doing terrible acts. As quoted from PopEater, he issued a throbbing heart that is still visible, pointed to his mouth, and drink the blood that trickled from the heart of it.

To $ ha also poured blood from the heart is through his body. There was no information whether the heart was obtained from the dissected animals or not. However, one thing is for sure, this pop group received an increasingly frenzied followers.

To $ ha plans to hold a tour in the near future. This California singer even gave it the theme of weird on her tour. The tour that he gave the theme of '$leazy Tour' Tour aka filthy.

This is the meaning of 'i' in iPod, iPhone and iPad

This is the meaning of 'i' in iPod, iPhone and iPad

Apple created a brand of product 'i ' to be said is not related to the function and design. Surely you are wondering what that means? Consider the following.

When Apple released its debut product 'i' first, iMac, Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs said, "It is a pleasure marriage internet and the simplicity of Macintosh. "

So, 'i' represents the Internet and 'Mac' represent the Macintosh. Internet is the word most frequently mistaken represented by 'i'. However, the Internet is not the only meaning of 'i'referred to Jobs.

Besides the Internet, 'i ' also means an individual, refers to the nature of the personal computer. Instruction, computers are also intended for educational purposes as well as information and inspiration.

Since the debut of the iMac in 1998, Apple began to create some similar designs other consumer products using the 'i,' including iPod, iPhone and now the iPad.

Send U.S. spy plane to Japan

Tokyo: The United States military aircraft will fly an unmanned spy on a nuclear power Fukushima, Japan. U.S. wants to get closer to the reactor vision problems.

"The images taken by spy planes that fly high can provide useful clues about what is going on inside the reactor building, about a high-level radiation has been detected," said a government source was quoted by Japanese news agency, Thursday (17 / 3).

The plane had been equipped with infrared sensors.

The mission is planned that happens when the Japanese government seems unable to overcome the crisis after the nuclear power plant on the waterfront was hit by a quake measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale and the tsunami on Friday.

The U.S. military has contributed logistical assistance transportation, search and rescue immediately after disaster struck the Pacific coast in northeastern Tokyo.

"In Washington, on Wednesday, a Pentagon official said U.S. forces in Japan is in principle not allowed within a radius of 90 kilometers (60 miles) from the plant," Kyodo said.

This Underwear Special Shy Knickers

This Underwear Special Shy Knickers
You feel embarrassed when I walked through the whole body scanner at the airport? Do not worry. Japanese scientists have created a special underwear.

The scanners at some British airports allow the entire appearance of the body, including the genital organs, visible on the screen public. Therefore, scientists Steve Bradshaw, 54, created underwear that could prevent the passenger to feel ashamed.

Underwear was made from a mixture of metal and glass, but still allows the operator to scan the airport dangerous objects like guns, knives and explosives throughout the body.

One boy's father claims airport security scanner is in violation of human privacy. "The machine operates with a wavelength that is different, and feared to create radiation," said Bradshaw.

Men from Poynton, England was created underpants 'different' from the material barium sulfate, aluminum, glass and others. "I've worked 35 years in screen printing company. I already know exactly how mendifusikan picture. "

Professor Nick Bowring, a scanner expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, believes the technology that created Bradshaw can work well.

"Using material capable of reflecting X-rays as well as 'blinding' the view engine is an effective way to prevent the device displays the images that are not desirable," he said.

WikiLeaks: Japan Hiding Nuclear Issues

LONDON - leaked diplomatic wire U.S. Embassy in Tokyo was mention of the country's nuclear crisis. In addition there are already predicting that need to be improved safety standards since 2008, similar wires also said the Japanese government cover-cover nuclear accidents.

This was conveyed by Taro Kono, Japan's cabinet member lower house of parliament in October 2008. Kono convey this to the U.S. diplomat. He accused the Japanese government keeping secrets related to nuclear incidents at that time.

Kono also accused the government of Japan paid no other alternative energy in Japan that could be used instead of nuclear. Such as wind power.

"Kono accused the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan's nuclear accident cover-cover and hide the true cost of a nuclear reactor. There is a hidden nuclear issue," the report said the diplomat.

"Kono said the Japanese in 2008 had increased seismic activity. The high activity of an earthquake three years ago it was signalize about Japanese nuclear reactor safety.

Prime Minister of Japan at this time, Naoko Kan, when it still served as minister of technology and science.

Already Fukushima radiation from the Triple Border Normal

Already Fukushima radiation from the Triple Border NormalTOKYO - The Japanese government has said the radiation levels around nuclear power plants Fukushima I've entered the level of impact to human health. This is following the explosion of the reactor 2 at the Fukushima plant complex I, on Tuesday (15 / 3), after earlier reactors 1 and 3 - of a total of six reactors - has exploded on Saturday (12 / 3) and Monday (14 / 3).

"Radiation of 400 milisievert per hour have been detected in the vicinity of the reactor building number 3 at 10:22 pm (local time),''said Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yukio Edano, as quoted by NHK, on Tuesday (15 / 3). This figure, called him, was high enough to affect human health.

Edano also said that the possibility of a large vessel from the reactor 2 nuclear power plant has been damaged. Three reactor that exploded, I was him, out of dangerous radioactive material.

Figures 400 or 400 thousand mikrosievert milisievert is three times higher than acceptable levels of radiation humans. Exposure to radiation from that level could trigger the loss of white blood cells.

Japan Earthquake Predicted Previous Apparently Already

Japan Earthquake Predicted Previous Apparently AlreadyTOKYO - An earthquake that ravage Japan, last Friday, it had predicted earlier. However, researchers do not know if the strength of the quake was very powerful.

Sadayuki Kitagawa, researchers at the Seismic Research division said that they had actually predict earthquakes will occur around the coast of Fukushima and Ibaraki.

What they do not know is the size of the power of the quake and tsunami will occur. "We were already predicting there will be an earthquake with a strength of 8 or smaller, but not this big," he said.

He added that the Friday quake strength will make a series of aftershocks are expected to last for a while. Kitagawa said, it resembles a massive earthquake, the earthquake in Aceh, 2004, which also caused huge Indian Ocean tsunami.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg News reported, Italy geological institute claims Japanese earthquake shifts the axis of the earth about 10 cm.

Ring Neck Generate Stroke Risk

Most people are fond of and satisfied after a successful neck ring. Typical movements that may be hard to break habits. Apparently the custom is believed to reduce soreness. Unfortunately, if done too often can increase the risk of stroke.

Typical movements that produce sounds like a broken bone is actually due to the release of gas in the synovial membrane that surrounds joints. The gas is out of the membrane as a result of strong pressure at the neck or waist played with mengentak movement.

Release of these gases are not harmful, and even can help relieve stiffness and aches in the joints. Soreness can be reduced for a while, though usually will come back again when the synovial membrane begins to fill back by air.

Fitness expert from New York, Henry S. Lodge, MD said neck ring the habit is more dangerous than other parts because it can increase the risk of stroke.

"In some women, rang the neck with a typical movement reportedly can increase the risk of stroke. Presumably because this triggers an artery or blood vessel damage," said Lodge, as quoted from MSN Health.

Actions move the neck so as to produce a sound like a broken bone is never recommended by experts. If you do not want to feel the aches, the most appropriate choice is to move or make more frequent physical activity.

Even if forced to do so because it may already be a difficult habit is lost, then the motion should not be made too strong and mengentak. Repeat naturally, not be forced too rotate or bend so as to give an extra burden because it can lead to arthritis or arthritis.

NASA Researchers Find Evidence of Aliens in the Meteor

Scientists from NASA (National Space Agency of the United States), Richard B. Hoover, showed evidence of living things in the meteorites. Researchers from NASA's Marshall Flight Center claimed that he and his team found evidence of living creatures in the form of a rare fossilized bacteria, which live in outer space boulders of it.

As reported by CBSNews.com, Sunday, March 6, 2011, Hoover wrote that the evidence in a recent journal, Journal of Cosmogoly edition of March 2011. Hoover argued that the test results on nine collection of meteorites called Meteorite Carbonaceous CI1, it shows that there are bacteria that comes from the region of origin meteor.

"Filaments complex found in the CI1 Carbonaceous meteorites showed no bacterial microfossil 'natives' of cyanobacteria," Hoover said in his writings.

Cyanobacteria are blue-green bacteria that fall into the category Autotroph photosynthetic bacteria. He can produce their own food with the help of sunlight chemically.

According to Hoover, who found that the material detected as cyanobacteria are likely to show the existence of life outside the earth's living things. And Hoover did not dismiss that it was the final conclusions of the research.

Suddenly just this conclusion raises the pros and cons among scientists. However, this reinforces the conclusion Hoover evidence of extraterrestrial life. Having previously a number of experts assert that there is the element of water in the meteorite.

Meanwhile, News.com.au write, research by Hoover is only through a very simple process. Meteor stone was kept in a sterile place before the test. Tests conducted with the standard tools of researchers: an electron microscope and electron emission microscope.

As a result, Hoover discovered microorganisms whose fruits are not much different from one type of common bacteria on Earth. "The interesting thing is, the fossils were easily recognizable shape and type is very close to those in the earth," said Hoover.

IPad Prices Going Down 100 U.S. Dollars

IPad Prices Going Down 100 U.S. DollarsApple has introduced iPad 2, Wednesday (02/03/2011). Apple's latest series tablet production that will go on sale in the United States on March 11 next and in 26 other countries began March 25.

Some of the main advantages iPad 2 is thinner than the iPhone 4 and two times faster than previous iPad. It also has a camera, has a black and white color choices, and the same price as the previous iPad.

As a consequence of the launch of the iPad 2, then the price will fall iPad previous series. According to the Dallas Morning News website, from the 499 U.S. dollar, the price of IPAD is now down 100 dollars to 399 U.S. dollars. This price is not cheap, but at least many people happy with its reduction.

While IPAD 2 was launched, in fact Apple has also planned launch of the iPad 3. Predicted iPad 3 will be launched this fall in September, alias only 6 months from now.

Whenever iPad 3 was launched, the price of 2 iPad iPad and later expected to fall. Some people say, at that price the first IPAD might be able to 199 U.S. dollars, down from current 300 U.S. dollars.

If the prediction is true, maybe iPad will be more able to be reached by the end of this year. Well, if you include people who wait for falling prices iPad?

Parents Treat Their Son Like Dogs

LONDON - The parents of one's behavior is totally inhumane. They were accused of treating the three foster children like dogs by giving them pet food and locking them in cages.

John and Sonja Kluth regularly beating and torturing children who are adopted. Two boys aged 15 years and 11 years. Another is a nine-year-old girl.

''They were forced to live like animals,''said the prosecutor.

Nyonta Kluth, who is now aged 57, believed to be the perpetrator of the most cruel. While John, husband Kluth seven years younger, just standing and not doing anything.

They were arrested in Oklahoma, United States. However, they had been released from jail after paying bail.