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Send U.S. spy plane to Japan

Tokyo: The United States military aircraft will fly an unmanned spy on a nuclear power Fukushima, Japan. U.S. wants to get closer to the reactor vision problems.

"The images taken by spy planes that fly high can provide useful clues about what is going on inside the reactor building, about a high-level radiation has been detected," said a government source was quoted by Japanese news agency, Thursday (17 / 3).

The plane had been equipped with infrared sensors.

The mission is planned that happens when the Japanese government seems unable to overcome the crisis after the nuclear power plant on the waterfront was hit by a quake measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale and the tsunami on Friday.

The U.S. military has contributed logistical assistance transportation, search and rescue immediately after disaster struck the Pacific coast in northeastern Tokyo.

"In Washington, on Wednesday, a Pentagon official said U.S. forces in Japan is in principle not allowed within a radius of 90 kilometers (60 miles) from the plant," Kyodo said.


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