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Asked Questions Rihanna, Chris Brown rampage

Asked Questions Rihanna, Chris Brown rampageLOS ANGELES - Chris Brown destroy the glass window using a chair and hurried out of the New York TV studio after being asked about the persecution he has done to Rihanna in February 2009.

The singer was sentenced to 21 years of the experiment five years and six months community service after assaulting a former girlfriend, Rihanna, in February 2009 and then it throws the chair to the window in the dressing room before tearing his shirt Robin Roberts, then left the studio.

Chris behave wildly when Robin asked on the show 'Good Morning America "about the incident persecution by Chris on Rihanna. TMZ Thus was launched on Wednesday (23/03/2011).

In an interview, Robin asked, "What happens now? orders detention of you who have decided to make Rihanna can relax now. Did you two have met each other again?".

"That's really not a big deal. I think it is a past event which should I go through in my life, and now I do not want to talk about anything else other than my album,"Chris said.

"I focus on the album 'FAME (Forgiving All My Enemies') this. The public must be talking about this album, not even talk about what happened to me and Rihanna's two years ago," continued Chris.