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Musicians, Dies at Age 27

Amy Winehouse Death reminds us of the young musicians who were killed in their golden period. Popularity and brilliant musical career was no longer able to save their lives from the bondage of alcohol, drug, or bad habits that often they lakoni in the middle of the entertainment spotlight. In addition to Amy, there are a series of world musicians who died at the age of 27, which further adds to the myth of the theory of chance known as Club 27. Who are they?

1. Amy Winehouse

London, Saturday, July 23, 2011, a talented British musician was found dead in his home area of ​​North London. Amy known closely with alcohol and drugs were found dead at 4:15 pm local time. Until now the cause of death of Amy's still confusing, though police suspect the cause is a drug overdose. On the outside it looks sloppy and often adorn the British media, with the appearance of a mess, Amy is a jazz and blues musicians are reliable and character. RIP Amy. We love you.

2. Kurt Cobain

Seattle, 4 April 1994, Kurt was found dead at his home in deplorable conditions, the head was destroyed because of the guns that fired into the mouth. Beside his body lay a letter addressed to his wife, Courtney Love. Until now Kurt's death still a mystery though is believed he died of an overdose, hallucinations and shot himself. Another speculation called Kurt was murdered. Regardless of the mystery of his death, Kurt is a clever musician who marks a major change in the development of music in the '80s with the breath of modern grunge and alternative rock.

3. Jimi Hendrix

London, 18 September 1970, the best guitarist in rock history is our last breath. Jimi death still a mystery to this day from the LDS drug and alcohol overdose, a suicide until the alleged murder. Regardless of the mystery of his death, Jimi was the name of the legendary blues musician and his work is still remembered to this day.

4. Jim Morrison

Paris, July 3, 1971, known as Jim Morrison of The Doors frontman was found dead in her apartment bathtub. Until now the cause of death is still confusing because an autopsy was never performed. Allegations that time was a heart attack, despite the presence of the 2007 re-emerged the news that Jim died of a heroin overdose. Jim is known as a vocalist who is close to sex, alcohol and drugs. In spite of the shambles his life, Jim is one of the 100 greatest singers of all time with handsome faces a reliable mix of music, poetry, drama, and theatrical stage persona into a big work. Jim is eternal, and quotes about the death of one who represents the figure of Jim's is "We're Reaching for death / on the end of a candle / We 're Trying for something / that' s already found us."

5. Janis Lyn Joplin

Los Angeles, October 4, 1970, Janis Joplin was found dead on the floor of his hotel room at age 27 from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. Janis, is one of the female musicians-blues rock flow are very popular in the '60s era. Rolling Stones magazine even put them in a row Hot Artists of All Time. Joplin's brief career, but the adherents of this antikemapanan leave a great legacy in the music world. Blues fans will remember as one who believes Joplin blues soul is possessed by all people as long as we want to feel it.

6. Brian Jones

Sussex, England, July 3, 1969. If you are a fan of rock and roll in the '60s, you surely know Brian Jones, guitarist and founder of the Rolling Stones are known by the skillful playing of musical instruments and includes a variety of intelligent musicians of his day. Brian was killed by drowning while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. But until now, the speculation causes the death of Brian is still a mystery.

In addition to six blues-rock star on top, there is still a series of world musicians who died at the age of 27 at the peak of their popularity. Whether coincidence or not with the age of 27 who is believed by some to be the numbers of death and becoming a phenomenon among the biggest myths of rock and blues musicians, we still can not play with death right? They already passed away, but it works great they would still be remembered. I love all of Their works but They are so young to die!

Password '123456 'Prone hacked

Hotmail service users who use a common password or '123456 'forced to change due to increased security webmail services.

Microsoft prohibits the use of the password "123456" and "ilovecats" because it is easily compromised by malicious hackers by using trial-and-error.

"This new feature will soon be rolling and we will prevent you choose passwords that are common when you register a new account or when you change the password," said Program Manager of Microsoft's Hotmail Dick Craddock.

"If you use a password that is common, the possibility of later, you will be prompted to change the password with a stronger password."

A strong password that is a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters and should not be based on dictionary words or personal information like birthdays.

A study reveals some of the emails that leaked because the user uses a bad password. When hackers break the system in a blog network Gawker U.S., the three most common password is "123456", "password" and "12345678".

Not only that, Microsoft also tightened password settings as Microsoft has implemented a feature in Hotmail that allows users to report the account has been hacked by spammers friends.

Then, Hotmail security system will detect if there are violations by checking every incoming email with the message "My friends have been hacked!". Users who send email are asked to change her account password so the spammers can not access the back.

Microsoft said the warning system will also be provided by Google and Yahoo when Hotmail users receive spam from Gmail or Yahoo account friend! Mail.

"We already have features that can be activated only a few weeks, we have identified thousands of customers that their accounts have been compromised and helps its customers to return to their accounts," Craddock said, as quoted by the Telegraph.

This is the Greatest Secrets of Venus

This is the Greatest Secrets of Venus

Although the second planet in this solar system have similar names but the Roman goddess of love is not loving the planet. For starters, the planet's surface reaches 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, this second planet has been named as the hottest planet in the solar system. Worse, a thick blanket of carbon dioxide pressure 92 times Earth's atmospheric pressure in the dry landscape. Dull clouds blocking the view of the planet's surface is sulfuric acid.

As envisioned, studying Venus proved to be a difficult job. Little by little, scientists are learning more about the neighbors of this Earth. Here are some of the largest misteris of the brightest objects in the sky after the sun and moon.

Earth-like climate

Venus is sometimes referred to as the 'evil twin' of Earth. In size, composition and location of the orbit, the actual planet Venus hell termirip Earth. In the early history of Venus, scientists suspect that world very much like Earth, the oceans and the climate colder.

However, more than a few billion years, the greenhouse effect that is very influential. Venus is about one-third closer to the sun than Earth. Therefore, Venus gets the sun twice as much. This extra heat causes the evaporation great in the beginning of the water surface.

In the end, trapped water vapor heat hotter. Further warming the planet triggers a greater evaporation until the oceans were dried up and disappeared. "This mechanism makes sense from the beginning of Venus is like Earth into Venus today," said curator Astrobiology David Grinspoon, Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Interdisciplinary scientist on Venus Express mission, the spacecraft orbiting Venus since 2006, is figuring out exactly when and how Venus became 'stove' to help the modeling of the Earth climate change and avoid a similar fate of Earth from Venus.

Atmospheric super rotation

Venus around its axis is much slower than the Earth. As a result, a year in a similar Venus 243 Earth days. On this basis, it is known winds in Venus's cloud tops can reach 360 km / h or 60 times the speed of rotating planets.

Proportionately, if a similar wind up on Earth, the equatorial cloud winds reach amazing speeds, 9650 km / hour. Driving the rapid rotation of Venus is the energy of sunlight, said Grinspoon. However, the full workings of this phenomenon remains a mystery.

Spinning upside down

When viewed from the north pole of the sun, all planets in our solar system orbit the sun in the opposite direction and rotates in the direction of its axis almost everything. But not for Venus. This second planet has a retrograde rotation like Uranus.

That is, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east on the planet. Clockwise rotation is probably the result of cosmic collisions early in the history of Venus.

Mysterious lightning

Lightning from the clouds of Venus is still an open question. Although the spacecraft Venus Express has 'heard' that is characteristic of static electromagnetic generate lightning on Earth, the camera has never been 'caught' by lightning, says Grinspoon.

The way the formation of lightning is still mysterious. On Earth, the key role played by ice crystal clouds. On Venus, the supply of this material is very rarely found in the atmosphere is very dry.

Alien life on Venus?

Grinspoon acknowledge reasonable arguments about the life of Venus, not on the surface of the planet are super hot but in the clouds. About 50 miles above the clouds there should be a livable place that has a pressure and temperature as the Earth.

To get energy, floating creatures resembling bacteria can use sunlight or chemicals in the clouds. Surely, these creatures will tolerate sulfuric acid. On the other hand, extremophiles on Earth show, life can thrive in even the harshest environments. "It is necessary to explore the cloud for various reasons. One possibility is the existence of exotic life, "lid Grinspoon.