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Password '123456 'Prone hacked

Hotmail service users who use a common password or '123456 'forced to change due to increased security webmail services.

Microsoft prohibits the use of the password "123456" and "ilovecats" because it is easily compromised by malicious hackers by using trial-and-error.

"This new feature will soon be rolling and we will prevent you choose passwords that are common when you register a new account or when you change the password," said Program Manager of Microsoft's Hotmail Dick Craddock.

"If you use a password that is common, the possibility of later, you will be prompted to change the password with a stronger password."

A strong password that is a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters and should not be based on dictionary words or personal information like birthdays.

A study reveals some of the emails that leaked because the user uses a bad password. When hackers break the system in a blog network Gawker U.S., the three most common password is "123456", "password" and "12345678".

Not only that, Microsoft also tightened password settings as Microsoft has implemented a feature in Hotmail that allows users to report the account has been hacked by spammers friends.

Then, Hotmail security system will detect if there are violations by checking every incoming email with the message "My friends have been hacked!". Users who send email are asked to change her account password so the spammers can not access the back.

Microsoft said the warning system will also be provided by Google and Yahoo when Hotmail users receive spam from Gmail or Yahoo account friend! Mail.

"We already have features that can be activated only a few weeks, we have identified thousands of customers that their accounts have been compromised and helps its customers to return to their accounts," Craddock said, as quoted by the Telegraph.


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