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6 Focus On Men Women's view

British psychologists have found that love at first sight for women does not exist. However, most women have six views of a focus when you meet with him. Six point of view of the focus was aimed to evaluate the attractiveness of men. Is suitable to be lovers or just make a great friend.

As quoted from page GeniusBeauty, most women make the appearance, odor, facial expressions and movements that can attract male attention. To pay attention to detail the parts of it, the empirically states, women took 45 seconds and six points focus on the male gaze. Where the focus point of view of women, when seeing a man?

1. The first one lasted for about 5 seconds to focus attention to eye color and expression

2. The next views lasted for 10 seconds to assess the clothes and order

3. Third view, it takes 5 seconds to evaluate hair style

4. The focus of the fourth view is directed to hand, to determine how male and pulling them, and whether there is a wedding ring dijari sweetness

5. Views fifth focused on footwear

6. View of the sixth that lasted about 15 seconds to observe gait, facial expressions and gestures

A similar study has been conducted on women in America. However, most American women always pay attention to his lips, when it met at first sight. From research conducted, the women in the United States claimed, his lips could be an indicator of a potential partner to be lovers. Not only the lips, the next concern would focus on the buttocks.

Five Way How To Love Your Breasts

When talking about breast cancer in young women, there are the positives and negatives. On the positive side, the risk of esophageal smaller than the old woman. On the negative side, if attacked, the growth of cancer cells more aggressive.

That's according to Debra Mangino, MD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, United States. Orderly and healthy lifestyle from an early age becomes important to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Here are five ways to stay healthy to avoid breast cancer, as quoted from the Women's Health.

1. Keep your weight

Excessive weight gain can increase the risk of diseases including cancer. So always keep your weight should not be excessive. Always keep in normal numbers.

2. Reduce alcohol

Research shows two glasses of alcohol per day increases breast cancer risk by 21 percent. If indeed you want to drink wine berlakohol pick. The content of resveratrol in grape skin, can reduce estrogen levels and reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Consumption of green vegetables

Expand the consumption of green vegetables such as broccoli or lettuce. Gynecology sulforaphanenya can fight cancer cells. It would be better if you eat it raw or minimal process, provided through a clean wash.

4. Know family health history

About 15 percent of cases of breast cancer associated with family history. If you have a close relative with cancer, the higher the risk. For that to do general check-ups regularly.

5. Check your own breast

Before bathing, check the breast in front of the mirror. If there is a lump, pain, or other forms of suspicious doctor promptly. Do not assume kelaianan in breast trivial, because it can be fatal.