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Pattern "Crop Circle" Magelang Similar with Yogyakarta

Pattern MAGELANG, The pattern of crop circles found in Magelang glance similar to the shape of two crop circles found in Yogyakarta. Previously a number of community activists observers Unidentified flying objects assess the pattern is similar symbol muladhara chakra, metaphysical center of the body in Hindu teachings.

Strange pattern in Magelang in the form of five spheres lined. One of them was in the middle is bigger than the other four. Four small spheres with diameter of about 2.5 meters, while the middle circle diameter of about 5 meters. In the largest sphere looks like a ring of jagged edges. The five spheres are lined with a length of about 20 meters.

Mysterious circle were found in fields owned by KH Yasin, nanny Hidayatul Mubtain boarding school in the hamlet Kumbangan, Banyusari Village, Tegalrejo District, Magelang District. Mysterious form was first known by one of santrinya named Irfan (17) since Saturday (1/29/2011) ago.

Irfan said, previously did not know any strange signs. However, based on information from a friend of students, Muhaimin, said Irfan, the night before at the location it happened tornado. "Residents also confirmed the existence of Hamlet Wonosari tornado on Friday (20/01/2011) night, around 23:00 pm," he said.

The phenomenon that some people regard as this UFO trail makes people flock around to see it come to the location. To secure location, police officers from the Police Sector Tegalrejo put police line surrounds the land. Adjunct Chief Commissioner of Police Tegalrejo Sudiarta I Wayan said still would conduct an investigation relating to the discovery of crop circles.