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Who Knows That Former Queen of India Living in Poverty

Living in poverty. It is now lived Appamma Kajjallappa, the third wife royal Venkateswara Ettappa, authorities in Virudhunagar, India. Together with his son, he would be willing to live in a hut and struggled hard to get a mouthful of rice.

Why, yes Nowhere relics of her husband's property "I have donated to the people," said Appama, recently. Actually, too Relics Palace has been transformed into a school to meet the demand of the people.

"Members of our family is very generous. We won everything for the welfare of the village. That is what should be done by a leader," added Appama.

Appama added: "Maybe when I was a queen, but now I'm not one any longer. We were the resource persons very bad."

Some Villagers feel pity for the fate of their queen. Actually Appamma work at the temple during a celebration or a gift. But every time people want to give something Appama always rejected. He is believed to serve the holy Shrine is an honor for him