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Husband cheated androgynous woman

Already living in the same house since married a year ago, a woman from India, Interested Khatua, 26, found out the sex of her husband's native named Sitakant Routray. Apparently Sitakant also a woman.

Initially, Khatua and his family did not have any suspicion when married Sitakant. Moreover, dowry given lavish Sitakant classified according to Indian customs, which consists of an Indica car, gold ornaments, and money is more than £ 350 (about U.S. $ 575) cash.

"He made people in my family was impressed until they agree on marriage," said Khatua.

Usually husband and wife, once married, they lived in the same house. Their social life was normal. But there's one thing to be thought Khatua, namely Sitakant always avoid physical contact such as the marital relationship.

Initially, he tried to understand, let alone her husband's unreasonable undergoing religious vow to avoid the marital relationship. But, over time, Khatua become suspicious.

"I began to suspect him and I tried hard to find out and confirm the sex, but failed repeatedly. One day I managed to force open the bathroom door when she was in the shower. And my worst fears come true. She is a woman," said Khatua.

Once caught, the fake groom escaped. He escaped a car jeep purchased with borrowed money on behalf of Khatua.

Khatua was deeply shocked and disappointed. The case was later dealt with the police. Local police are currently investigating.