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The couple is having sex 5500 People

The couple is having sex 5500 PeopleThe man had slept with 2162 women. The woman has sex with 3323 men.

Sarah Moore, and Geoff Daniels was not a prostitute. They are lovers who happen to love each other work as a substitute for those couples who have sexual problems.

As quoted from the pages of The Sun, as a substitute partner, Sarah and Geoff duty to help others overcome couples sexual problems in bed, including overcoming nervousness when 'first night'.

Their clients are generally married couples. It means the wife or husband of others. Not only serving services around the UK, they also serve a number of clients from various countries like the United States, France, and Australia.

During the 19 years that profession, she has sex with 3323 men, 52 of them virgin. While Geoff has slept with 2162 women, 49 of them virgin.

They offer a number of training services to improve the sex lives of couples with problems. They combine counseling with a number of sexual practices such as sexual massage therapy, relaxation methods, to the style of Tantric sex.

They also teach how to extend the duration of lovemaking, as well as a few tricks to overcome sexual dysfunction. "We are proud of our work and we never felt worse after sleeping with the husband, wife, or partner of others. We get paid to help them, not looking for enjoyment," said Sarah.

They refused equated with prostitutes. "We're not just looking for sexual pleasure, but our clients come to bring the diagnosis the doctor because I have sexual problems," said Sarah. "And, before we have intercourse, we've done such a long discussion related consulting their problems."

Although not married, Sarah and Geoff has been living together for 20 years. They first met while studying counseling at the University of New York. The journey of life makes them decide to pursue sexual assistance.

During his profession, Sarah and Geoff apply strict rules to always use sexual safety, such as condoms. "All patients should also undergo a sexual diseases before having sex," he said.

Eight Types of People Need to be shunned

A healthy relationship is important for the health and welfare of the soul. However, we often get stuck in a relationship with someone who has the character of 'negative'. They are generally used to complain, irritable, or impatient.

Recognizing a person's character at the beginning of the introduction is important. Especially if there is a prospect of continuing in a more serious relationship. Identify the number of characters a person, as quoted by the Times of India.

1. Maintaining the past

Some people refused to let go of the past and are likely to 'treat' painful memories. As a result, these people live with anger and bitterness. If there is continuous, can influence people around him.

Solution: If they start to bring up the subject of the past, do not hesitate to tell him that you do not want to talk about it.

2. Self-pity

Nothing is more annoying than people who feel the burden of the whole world. Instead of looking for solutions, this type of people continue to self-pity and do not see a way out.

Solution: Offer to help and if it still does not want change, you should stay away from him.

3. Hypocritical

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with people who have the nature of 'the other in another mouth in the heart'. In front of you, he appears the most sweet, but otherwise behave behind you.

Solution: If you catch this happening again and again to others, please stay away. It is not possible he is doing the same thing to you.

4. Always negative

He is the kind of person who always looked at the negatives of their lives.

Solution: Please help to see the positive side of himself. If you do not want to accept, do not let it affect you negatively.

5. Most perfect

People like this usually feel better and interesting than others. He really enjoyed the activities criticize and laugh at other people.

Solution: Be patient with his behavior. However, if they do not change, it is time to leave.

6. Proud secret indulgence

They are very proud to tell the scandal in life and happy to involve as many people in the debate.

Solution: It could be you can listen to it. However, if the influence yourself, immediately move away.

7. Frustration

People are always feel frustrated with their life and take it out on others around him. In fact, they often take an irrational conclusion.

Solution: If she starts planning something crazy to say that it bothers you.

8. The Commentator

People like this comment on everything that happens in the lives of others. Often, their words lead to fights.

Solution: Be careful when being around people and be careful with your words.