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Being online business Internet at home is...

Now days, I feel so comfortable to just sit down on a bed and playing with my laptop and internet connection. Because I can go everywhere every time with my friend. It's a big deal when I decide to do online business for my job. I think I do the right way, because, by doing job like me, you can manage time by your self. You can work anytime and anywhere.

You can work anytime, because internet is 24/7 connecting to entire world, never sleep. So, in the morning, I can start to work until evening or even though until in the middle of the night. Sometimes, I just work from 12 pm until 5 pm. It depends on my needs. But, actually if I start work at early the morning, it often make me get a lot of job and bless.

I write this article in the early early morning. It's Friday now, but the sky still in dark color and the situation is quiet and lonely. Only black bird voice I heard. But it's OK, I enjoy all of that.

Long time no post in this blog, because I'm busy with my 3 blogs. Maybe someday, I will focus update this blog too and tell everything that I feel at current time, like this article, I tell you what I feel.

For my daily life needs, I join several kinds of online business. Like paid review, adsense and vector service. I have a hobby drawing at corel draw. So, vector service is my relaxing time and of course I get a money for that service.

For Adsense, I start to focus several days ago. I will focus to make unique content and share everything that I have and I know. Hope that someday people like what I share and they tell everyone that I have good article that can help them solve the problem. Someday, I have a plan to write tutorial vector corel draw in my vector service blog. I've already post that tutorial in Indonesian Language, so, only Indonesian people can understand that. I wanna people all around the world can understand what I share. So, I will translate that article into English. Hope soon I will do that.

I hope all people know that I can convert your face into vector style, I hope that people start to use my service for convert their face into cartoon vector. I will do the best for them. Maybe I have to be patient and keep spirit making new vector creation. Wish me luck brothers...

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