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NASA Researchers Find Evidence of Aliens in the Meteor

Scientists from NASA (National Space Agency of the United States), Richard B. Hoover, showed evidence of living things in the meteorites. Researchers from NASA's Marshall Flight Center claimed that he and his team found evidence of living creatures in the form of a rare fossilized bacteria, which live in outer space boulders of it.

As reported by CBSNews.com, Sunday, March 6, 2011, Hoover wrote that the evidence in a recent journal, Journal of Cosmogoly edition of March 2011. Hoover argued that the test results on nine collection of meteorites called Meteorite Carbonaceous CI1, it shows that there are bacteria that comes from the region of origin meteor.

"Filaments complex found in the CI1 Carbonaceous meteorites showed no bacterial microfossil 'natives' of cyanobacteria," Hoover said in his writings.

Cyanobacteria are blue-green bacteria that fall into the category Autotroph photosynthetic bacteria. He can produce their own food with the help of sunlight chemically.

According to Hoover, who found that the material detected as cyanobacteria are likely to show the existence of life outside the earth's living things. And Hoover did not dismiss that it was the final conclusions of the research.

Suddenly just this conclusion raises the pros and cons among scientists. However, this reinforces the conclusion Hoover evidence of extraterrestrial life. Having previously a number of experts assert that there is the element of water in the meteorite.

Meanwhile, News.com.au write, research by Hoover is only through a very simple process. Meteor stone was kept in a sterile place before the test. Tests conducted with the standard tools of researchers: an electron microscope and electron emission microscope.

As a result, Hoover discovered microorganisms whose fruits are not much different from one type of common bacteria on Earth. "The interesting thing is, the fossils were easily recognizable shape and type is very close to those in the earth," said Hoover.