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2011: Year of Tablet Computer

Lately, tablet computers began to enter Indonesia. With easy to find adverts on billboards, newspapers and magazines. Mobile devices with this extraordinary ability started to become a phenomenon when Apple released the iPad tablet product.

Since then a number of people, especially in Jakarta, expressed his desire to have the iPad. Shortly after launch in America, IPAD-began to appear in several places in Jakarta.

And now, I more often see people using IPAD in Jakarta than in Singapore and most of them buy iPad in Singapore because it has not been officially released in Indonesia.

After the phenomenon of the iPad, a variety of other manufacturers began to slowly enter the battle arena tablet computers with a variety of excellent features. Even a few weeks ago, in 1000 tablet computer units sold out within 3 hours in a number of malls in the area the Senayan.

The enthusiasm of gadget lovers in Jakarta seemed extraordinary in welcoming the presence of these mobile computing devices. Truly a vibrant market. And of course, the vendors began to glance at Indonesia as a very potential market for gadgets, especially a tablet computer products.

Indonesia does have a special relationship with mobile devices, ranging from the popularity of laptops in 2006 or older, smart phone devices in 2009 to over and now there is the possibility of year 2011 into a tablet computer in Indonesia.

Static devices such as desktop computers themselves are not so popular among end-users in Indonesia, it is always prefer a mobile device rather than a static.

And other than Apple's devices, are now a variety of vendors will begin to look Android as one alternative that continues to catch up with the IOS of the features, speed and effectiveness and efficiency of the device.

And, since Android is an Open Source project, it could help vendors to push the price to license the OS and focus on building better hardware. The price can vary depending on the hardware in it, a strategy similar to Android-based phone device.

One thing is for sure, Apple iPad next year will face tough competition from other vendors such as Samsung, Sony, HP and many more who intend to jump into the arena of competition tablet computer. A world-class business competition got hotter and will certainly deserve to be noticed.

There Online Suicide in Japan

Suicide while recording and distributing it on the internet the more worrying in Japan. Now there are recent cases that make the Japanese government and society more worried. Suicide 'online'.

Police found the body of a 24-year-old man, whose name was withheld, in her apartment in the city of Sendai, northern Japan on Tuesday (9 / 11) then. Police went to his apartment after a number of residents make a report.

As reported by the daily Yomiuri Shimbun on Thursday (11/11), several neighbors called and said that he was desperate to try to hang himself and eventually died.

"At 3:45 o'clock morning he tried to hang himself. But the effort failed because her apartment ceiling collapsed and he fell," said a policeman.

There wits' end, the man then headed to another part of her apartment. He hung the rope, climbed onto the bench and then linking his neck in the rope. And he also lost his life.

All the horrible scene recorded with the perpetrators clearly in the camera. Actors that are deliberately put his camera in a recorded condition and connected to the Internet network. He did it all by himself.

Videos male suicide can be seen in 'live' on site UStream. However, the site manager to remove the recording suicide after receiving protests from some users.

On the YouTube site also had circulated the tape. But deleted shortly after uploaded.

Sankei Shimbun newspaper reports that he was no longer working since August 2010 due to be fired from work in a bank. The man was then experiencing economic difficulties and had expressed his intention to commit suicide through a community on UStream site.