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Bread, Cuisine of the Stone Age

Wheat grains are found on a rock which was 30 thousand years which leads to the possibility of prehistoric human beings have known of bread as a meal as opposed to the popular image of them as meat-eaters.

As quoted from the Telegraph, Monday (18/10), while the assumption is that these early humans using plant roots similar to potatoes to later be ground into flour and made like dough. The dough is then baked on a stone on which they set resembles a furnace.

"What they make is like a flat bread, like a pancake dough using only water and flour," said Laura Longo, one team of researchers from the Institute of prehistoric Italy. The prehistoric humans are known to also consume cereals, vegetables and fruits to meet their daily diet.

Piranha Predators Crocodile Discovered

The fish is large. Super-sharp teeth, the number is 32. Body length 1.5 meters, weighing about 45 kilograms. This giant piranha.

This fish was discovered by Jeremy Wade, River Monsters show host who is also a British angler. He made an expedition to the river in Congo, Africa.

Valiantly, Wade semoat take pictures with this ferocious fish. He held the body of the fish while his mouth wide open showing sharp teeth.

This fish is believed to be a giant tigerfish freshwater fish is more ferocious than piranha. Sized teeth with white sharks. He is also known to attack humans often prey even crocodiles.

"These fish have a very strong bite and can prey on anything that size itself, attacking humans, and the crocodile tear," said Wade. "This fish really dangerous, you have to be careful, if you will not easily lose a finger, could even be worse."

Wade took eight days to bring the fish ashore, but then let it go.