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Children age 5 and 3 of Fiancé

The engagement is part of a sacred event that brings together two people in a single bond, before marriage. But, what if the engagement involving two boys who were aged five and three years?

It's not a real fairy tale for two children struck in Syria. Engagements between a boy named Khalid who were aged five years and Hala three-year-old who still take place with the approval of both parents.

Engagement party two children of kindergarten age is prepared to perfection by both parents respectively. In addition to organizing the procession of engagement, they also bought a pair of engagement rings as adults.

Juma, Khalid's father, said the engagement was held at the request of Khalid and Hala. Despite being engaged, they were just allowed to get married about 10 years.

"We know Hala Khalid or maybe change your mind in the future, but at this stage (fiance), they were very pleased and spoke to one another every day," Juma said, as quoted by Gulf News page. "Khalid himself waited until he was 15 years old to marry Hala."

Hala Khalid met while on holiday with her parents in Lattakia, Syria's Mediterranean coast region. He fell in love on sight. He could not stop thinking about Hala after vacation.

At his home in Homs, a city which is about 100 kilometers north of Damascus, he was always dreaming and wanted Hala with him. "Khalid told me and his mother that he wanted to stay with Hala and bring back to Homs," said Juma.

Parents take this seriously. Then, they called to ask my mother Hala. "Hala's parents said that her son had a similar attitude, feeling lonely. Family Hala very pleased when to see them (Khalid and Hala) together," said Juma.

After that, the family Khalid returned to Lattakia to perform the ceremony. Khalid was an only child. He was born after his parents were married for 20 years.

Marriage of minors has been criticized international human rights groups. In fact, the UN has issued recommendations to each country to adopt the rules of marriage, ie a minimum age of 18 years, both men and women.

4 Reasons Love is More Important than career

Often feel confused divide their time between work and spouse? Is it better to prioritize love than a career? Do not be confused. You can decide the choice of this dilemma situation.

Apparently, if you put love as a priority in life, this can be a supporter of your future, either in happiness with a partner or career success, as quoted from page Yourtango.

What are the reasons you need to be concerned with love than a career?

1. Dating will not bother your career

Spend time with your partner only for 1-2 hours a day will not make your work unfinished. If you can find a partner who truly understanding, he also will not force you to go out on when you are very busy.

If a couple really care, of course he'll understand your situation. For example, when you actually are working on important projects in the office, he will support that activity.

2. Have someone make you happier

Like this picture, you're working on a long-term project that is consuming a lot of time and energy. You are very busy. You sink into depression. Well, imagine if you have a partner who then come and bring you food. Of course, this could ease the stress that you experience due to work piling up.

3. Marriage is not going to divert your attention

If a marriage involves a creative and busy person, married couples need to support each other, not mutually obstruct each other. In addition, the presence of children will not interfere with your career, it will make your life more colorful.

4. Rich or poor is not the main issue

Love is not about money. It's about togetherness. Thankful that at least you're together and work with each other.