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Costume Too Minim, difficulties have

Paris Hilton apparently failed in a Halloween costume party this year.

He styled "terrible" with her Halloween costume.

At a party in Hollywood some time ago, he put together a sexy Indian princess-style.

However, the costumes that are too low it slipped and almost showing her breasts.

Her sister, Nicky is more fortunate because of dress is more polite with her Supergirl costume.

Children Age 10 Years and Infant Birth in Southern Spain

Girls Age 10 Years and Infant Birth in Southern Spain. The baby was born last week in the town of Jerez de la Frontera. Social workers decided to let the mother and her family keep custody of the child. Micaela Navarro, Minister of Social Affairs of the Andalusia region, said the father of the baby is still a minor.

Navarro declined to give further details about the baby's gender or health. Local newspaper, Diario de Jerez, said that the baby's mother came from Romania. Based on the medical information to the newspaper, the birth at a young age is common in the country of origin of the baby's mother.